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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 304

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (39)

* * *

“Your Majesty, Chrysea Palace is under attack!”

“Ah, I knew this would happen!”

Once he heard the servant’s report, the Emperor smacked his knee and exclaimed that he was right. He had been expecting this, ever since Letanasia told him that Aristine was pregnant with a child of authority.

But to think it came so fast.

“Very good.”

The Emperor stood up, wearing a faint smile.

“Where are the reporters?”

“On standby.”

“And the reinforcements?”

“They’ve already been told to head in that direction.”

“Good job.”

The Emperor nodded and walked out of his room.

“This is practically evidence of treason. How dare they bring armed forces into the palace of the Emperor!”

His voice was raised as though he were angry but a smile hung on his lips.

It was his chance to deal with both Launelian and Aristine at once.

For a long time now, he knew that after Launelian returned, he had been plotting treason and aiming to take his place.

But no matter how hard he searched, he couldn’t find any evidence.

Even though he considered covering it up and just having Launelian executed, it wasn’t possible due to public opinion.

The aristocrats, who had also become particularly annoying since Launelian’s return, would certainly oppose strongly.

Hence, he had no choice but to let the bastard run wild like a madman.

“But even that ends today.”

For Launelian to bring armed forces into the imperial palace, he was obviously harboring a traitorous mind.

“To set an example, he must be hung alive in the square to slowly wither and die while his flesh is eaten by the crows.”

Then those nobles defying him would also become quiet.

“Plus, I must take my precious grandchild too.”

He planned to use this as an excuse to take away Aristine’s child.

She was deserving of death for the crime of treason but if he were to grant her leniency in consideration of his unborn grandchild, public opinion would certainly lean towards the emperor.

“Ah, my daughter is so clever.”

Of course, the daughter that the emperor was referring to was Letanasia, not Aristine.

It was a ruse devised by Letanasia when she told him of Aristine’s pregnancy.

It was a great plan.

If things were done in this manner, Irugo would not be able to take a strong stance to try and retrieve their royal grandchild.

‘Unless they want a war, that is.’

But was that really necessary?

All Tarkan needed to do was to call off his marriage with Aristine for committing treason and take a new wife.

After all, it would be detrimental to maintain his marriage to Aristine, a traitorous rebel.

Furthermore, the child in Aristine’s womb was not Irugo’s royal grandchild.

Tarkan was not the Crown Prince. There is a clear difference between ‘first in line to the throne’ and the title of ‘crown prince’.

‘From Irugo’s standpoint, they do not need to go to such lengths to protect this child.’

If anything, this might cause Hamill’s power to rise again.

‘Besides, I am not saying I’m going to kill the child. Rather, as a maternal grandfather, I’m taking pity on them and raising them well without blaming their mother.’

Everything was going perfectly.

The emperor smiled and got into the carriage heading to Chrysea Palace.

* * *

When he arrived at Chrysea Palace, the emperor felt something was off.

He was expecting to hear the loud clangs of clashing weapons, but it was far too quiet.

‘What’s going on?’

But his suspicion soon disappeared.

‘They must be subdued already.’

The emperor’s direct command unit was a military group that he had invested considerable effort into.

‘Looks like they’re worth the expense.’

The emperor smiled in satisfaction.

Soon, sharp footsteps could be heard from afar. It was the sound of additional reinforcements rushing in.

“My, it seems I overestimated my son. Looks like there’s no need for reinforcements.”

The emperor scoffed and sneered.

Now he just had to wait for the reporters waiting at the main palace to arrive.

Although it only took a few minutes, it felt like an eternity to the emperor, who was bubbling with anticipation.

Soon the reporters arrived.

And behind them was a gorgeous carriage.

An elegant lady descended from the carriage and flashed the Emperor a bright smile.

“Imperial Father, Your Majesty.”

“Lea, how come you’re…”

Letanasia walked to the Emperor’s side with a smile and lowered her voice to a whisper, “I couldn’t miss this historic moment when Your Majesty’s long-cherished wish is fulfilled.”

“Yes, you are the only child who thinks about me.”

The corners of Letanasia’s lips curved as she looked at the Emperor’s satisfied expression.

Of course, she didn’t come to congratulate the emperor.

This scheme was woven by Letanasia.

It was beneficial to be here in order to get the credit she was due.

“I believe you have all heard the matter at hand?”

The reporters lowered their heads in response to the emperor’s question.

“In here, is a gang of rebel who have dared to attack the Imperial Palace! It is said that only brave souls deign to pierce through a battlefield of weapons to herald the historical truth. Are you prepared?”

“Yes, Your Imperial Majesty!”

The reporters nodded with resolve, but their inner thoughts were different.

In reality, there was no need to brace themselves because the Chrysea Palace was already surrounded.

Even the act of calling and waiting for the reporters conveyed that sentiment. Moreover, not a single sound could be heard from inside.

The reporters knew fully well that the Emperor wanted to capture images of the traitor and spread them around the world. And it was easy to foresee who that traitor might be.

They felt a mix of joy at getting a scoop, and a mix of disappointment that Launelian’s rebellion had failed.

While such ambiguous feelings ran rampant, they stood before the walls of the Chrysea Palace.


With a glance from the Emperor, a servant opened the door to Chrysea Palace.

The reporters fought to enter the palace. Before even seeing the inside, they were pressing the shutter to capture at least one photo first.


Something was strange.

In a garden brimful of golden flowers, a spread of knights was on their knees.

They were posing reverently as if welcoming a new emperor at a coronation.

And standing prominently in their midst was one figure.

Their golden hair fluttered in the wind, their pale-green eyes, brighter than any emerald, turned towards the reporters.

They had never seen this person before.

No, their appearance was familiar.

Especially those reporters who covered Aristine’s marriage into a foreign country, they felt an even greater sense of familiarity.

“Your Highness Aristine…?”

When she heard that confused voice, Aristine broke out in a smile.

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop?”

The Emperor furrowed his brow. He felt like things were proceeding differently than he expected.

He had planned to let the reporters enter first to set the mood before slowly making his grand entrance.

Unable to contain his curiosity about what was happening, he walked into Chrysea Palace.

Letanasia also followed behind the Emperor.

And then…


The Emperor’s mouth opened, and a sigh-like exclamation escaped his lips.

But nothing else was said.

Because it was clear to him what his daughter’s transformation meant. Her silver hair had turned golden, and her eyes color had transformed.

This is a scene that the Emperor has long dreamed of—.

Hope, that one of his children would undergo such a change.

So that everything would be in his hands.

But he thought he never succeeded.

“I knew you would come, Imperial Father.”

Aristine smiled sweetly.

With each step she took, the Chrysea flowers burst into streams of golden light.

As if welcoming a Monarch, they bowed to the floor, emitting light to illuminate her path.

“You, you wench…”

The emperor’s eyes shook like a stormy sea.

“‘Wench?’. Please, do watch what you say.”

Aristine laughed softly.

“In front of the rightful heir to the throne of Silvanus, descended from divine blood.”



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