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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 313]

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Running Away… (48)

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“Alright, that’s enough.”

Launelian’s voice cut through the gap between the two’s lips.

The gentleness in Tarkan’s eyes evaporated, and with a new sharpness in his eyes, he glared at the intruder.

Of course, Launelian didn’t even flinch.

He walked up to Aristine, looking more serious than usual. “Rineh, the most important thing to me is that you are happy and comfortable.”

“Elder Brother.”

“I would love if you stayed in Silvanus, but I will not object if Irugo makes you at ease.”

Aristine quietly gazed at Launelian.

Ever since the ‘enlightenment’ at the Chrysea Palace, Launelian had been trying to advise Aristine to hold a coronation ceremony.

“However, I do not want you to give up your legitimate rights because of the wounds you suffered in your childhood.”

His earnest purple eyes stared into Aristine’s eyes.

“Rineh, what do you want?”

Aristine had already answered this question before.

To live freely.

The day she left Silvanus and headed to Irugo, Aristine desired to make lots of money and live freely, on her own whims.

But now, her desires had changed.

‘I haven’t seriously thought about it but….’

Aristine no longer wanted to live a life, wandering alone. She just wanted to leave this place and live happily in a comfortable, safe home with Tarkan.

It was a mysterious feeling.

She had experienced the outside world for the first time and simply taking it in and responding to it, was overwhelming.

The time to think about herself never came.

“Rineh, when people experience a lot, they tend to change. They find themselves liking things that they never thought they would and hating things that they thought they liked.”

Launelian looked at Aristine, his little sister, who had managed to grow into a wonderful adult.

“That is how you discover parts of yourself that you never even knew about.”

A me that I didn’t even know myself.

When Aristine escaped that cramped world, she discovered things about herself that she never even realized.

She liked scones, she liked talking, she liked taking walks under the sun, she liked meeting new people, she liked card games, she liked looking at documents…there were so many things.

Aristine thought she was incapable of falling in love.

So even though she wore a wedding dress and got married with the people’s blessings, in her mind, she expected to forget her husband and go make money.

“I want you to think carefully about this. Is your goal to escape the past or is this something you truly like and want.”

Launelian gently flicked Aristine’s forehead.

“I will leave the throne empty until you decide.”

Aristine looked into Launelian’s eyes, which held the same hue as her own.

His violent eyes were filled with a warm affection that held no bounds.

“Do you have no greed, Elder brother?” Aristine suddenly asked. “You planned and calculated so many things to become emperor.”

The reason why the rebellion ended so smoothly was partly because of Aristine’s ‘enlightenment’, but it was also largely because Launelian had already brought things to the final stage.

Launelian’s eyes widened then he burst into laughter.

“You are mistaken there, Rineh.”

With a smile still on his face, Launelian looked at his cute little sister and ruffled her hair.

“I didn’t do all this to become emperor.” Launelian let her silver hair flow through his long, delicate fingers and brought them to his lips. “I only did this because I wanted to save you.”

“Save me?”

“Yes, because I needed the position of Emperor to save you.”

If he wanted to save Aristine from the emperor’s torment, he had no choice but to become the emperor. In order to end her political marriage, he had to climb to the throne.

“But is that what you want, Elder brother? There must be something else you truly desire.”

Aristine couldn’t help but wonder if Launelian was still bound by the pain; having to watch his younger sister be abused yet unable to save her.

That was how she perceived it.

“Rineh, my one and only precious little sister. Your happiness is my desire. There is nothing more I could wish for.”

Launelian kissed Aristine’s forehead.

“Anyway, think about it carefully. But you must remain in Silvanus during your pregnancy.”

Tarkan, who had suppressed himself until then, not wanting to interfere with the siblings, frowned. He stayed quiet thinking they were going to part ways soon, so what was this?

Launelian looked back at Tarkan with a winning smile.

“Chrysea flowers can only grow in the Chrysea garden of the Imperial Palace. Why do you think I only brought those flowers every time?”

Now that he thought about it, even when Launelian asked him to bring Chrysea flowers, he made sure to mention that they must be the ones in full bloom.

Not seeds or ones that hadn’t bloomed yet.

‘Is that why?’

No, that wasn’t the important thing right now.

“So, she’ll have to stay in Silvanus till she gives birth?”

“Of course.”

At those words, Tarkan’s mouth hardened into a line.

Even if it was okay for Aristine, it was difficult for Tarkan to be away from his position for so long. He still had work to do, and he had not delegated tasks to anyone.

He abruptly came to Silvanus even before his warriors returned to the royal capital, and he hadn’t even handled the post-effects of the demonic beasts’ subjugations.

That was only natural since his eyes turned red when he heard that his pregnant wife had been kidnapped or even worse.

‘But who will take care of my pregnant wife if I’m not here?’

He had to listen to his wife and take care of her!

The wife-slave was full of anxiety.

Feeling an ominous foreboding for some reason, Launelian grinned and grabbed Tarkan’s shoulder.

“You can’t be away for so long, so you have to go back to Irugo, right?”

“I belong next to my wife.”

The two men started glowering at each other as if they had never gotten along before.

Aristine looked at the two of them and grabbed Tarkan’s arm.

“It’s fine. I don’t need the Chrysea flowers anymore.”

“You don’t need it?”

“Will your body be fine?”

Hearing both of them ask in turn, Aristine smiled and hugged Tarkan tightly.

“Because my flower is next to me.”

Tarkan blushed at his wife’s bold touch, and Launelian frowned. “What do you mean by that?”

It was understandable that Launelian didn’t know. Because this was a long-forgotten story from ages ago.

A long time has passed since there had been an ‘Enlightened’ emperor. Even if the related stories were lost, there wasn’t much that could be done.

However, this was a story that had clearly been intentionally erased. After all, it concerned Silvanus’ dirty secrets..

“In the early days of the empire, there were quite a few ‘enlightened’ emperors. But at some point, that number drastically decreased, and no more were awakened.”

Aristine calmly began her story.

“Perhaps, one might say it is because the divine blood weakened over time. But even if that were the case, the lineage of the Silvanus royal family was still blessed with abilities. Furthermore, children were still only born with blonde or silver hair.”

If their divine blood had grown weaker, it would have shown externally as well. However, not a single child was born with a hair color other than blonde and silver.

“In that case, there must be another reason.”

When she was in that state of《Enlightenment》, Aristine was able to see anything.

Even the truth of the distant past.

“It is a very common story. A history born of betrayal and jealousy.”

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