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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 272

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Chapter 37: Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (7)

* * *

“So the emperor gave that bast…I mean, Prince Tarkan permission to use the portal.”

Launelian mumbled, drumming his fingers on the desk. Then, he nodded his head.

“Well, I expected it.”

Despite Launelian’s sudden visit to the Irugo, King Nephther quickly gave his permission.

However, if Tarkan’s visit to Silvanus was rejected, a diplomatic issue would inevitably arise.

It was an obvious decision for the emperor, who was feigning pleasantry, until he could catch Irugo off-guard with a war.

“Any move from the emperor’s side?”

“Still nothing. Only continues to investigate why you brought the princess back.”

Launelian nodded.

“Then again, it would be hard to decipher that Rineh is pregnant just because that bast…Prince Tarkan is visiting.”

Especially if you consider the time.

He would think it was impossible for Rineh to get pregnant while Tarkan was out on the demonic beast plains.

‘Well, if he investigates Irugo, he will see that newspaper.’

Just thinking of ‘that newspaper’ made the veins on Launelian’s forehead bulge.

“Let’s keep the emperor’s focus on us, as much as possible. Make things even noisier.”

At that, his adjutant nodded. “Understood.”

As a matter of fact, the emperor’s biggest concern was not Aristine, but Launelian’s movement.

The son he sent off to the North in annoyance came back all grown-up.

And with tremendous power and influence too.

The emperor looked down on telekinesis as a power that was nothing compared to ‘authority’, but something unimaginable happened, and that power became stronger than he could have imagined.

It was only natural that the emperor was feeling threatened.

Hence, his investigation of Aristine was not concerning Aristine herself, but on what Launelian, who brought her in, planned to do.

That was why most of his manpower was focused on monitoring Launelian’s mansion rather than Irugo.

‘Well, I also asked His Majesty the King of Irugo to block out that information as much as possible.’

In any case, keeping the emperor’s eyes on him would be the best way to buy them time.

Frankly, Launelian didn’t think that he could hide Aristine’s pregnancy from the emperor completely.

“Let’s go with the news that I plan to use Aristine’s illness as an excuse to summon that bast…I mean, Prince Tarkan to solidify my power.”

Now that people welcomed the peace with Irugo, they were naturally more inclined to follow the Imperial who had a good relationship with Irugo.

With the current situation, Tarkan was practically the first in line of succession to the Irugo throne.

Furthermore, Tarkan’s personal military power was unrivaled. If you added in the warriors that he led…

“Of course, after calculating all that, it should be enough to drag the emperor’s eyes away from Rineh.”

In other words, it wasn’t that something happened to Aristine, but that Tarkan and Launelian were using Aristine as a link to form an alliance.

The fact that Tarkan was coming to Silvanus was merely an act to empower Launelian’s forces.

“The emperor’s eyes will certainly be diverted with that.”

He would be focused on blocking Launelian’s path by any means necessary.

The adjutant sighed in admiration. “It would be nice if you could show this kind of enthusiasm at other times too.”

The abrupt remark made Launelian turn to the adjutant.

“My Prince, you are really smart, but you only use that head when it comes to the princess.”

Hearing that Launelian slowly tilted his head.

“Why should I care about other things?”

The look on his face said that he really didn’t understand why.

“I just want to cut the emperor’s head because he’s bullying my little sister, no? Besides, for my sister to live comfortably, it will be even better if he’s gone.”

The adjutant’s lips twitched, and he shut his mouth.

This wasn’t the first time that Launelian has worded things this way, and he had been through too much to be surprised now.

Instead, he used Launelian’s words as is—of course accepting it was different—and tried to coax him.

“There are other things that follow in order to cut the emperor’s head. Aside from those related to the princess.”


Launelian replied and his attitude seemed to say, ‘And so?’. Seeing that, the adjutant began to worry about his own blood pressure.

He tried his best to raise the corners of his lips and asked. “Then wouldn’t it be better to pay attention to those things as well?”

“Why should I?”

