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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 129]

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Pervert with a Grudge (4)


“…Princess Consort.”

Ritlen seemed downcast, unable to look at Aristine. His master used to sigh and say he still needed discipline.

What would the Princess Consort think about him now?

“Should I treat you to meat?”

But the words that left Aristine’s lips were completely different from what Ritlen expected.


When he retorted in confusion, Aristine grinned.

“They say when you’re agitated, go eat meat.”

Because all your worries and concerns will be dissolved in the carbohydrates, protein, oil, and sugar. At least that’s what the Koreans in her Monarch Sight said.

‘And I was one of them in my previous life.’

“I’ve never heard that saying,” Ritlen shook his head and laughed.

“I’ll buy you some really good meat. I have a ton of money.”

Ritlen laughed even more when Aristine said that because she sounded very serious.

Somehow, the stiffness in his shoulder disappeared.

A faint smile appeared on Aristine’s lips when she saw that. She felt bad about Ritlen’s stress.

‘Is he feeling burdened because I said I believe in him?’

That could be it.

Because Ritlen promised not to disappoint her.

Aristine picked up the stainless steel with the best evaluation among the completed ones, then she said.

“Isn’t this good enough? It has good rust and heat resistance and a high toughness.”


Ritlen shook his head. He was so determined that it seemed unimaginable with his usual appearance.

“With a little more work, we can find something more perfect.”

Ritlen said, staring at the alloy.

He couldn’t give up because he knew he could get a different result if he changed the ratio, additional materials, or the processing method. Even the slightest different was important in tools like medical scalpels which dealt with people’s lives.

“And we’ve found something that can handle higher temperatures better. So it will be easier to disinfect it in the hospitals.”

“Mn, the blade is disposable, but the handle stays the same. Hygiene will be improved if the disinfection process is less troublesome.”

Aristine nodded her heard.

‘As they say, a craftsman doesn’t compromise. Mm, I hope Ritlen isn’t too stressed out though.’

Aristine was worried.

It was also a boss’ responsibility to take care of their employee’s welfare.

‘Maybe I should give him more money.’

A pay raise.

Wasn’t that a magic word that made all stress fly away?

‘After all, no one hates money!’

While she was thinking that, Ritlen looked at Aristine with a very sincere gaze.

“Your Highness is working so hard to save the wounded; I can’t possibly make something that’s not up to par.”


“I will definitely make you the perfect scalpel.”

“Mm, right…”

Aristine gave a vague smile. Her normally invisible conscience was pricking her.

‘I don’t think it’s right to let this misunderstanding continue…’

Even if Ritlen was a little disappointed, she felt the truth had to be revealed.

“Hey, Ritlen.”

“Yes, Princess Consort.”

Seeing Aristine serious expression, Ritlen straightened up and looked at her.

“You seem to be misunderstanding my intentions but I’m not making scalpels and putting up with losses for the sake of afflicted people.”

“Huh? Then…”

“I’m doing this because I want to make money!” Aristine spoke firmly, clenching her fists.

There was nothing wrong with trying to make money.


“Yes! So I have no intention of taking any loss or sacrificing manpower or funds.”

Ritlen’s eyes widened.

‘Now I’ve made it clear!’

That should relieve some of the pressure for him to put all his effort into this because it’s a noble cause.

“I am going to be rich!”

Ritlen blinked his olive-green eyes a few times then he chuckled softly.

“Oh, I see. Mm…” Ritlen looked at Aristine with a smile in his eyes. His slightly droopy eyes were filled with tenderness.

“I knew it; you are very kind and caring, Your Highness.”

“What?” Aristine asked, stunned.

‘What the heck is this guy talking about?’

Didn’t she just say she was making scalpels for money, and not for sick people?

“I think you misunderstood what I said.”

“Not at all,” Ritlen firmly shook his head. His expression was as firm as when he answered her when she asked if the steel was good enough.

“I understand Your Highness’ intentions very well.”

“My intentions?”

Her intention was to become a building owner though.

“You’re deliberately saying this because I’m under constant pressure, aren’t you? So that I won’t feel burdened.”

“No? That’s not it at all.”

Of course, she was hoping that he would be less burdened. But it was more accurate to say that her conscience was pricked so she told the truth.

“To think you care for how I feel that you even lower yourself…”

Ritlen’s eyes were flushed.

“No, I just said that’s not it. I really started this because I want to sit on a pile of money.”

Aristine spoke frankly but Ritlen seemed to not hear her as he looked at her with moved eyes.

“Princess Consort, you’re really…”

Ritlen was too choked up to speak.

Aristine’s eyes glazed over as she looked at him.

“I am such a bad person. I was so impatient that I made Your Highness say such things…”

His olive-green eyes seemed tearful, making them look like a flawlessly clear crystals of tourmaline.

Aristine finally understood.

‘I’ll be wasting my breath if I keep talking.’

It was a wise realization.

“Right, just think what you want.”

At this point, she didn’t care.

Aristine quickly gave up.




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  1. Hahaha. Some of the funniest misunderstandings in a novel I’ve read recently.

    Thank you Ruby-sama for translating this novel!

  2. This reminds me of Cale being constantly misunderstood by everyone when he just want lay down and do nothing.As always, thanks for the translation Miss Ruby!

    1. Thank you Ruby-sama! Amazing translation as always. It makes me laugh every time a misunderstanding happens, somehow you never know how it will end up, hahahaah.

    2. I already knew she was a perfect candidate to be a Caliest when she spoke about trusting money above everything. And how she constantly gets misunderstood by the people around her is the cherry on top 🤣

  3. Thank you for the update ! I hope Ritlen won’t be the second male lead, he’s too cute I would feel bad for him. Their oh my dear employe/oh my dear savior relation is perfect and adorable right now

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