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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 149]

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I just Wanted to Make Money (3)

T/N: Reg. Tues chapter 🙂 

If a scalpel like this had been developed earlier, the number of deaths from infections would have gone down significantly.

“If this is released…you will save countless lives, Princess Consort. More than I can as a doctor.”

“What are you talking that? You can’t compare me to a doctor who saves lives for a living,” Aristine furrowed her brows at those embarrassing words.

“This is all the result of me trying to find the best way to sell the scalpel.”

I just wanted to make money. And a lot of money at that.

That was the truth.

In order to do that, it must not become an ordinary product so she just used the blue ocean strategy.

‘And I just happen to come to Irugo where their metal work is very developed.’

Furthermore, growing the image of medical powerhouse could also help to fulfil the wishes of the King of Irugo. In other words, this was a business that also helped politically.

In Aristine’s mind, she only made the best decision to hit three birds with one stone. Hence, she stubbornly denied what Umiru said.

‘You say that but…’

Umiru’s eyes turned soft as she looked at Aristine who was modestly refusing.

Aristine was always confident, outspoken, and straightforward.

Despite that, she was secretly very shy so if you praised her like this, she would be in a hurry to refuse.

‘She’s so cute.’

To be honest, just by seeing her face, Umiru thought that she would follow her forever but the more she got to know the Princess Consort, the better she was.


Umiru’s face brightened up.

The reason she, a genius surgeon, was in Tarkan’s palace was because of his handsome face.

Of course, it was also where her skills were needed the most since most of the warriors fighting on the frontline against the demonic beast were under Tarkan’s command.

But if Tarkan was ugly, she would have refused the scouting offer vehemently.

An operating room was like a battlefield.

You had to saw bones, move intestines, and yet, it required delicate control. That consumed physical and mental power very quickly so no one could ever call it a job with good perks.

There should be some eye candy at least to improve the perk of a workplace, even slightly.

–that’s what Umiru thought.

‘With His Highness Tarkan, I appreciate his looks but the Princess Consort matches my aesthetics more, for sure.’

Even right now, it felt like her eyes, which used to only stare at human intestines every day, were getting cleansed looking at Aristine.

“So, what about the chart I gave you?” Aristine cleared her throat and changed the topic.

“Of course, I checked it.”

Umiru made a gesture and the trainee(doctor-in-training) following her, gave Aristine the paperwork.

Aristine quickly looked over the documents. The pages turned very quickly but all the necessary data was entering her head.

“Is this real?” Aristine asked doubtfully.

Umiru smiled, “Of course, this is Your Highness’s matter. Everything was done thoroughly and everyone put in their utmost effort”

At first, there were people who complained that they were already so busy and yet they had to do something like this.

But after using the scalpel, their attitude instantly changed.

This was advancement that would remain in the history of mankind. Their minds conjured up the vivid image of countless futures created by a single scalpel.

Even the people who were just doing it out of their goodwill towards Aristine, changed their minds.

Everyone took their part in the investigation very seriously. With the aspiration of contributing towards the next leap for mankind.

“So you’re telling me this is all true.”

Aristine’s eyes moved to the chart again.

‘I was expecting good results but this…’

Tarkan’s ward was filled with doctors of outstanding skill. But all of those doctors evaluated Aristine’s scalpel as perfect. Their reason for such an evaluation was even described in detail.

As Umiru said, the doctors participating in the investigation put in their utmost effort and sincerity.

Aristine’s eyes shook as she re-confirmed its superiority over the standard scalpel.


From the moment she was born, Aristine had always been evaluated. Judged on whether she could manifest the Monarch’s Sight or not.

However, the results were unfavorable. She was a failure. Since Aristine hid her manifestation of the Monarch’s Sight, she was declared a useless fool.

She thought it didn’t affect her because her father’s evaluation was different from the truth. She repeated to herself that other people thoughts and looks could not judge her possibilities, her future and her thoughts.


Now that she worked for something, produced results and got acknowledged by others–.

Aristine clenched the document in her hand.

She lowered her head and a smile filled with complex emotions spread across her face. Growing up, Aristine was deprived of the opportunity to achieve anything.

For the first time, she realized just how precious that was.

“Princess Consort…?”

Umiru carefully called out to Aristine, who had suddenly lowered her head and fallen silent.

Aristine’s head sprang up, “We need to enter mass production right now.”

Her face was full of energy.

“Yes, please. We definitely need it over here.”

Umiru nodded and flashed a grin.

“Good, if our genius surgeon, Umiru, speaks so highly of it, other places will definitely go wild.”

Aristine clenched her fists tight.

‘I’m going to pile up that money and sit on top of it.’

She literally wanted to sit on a pile of money.

“Alright then, we can end this discussion here. I would like to try the famous pâtissier’s dessert today.”

“Have as much as you like.”

Aristine happily marketed the pâtissier’s dessert to Umiru. Delicious food was more delicious when shared.

The two women chatted happily while having snacks together.

The trainee, who was watching this scene quietly, let out a deep sigh. Because it was plainly obvious that Umiru’s purpose today was not the dessert but the Princess Consort.

Even now, Umiru was just looking at Aristine, not even caring about the sachertorte.

The only person that didn’t know was the Princess Consort.

Umiru was enjoying talking to Aristine for a good while but eventually,

“Umiru, why are you here? Aren’t you busy with so many patients?”

She was kicked out by Tarkan who came back from his office.

It wasn’t the time he usually came back but judging by his appearance, he must have heard that Umiru had gone to see Aristine and ran over. And seeing as he came to Aristine’s personal room instead of his, it was even more certain.

“This is so unfair!”

Umiru cried out but she had already been kicked out.

Even she couldn’t say much in front of his powerful position.

Seeing her huffing in front of the flower bed for no reason, the trainee once again heaved a deep sigh.

‘I hope we can entrust the future of the medical industry to Ms. Umiru.’

Her skills were unrivaled but personality was also quite important for a leader.

The trainee felt more worried than ever today.


Translator’s Corner:

**We have a lot of new readers so welcome all! Keep in mind that the chapters of FMH are split in half due to their length so if you are trying to read the raws, just divide by 2. Thank you!

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