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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 227]

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Heavy Shower (2)

‘I have to choose the best location.’

To do that, she needed Tarkan’s opinion, as well as the opinions of the warriors who had fought the demonic beasts directly.

Aristine headed straight to the training hall.

* * *

“Our subjugations usually proceed like this. Since it’s a long-term expedition, we set up a base and make it our center of focus.”

When Jacquelin said that, Aristine stroked her chin.

“Hmm, it might be called a base, but it’s actually not safe at all. The defenses are bare since we are on a plain, and considering we have to move around, there’s a limit to the number of walls we can build.”

“I see.” Aristine nodded her head.

“But fear not!” Mukali confidently proudly drummed his chest. “Princess Consort, there is no need to worry! I, Mukali, will slaughter all those beasts!”

“I don’t think you should be talking about slaughter before Her Highness.” Durante mumbled.

Mukali was stunned and tried to explain himself to Aristine. “Uh, no, that’s not what I meant…”

“I know.” Aristine gave Mukali a smile.

She was talking with Jacquelin, Mukali, and Durante because Tarkan was currently occupied with overseeing the warrior’s progress.

She was here because it sounded like a good idea to designate a test area and set up barriers using the movement routes of the warriors and their battle patterns.

Aristine gazed at the map of the vast demonic beast plains.

Signs of thought-out strategy lingered over the map. Traces of the battles that the warriors would fight.

“You all are amazing. Demonic beasts are really…terrifying.”

Her last word came out as soft as a whisper.

Durante gazed at Aristine’s darkened face and furrowed his eyebrows. Of course, everyone thought demonic beasts were scary. But there was something strange about Aristine’s reaction.

It was akin to someone who had experienced demonic beasts firsthand…

‘No, that’s impossible.’

That idea was too far-fetched.

Aristine has been imprisoned in Silvanus. Not abandoned in a wasteland surrounded by demonic beasts.

“By the way, is it okay to show me this strategy? Isn’t this usually a secret?”

At those words, Jacquelin, Mukali, and Durante looked at each other. Now that they thought about it, she was right. Even if this didn’t concern anti-personnel warfare, this was top secret.

However, they showed it to Aristine very naturally. Not only that, but they even offered friendly explanations.

But why?

It didn’t even occur to them that it might be a mistake.

The eyes of the three men turned back to Aristine.

“Because you are our Princess Consort, not anyone else.”

“That’s it?” Aristine chuckled.

“No, really.”

“There’s nothing classified before the Princess Consort.”

“Tch, you say that, but you were always wary of me before.”

“That was so long ago.”

“Now you are our Princess Consort.”

Hearing them say that, Aristine couldn’t help but laugh.

She didn’t realize that trust built over time could make you feel so warm.

As they smiled at each other, a voice as cold as ice landed in the room without warning.

“What’s so funny?”

The warm atmosphere froze over in an instant.

The warriors creakily raised their heads and looked at the source of the voice.

“I would love to hear it too.” Tarkan said with a lazy smile drawn on his face.


The warriors trembled. To be honest, they were more afraid of Tarkan than any demonic beasts.

Tarkan’s eyes coldly scanned the warriors.

He hurried over after hearing that Aristine was here, but the sight he was greeted by…

It was the scene of his wife smiling brightly among the semi-nude warriors.


Because of training, Durante, Mukali, and Jacquelin were shirtless. They had great pecs and great abs, like the great warriors that they were.

Aristine’s smile while surrounded by such pecs and abs was incredibly warm.

Veins popped on Tarkan’s forehead.

‘I thought you were only obsessed with my chest.’

Tarkan felt betrayed by his wife.

Aristine didn’t even care that the warriors were bare-chested, and she certainly wasn’t smiling because of that, so his sense of betrayal was unnecessary, but he didn’t know that.


Aristine happily greeted him.

When he saw her smiling face directed at him, the feeling of betrayal that clogged his heart, swiftly dissipated.

His wife wasn’t the problem.

It was the ones who were half-naked in front of a married woman that was at fault.

“Put on your clothes.”


The warriors quickly threw on their jackets.

Honestly, they felt wronged since they weren’t even conscious of the fact that they were half-naked but it was best to not even reason with Tarkan who was blinded by jealousy.

Tarkan walked up to Aristine and wrapped his arms around her waist. His firm chest pressed against Aristine’s back.

Aristine leaned into his arms, and Tarkan rested his chin on her shoulder.

It was a very natural flow of events.

The fully clothed warriors watched this with dim eyes.

