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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 277]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (12)

* * *


Count Morroyten, who had been holding his tongue, opened his mouth.

“May I now guide you all to see His Majesty the Emperor…?”

He spoke cautiously, in a more polite tone than before.

Frankly, he didn’t want to step in, but if they were delayed any longer, it wouldn’t just end with scolding from the emperor.

That was why he spoke out even though he was trembling even now.

“Can’t you see my sister isn’t feeling well right now? Guide what? She should go and rest.”

“Huh? B, but…”

Count Morroyten’s eyes darted around. The emperor told him to bring Tarkan, but that was when Aristine hadn’t stepped foot in the Imperial Palace.

‘What if he learns that I met Princess Aristine but I didn’t bring her back…?’

Just imagining it sent a chill down his spine.

“It has been a while since Your Highness came to the Imperial Palace. Wouldn’t it be nice to see your royal father after a long absence? As the saying goes, the love of a parent can even heal a child’s illness.”

Hearing that, Launelian snorted.

“It would be a relief if he doesn’t make it worse.”

Count Morroyten’s face flushed but he couldn’t refute it.

The emperor was the reason why Aristine, who was born as her princess, lived a miserable life. Even so, since it concerned the emperor, the Count could not speak carelessly.

However, Launelian, who had returned, was acting in such a liberal manner as if the emperor was nothing in his eyes.

The problem was that the emperor could not punish Launelian severely because Launelian’s forces were just that strong.

“Let’s go back, Rineh. Since His Majesty the Emperor called him, whether he goes or not, is none of our business.”

Launelian took Aristine’s hand.

“Y, Your Highness the Prince…”

“My sister pushed herself to come all this way. If she collapses while having an audience with the Emperor, will you take responsibility, Count?”


Count Morroyten shut his mouth at that fierce question.

Launelian grinned and with Aristine’s hand in tow, he started to leave.

No, he tried to leave.


The weight against his hand was heavier than expected. Feeling suspicion and an ominous sense of foreboding, Launelian turned around.

Sure enough, Tarkan was smiling at him while holding Aristine’s other hand tightly.

“A couple is one body. As her husband, I ought to go wherever my wife goes.”

At the back, the court ladies clenched their fists and cried in support, “Yes, yes!” and shook his head.

“What husband will go someplace else when his wife is feeling unwell? Naturally, I must take care of my wife.”

Count Morroyten was terrified.

At this rate, he wouldn’t be able to bring even Tarkan, let alone Aristine.


He closed his eyes in despair.

It was like there was a black fog in front of him saying ‘this is your future.’

However, he didn’t have the courage to say anything to Tarkan.

Just when he was trembling and trying to put in a word…

A hand of salvation came from somewhere unexpected.

“I will take care of my sister, so you can go handle your business. She’s unwell and too many people around will just make it crowded.” Launelian retorted.

“I am sufficient to take care of my wife. We are a couple and if there is no one else but us, it shouldn’t be crowded.”

“Look here, are you related to my sister? We are of the same blood, and the same blood must care for each other.”

“Then you look here, are you the one married to my wife? Isn’t it more natural for a husband to take care of his wife?”

It was basically an eternal contest.

Count Morroyten’s knees trembled as the ferocity between the two kept rising.

“Hah, forget it, the emperor is calling you, so go. Who knows what will be said later if you don’t. If you cause trouble for my sister, you will die by my hands.”

“His Majesty can’t possibly blame me for not attending due to caring for my sick wife. After all, this is the Emperor of Silvanus, who cares the most about his precious first daughter.”

As he added in that last sentence, Tarkan’s gleaming gold eyes turned to Count Morroyten.

Count Morroyten had no choice but to nod his head. It was almost reflexive.

“Even the Master of Households who closely serves His Majesty is in agreement.”

Tarkan finished and proudly raised his chin as a corner of his mouth tilted up.

Launelian’s graceful eyes trembled.

‘What a formidable bastard.’

With a swish, Launelian turned around and yelled.

“I definitely warned you. If this affects my sister, I’ll kill you.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll deal with anything that bothers my wife.”

Tarkan’s voice was low but there was an icy chill in his eyes.

After making a temporary truce, the two men began to leave together, holding Aristine’s hand firm.

Seeing that sight, Count Morroyten was at a loss for what to do.

‘Why did I have to nod there…!’

Now he was as good as dead to the emperor.

He glanced at the imperial knights behind him.

It was obvious that to shirk responsibility, the knights would tell the Emperor that Count Morroyten was the one who agreed.

‘Damn it! Why did I take this post…!’

He wanted to hit his past self for loudly boasting that he would show off Silvanus’s prestige and bring in a barbarian without breaking a sweat.

Right at that moment,

“All things considered; I think it would be quite unfilial to return without seeing His Majesty after coming all this way to the Imperial Palace.”

A quiet yet deep voice rang through the corridor.

To Count Morroyten, that voice seemed more sacred and beautiful than the song of angels.


He exclaimed, looking extremely touched.

This was the first time that one of the emperor’s aides had addressed Aristine like that.

Aristine’s eyes narrowed.

“Rineh! What are you saying? Meeting the emperor, you…”

What if he finds out you’re pregnant?!

Launelian’s eyes said what he was thinking.

“Even so, going to your father’s house after a long time and not seeing them doesn’t seem right as a child.”

“They must first fulfill their duty as a parent before the duty of a child will follow.” Launelian said coldly.

“That might be true but—.” Aristine lowered her voice. “There is something I want to check.”

The reason why the military transmission stone for the demonic beast subjugation unit went dead. To know whether Silvanus was involved in it or not.

This was a very important issue.

‘I have to confirm at least once.’

As time went on, it would be difficult to hide that she was pregnant.

If so, now was the perfect time since it didn’t show on the outside.

‘And my condition is good today.”

Aristine stopped her hand from unconsciously going to her stomach.

Instead, she inwardly spoke to her child.

‘Can you help Mom?’

As if in response, a wave spread through her stomach.

Aristine slowly smiled.

“…If that is what my little sister wants.” In the end, Launelian backed down.

“Wherever my wife goes, naturally, your husband will follow.”

When Tarkan said that, Aristine looked at him, hmphed and pouted. “Yet you’ve been away all this time.”

“I will never leave from now on.”



Tarkan leaned down and pressed his forehead against Aristine’s.

The court ladies giggled as the air suddenly turned pink, Count Morroyten’s face became like a sage, while Launelian…

“You, will you stay away from my sister?!”

…his face became like a demon.

‘…Oh gosh.’

Aristine felt herself starting to get used to this and she pulled her hands away from the two of them.

‘Hmm, then shall I shake down Count Morroyten now?’

The world always runs on give-and-take.

She decided to see the emperor regardless of Count Morroyten, but that decision certainly saved him regardless.

‘Now, it’s your turn to give me what I want.’

Aristine smiled brightly at Count Morroyten.

Her smile was truly the image of a benevolent goddess.


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