The adjutant felt his blood pressure rising and felt dizzy. This bastard…oops, this prince, did he even hear a word I said?

“I don’t need to pay attention to such small issues, you guys take care of it.”

“Small issues? How is this a small issue?!”

In the end, the adjutant couldn’t bear it and yelled.

But Launelian’s reply was lax.

“If it’s not directly related to my sister, it’s a small issue.”


“I’m too busy taking care of my sister.” Launelian finished.

The adjutant respected Launelian.

From the very beginning, he watched Launelian grow up in that barren north. He saw him abandon a comfortable life and throw himself into danger.

But whenever Launelian said batshit nonsense like this, he wanted to scream, ‘This empire has no future!’ and wanted to apply for asylum.

“If you can’t do it, I have no choice but to give it more focus, but you handle such things well.”

Despite that, when Launelian acknowledged his ability like this and showed his belief in him, the adjutant’s heart felt content again.

“Your Highness…”

If anyone heard this, they would have asked where Launelian said anything about believing in him, but everyone is allowed to dream.

“If you understand, start working on that basta…I mean, Prince Tarkan’s arrival.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“The more important issue here is that Tarkan, that basta…I mean, the prince is obviously going to bother our Rineh, so how do we deal with that? I am enough to take care of my little sister.”

“That’s why I’m saying that enthusiasm could be directed…no, never mind.”

The adjutant gave up in the middle of his speech.

He was asking too much of Launelian.

“My sister is so gentle and kind so even if that Tarkan basta…no, that prince is a nuisance, she won’t treat him coldly.”

“Just say whatever you want. Don’t keep changing the word so obviously since earlier.”

“Ah, was it too obvious?”

Launelian laughed.

He was annoyed at the bastard who dared to get his precious sister pregnant yet couldn’t even be by her side.

However, he also thought it was better that he was at least coming now, but on the other hand, he was annoyed at the thought that he might not be able to care for little sister anymore.

Of course, even though he considered it ‘better’, it was a minor upgrade from a negative 1000 points.

Right then, a knock was heard in the office.

Launelian quickly sprang to his feet and his face brightened.

Only one person knocked like this.

The adjutant shook his head back and forth.

Only his master would remember how his little sister knocked and make a fuss about it.

Launelian walked to the door and gently opened it with telekinesis.

“Rineh, you should have rested a little more, why did you come out? Are you uncomfortable? Do you need a leg massage? They say it’s better to massage it before it gets swollen.”

But Aristine’s face looked more serious than usual.

“Khan will come to Silvanus.”

“Ah, he must have told you that he was coming here when he talked with you earlier.”

“…Khan thinks I am in the imperial palace, so he will go straight there.”

After seeing the second revelation of Monarch’s Sight, Aristine immediately tried to contact Tarkan.

However, she couldn’t reach him as though he had already departed.

“I need to go to the imperial palace.”

Aristine’s words took Launelian by surprise.

“What are you talking about?! I can just send someone to direct him to come straight here.”

“No, I will go in person.”

She kept thinking about what she saw in the Monarch’s sight, and she couldn’t just wait.

“Absolutely not. What if the Emperor finds out you’re pregnant…”

“I am not even showing yet. And thanks to the Chrysea flower, my body has stabilized.”

“The morning sickness is already unbearable for you.”

“It’s okay. My baby is fine now.”

Aristine said, stroking her belly.

Launelian didn’t know what to say to that. What could he say when the mother herself says she’s fine?

Pregnancy was uncharted territory for him as a single man.

‘Actually, the Monarch’s sight showed me that it’s fine.”

After showing her Tarkan, the Monarch’s Sight showed her another scene. In that, Aristine saw the emperor in the near future.

‘He didn’t know that I’m pregnant.’

That meant that she would not be caught today.

It felt strange seeing Tarkan and the emperor back-to-back. Almost as if it was pushing Aristine to go to Tarkan.

‘Mom will go bring Dad.’

Aristine mumbled to herself as she stroked her belly.

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