This was honestly eye-gorging.

For some reason, it felt like the skinship between these two had deepened lately.

So far, they had been acting blind, and pretending like nothing was going on, but today, they had to say something.

If you’re going to control other people’s clothes, shouldn’t you also control yourself?

It was definitely not because they were single and envious.

It was just to promote good manners in a public place.

Jacquelin cleared his throat and spoke audibly, “Recently, it seems like Your Highnesses are always glued together.”

“We have to be.” Aristine nodded, talking as if it couldn’t be helped.

“You have to?”

“Mhm, because of body-obsession.”

She spoke in such a calm tone like she was talking about the weather, but her words caused a huge ripple.

The warriors couldn’t react right away because they felt like they had misheard.

After 3 seconds of silence, someone finally spoke.



Now what are you doing to our thumb princess! Mukali cast a reproachful glance at his lord whom he respected.

Tarkan averted his gaze, blushing slightly.

‘Why, why are you blushing?!’

The warriors couldn’t bring themselves to ask aloud.

Their eyes shook like a small boat in a tsunami.

Regardless of whether they liked it or not, the royal couple remained stuck to each other.



Translator’s Corner:

**Someone asked if I could change the term ‘body-obsession’ so I am opening the floor to alternatives.

The literal translation of the word ‘몸정’ is body-love/affection. In modern day, it is often used to refer to being obsessed/addicted with someone else’s body (sexually). It is NOT s*x-addiction but can be taken that way. As you can tell, English has no such term to my knowledge.

Let me know in the comments if you know anything that best represents this ‘addiction to intimacy’ kind of vibe. For now, I’m going to keep it as ‘body-obsession’ because nothing else is really synonymous. 

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47 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 227]”

  1. Oof, translation do be hard when these difficult to convey, unique to a language phrase hits snags the process. Is this different from skinship? Like being obsessed with skinship rather than being obsessed with the body; the former is a little more superficial (literally and figuratively) while also conveying some level of intimacy, but not detracting from the ‘person’ as much as perhaps it may convey when just being obsessed with the ‘body.’ Sometimes body obsessed can come off in a more lewd connotation rather than just intimacy.

    But I was always ok with body obsession, so I’ll defer to others! Anyways, thanks for the update 🙂

  2. Hmm…would “skinship” work? Although that does feel a little tame for what “body-love” seems to hint at…maybe “lust”? Or “physical desire”? “Lechery”? “Depravity”? (Why do I feel these are getting more lewd as I go on…)

    1. You are doing a wonderful job, Please leave it the way it is. It sounds perfectly fine to me it actually has a good flow with the storyline, anything else would sound weird.

  3. I like the term body obsessed. It was explained clearly and i know exactly what the characters mean when it’s used.

  4. Body obsession seems to work fine. It sounds suggestive even though it is not what Aris means, it fits her personality to always confuse those around her.
    “Skinship” wouldn’t work and I personally find that phrase sounds slightly creepy to me. Plus it would sound rather off to say she is skinship obsessed.
    If I’m to think on it, I’d say Aris is infatuated with Tarkan’s chest or mesmerized by it. But saying body obsessed seems to fit perfectly well

  5. Instead of body obsession I think maybe physical attraction would work better.

    Body obsession usually refers to a mental illness, so it sounds really awkward.

    1. concordo .. atracao sexual.. atracao fisica , pra mim BR se torna facil de entender.. obcessao pelo corpo parece coisa de academia. de seu proprio corpo. ocorre isso no meu pais, um pais extremamente tropical, todo banhado por praias, é um culto ao corpo sarado!!

  6. HAHAHAHAH the warrior’s reactions what made me laugh so hard. I love how our royal couple goes for a slow-burn romance. They’re such a wholesome bunch. Thanks Ruby-nim for your hardwork ❤️❤️

  7. Btw, body-obssesion works for me as well. I rather find it perfectly fit for Aristine with her bery misleading words and actions lol.

  8. It doesn’t seem like my comment posted so I’ll try again. Or maybe theirs an approval wait? Anyway….

    Instead of Body Obsession I think Physical Attraction would work a lot better. It has pretty much the same meaning, and I mean….Aristine’s hands seem pretty damn attracted to Tarkan’s chest.

    1. Physical attraction doesn’t quite work because Aristine tends to say things like ‘I’m physically attracted.’ That would make no sense but the sentence ‘I am body obsessed’ makes sense.

