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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 325]

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Aww, my little…(11)

A chance.

Marten swallowed dryly.

He felt a stinging sensation as he swallowed, like his throat was swollen from the nerves.

Marten found it hard to open his mouth.

“What would you like to do?”

Unlike Marten who was exploding with nervousness, Aristine’s voice was very calm and relaxed.

Marten sneakily scanned the room.

The cameraman and the other fellow were being held down by Durante and Jacquelin. Then he saw the servant.

The allegiance of the cameraman and the other man might be in question, but the servant, just like Marten, was one of the Queen’s people.

‘Will he take my side?’


Aristine, who was watching Marten, gave an odd hum.

Marten’s eyes followed her movement as she stood up from the chair. It made it very obvious that he was concerned about her reaction.

Clack. Clack.

Aristine walked up to Marten in a manner that was neither slow nor fast.

Marten tensely clenched his fists.

The swords of the warriors were still aimed at him. He had no idea what might happen next.



The sound of her footsteps did not stop even when she reached Marten.

Marten’s eyes quivered, as he naturally thought she was coming to threaten him.

After walking past Marten, Aristine continued heading towards the door.

Her steps were as steady as ever.

Without a single pause, as if there was no need to wait for Marten’s response.

This was not a threat; it was a fact.

“Let’s go. Let’s return to the banquet hall and—.”

“It, It’s not me!”

Once Aristine started speaking to Tarkan, Marten screamed without even realizing it.

Aristine’s lips curled in an arc, forming a wide grin.

She paused and turned to look at Marten.

Her face was void of expression, as if a smile was never there.

“So it’s not you, Prince.”

The moment Aristine looked straight at him and said that, Marten knew.

It was too late.

He couldn’t turn back.

He had become the Queen’s enemy.

‘No, it’s better this way.’

Right now, most nobles were gathered in the banquet hall, including Nephther and other high-ranking aristocrats. And with the amount of reporters lined outside the hall, one could basically assume that all media outlets were there.

‘I’m sure a few reporters are inside the hall with exclusive reporting rights.’

If Aristine went out to the banquet hall and talked about this incident, the queen would certainly cut off her tail.

The tail called Marten.

And she would try to completely destroy her severed tail before it could open its mouth.

‘And the servants are the Queen’s people; they will just go along with what she says to protect her, not me.’

All the sin and disgrace would be dumped on his head, and he would be thrown away.

In that case, wouldn’t it be better to be thrown away on this side?

Marten clenched his fists and opened his mouth.

“It’s not me but by Her Majesty the Queen who…”

* * *

The atmosphere in the banquet hall was even more heightened than before.

The drinks were playing a part, but more than anything, it was because the King was in a very good mood.

When Aristine was in Silvanus, it felt like the royal palace was covered in a sheet of ice, so no one dared to approach the King.

No one wanted to be the unlucky one who got on the King’s bad side.

But now, things were completely different.

With the King acting so generous, people were gathered around the King and laughing together.

The reason for the King’s generosity was clear.

And with such circumstances, Aristine naturally drew attention when she returned to the banquet hall, even without her saying anything.

“Oh, Princess Consort.”

“You’re back. Are you feeling better?”

“Everyone’s been waiting eagerly for you to return, Princess Consort.”

The nobles, who were greeting Aristine warmly, paused.

Somehow, she looked…

“I heard you went to get some rest but somehow, your complexion seems worse than before?”

“Do you feel unwell?”

At the questions of the nobles, Aristine gave an awkward smile.


Just by lowering her eyes and letting her words trail off, she looked pitiful enough to jolt the hearts of anyone looking at her.

Her long eyelashes cast a deep shadow over her face.

“Rineh, it’s okay.”

Tarkan covered Aristine like he was trying to protect her and continued speaking.

“There was an intruder in the break room.”

His unexpected words threw everyone into chaos.


“A-An intruder? Who would dare enter the Princess Consort’s break room…”

“How can this be…”

A wave of commotion quickly spread.

The noise quickly swelled, and it didn’t look like it was going to subside anytime soon.

And for good reason too.


“Repeat what you just said.”

With just one sentence, one voice quelled the commotion that seemed like it would never end.

“What did you say happened to my daughter-in-law… to my daughter-in-law who was resting after being exhausted from carrying my grandchild?”

Everyone froze at the king’s anger.

They thought spring had finally arrived at the palace, but now, an even colder wind began to blow stronger and sharper than before.

If you look really closely, Nephther’s anger was practically a rendition of ‘Who bullied my bwaby!’ but his overpowering pressure protected his dignity.

The moment Nephther stepped forward, people moved aside like falling leaves in an autumn wind.

Nephther quickly walked up to Aristine.

Aristine was leaning against Tarkan’s chest with her head down. When contrasted with Tarkan’s huge stature, she looked even more fragile and pitiful.

That made Nephther’s heart more anxious.

“Rineh, are you okay?”

“Royal father…”

Aristine raised her head, looking up at Nephther.

Seeing her deep, purple eyes that seemed to be imploring him, Nephther squeezed her hand tightly.

“Yes, your royal father is here.”

His voice seemed to be saying ‘tell me anything, I am on your side no matter what’, and Aristine’s eyes trembled hearing it.

But soon, she shook her head, and her expression became calm.

“I was a little surprised but I’m okay.”

The sight of her smiling softly made him feel more sorry.

“What happened?”

Nephther turned his head and asked Tarkan.

“I think Her Majesty the Queen should be able to answer that question.”

Tarkan’s voice was filled with hostility.



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