  9. My suggestions for alternatives are “sthenolagnia” which means (muscle worship) sexual arousal from displays of muscle or strength; Or nymphomania/satyriases which is excessive sexual drive. I’m not very familiar with all those terms so I suggest more in depth research before using any. I hope this helps even a little, thank you for your hard work translator-nim ^_^

  10. Thanks Miss Ruby for the chapter. Love the way the Warriors and Aristine interact, so cute they friendship <3

  11. I had a great time, good laughs, good romance skinship times, good friendship amiable between those 3 and Aristine, and good hints sprinkled in about Aristine.

    Loved it thank you Ruby

  12. Body obsession/body obsessed are fine to me. If forced to swap it… I feel like thirsty is the closest word but it’s not a good one nor fits the setting since it’s a modern and very crude slang and this is a historical court intrigue story. Hm, maybe carnal fascination? Carnally fascinated? It’s awkward but close ish. Or just change obsessed to fascinated might work better. Body fascinated, body engrossed, body captivated.

  13. To me body-obsession is the right term, because Aristine got to use this term after she hears the noblewomen use in the sense closer to s*x-addiction (my interpretation), and it portraits the awkwardness that she has sometimes in her interactions. It explains the generals and Tarkan’s reactions that something is off with her wording. We are reading in her point of view and know how literal she is with the term, but who she speaks to don’t.

  14. I am Turkish. In our country there is a term called “contact addict”. The English translation for this is “contact addict”. Perhaps “sensual attraction” would also be an appropriate expression. Sorry if I’m wording wrong as I use Google Translate. Thanks a lot for the episode.

  15. I’m not against body-obsession I think it works well in the sense of showing that divide of her real world knowledge vs what she just saw through a mirror and part of why Tarzan is obsessed.

    Ps. Just a heads up this page didn’t hyperlink/connect to the table of contents

  16. How about muscle fetish? She is attracted not just to any torso but one with large and powerful muscles ¤m¤ …. And fetish seems kinky enough to be funny but not too sexual (or so I think)

  17. I like how Aristine’s smile quickly changed Tarkan’s opinion, and went blaming the knights instead. 😂😂😂 Thank you miss ruby ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Loved the moment when Durante suspected Aristine from knowing first had about demonic beasts. I can not wait to find out what happened when she was a child and how she saved Tarkan (and his reaction when he finds out), because obviously she HAS to be his first love💕
    Body obsessed works just fine. If it ain’t broken….
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  19. How about muscle fetish? She is attracted not just to any torso but one with large and powerful muscles ¤m¤ …. And fetish seems kinky enough to be funny but not too sexual (or so I think)

    Apologies fir the (possible) multiple posts. I keep getting errors after clicking post

  20. I don’t think there’s another term that’s going to be best in all circumstances. Here you could say that she “likes his touch too much” or “is starved for his touch” and it would sound good while keeping the physical/suggestive aspect. But there are other contexts where that wouldn’t work. Of course, you don’t have to have one word or phrase that is always the translation you use every time you see “body obsession” in Korean. I guess it’s a question of whether you want to go to the effort of tailoring it to each sentence to smooth it out. I personally am fine with keeping “body obsessed” since you’ve explained it well.

    Other fun options if you want to experiment include “we can’t keep our hands off each other” and calling Tarkan “too sexy” or “irresistible.” You could also still try “attracted” just by adjusting the grammar, ie “because he’s attractive” vs “I’m attracted to him” but I feel like that’s probably not going to be bombastic enough, since she’s 100% misusing a phrase in a far more innocent way than she should be.

  21. I understand why they want to change the phrase “body-obsession” since it makes them uncomfortable because it can also refers to a mental illness. So, 몸정 means ‘Intimacy between bodies’. Why not use the term “physical intimacy” instead? But I don’t think it fits the novel’s context.

  22. Body obsessed is good for me too, sounds pretty funny everytime rineh use this term. Love how much these two are approaching more and more 🖤🖤🖤, it’s the sweetness that my heart needs 🖤
    Thank you so much for all this chapters Miss ruby 🖤🖤

  23. AHAHAH I can’t 😭✋🏽 This interaction is priceless. Tarkan’s pettiness and the warrior’s disbelief 🤣

    Did you mean “eye-gouging” rather than “eye-gorging”? Body obsessed is fine with me given the explanation.

  24. I understand why they want to change the phrase “body-obsession” since it causes them discomfort because it can also refer to a mental illness. So, 몸정 means ‘Intimacy between bodies’, why not use the term “physical intimacy” instead? But I don’t think it fits the novel’s context.

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