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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 349]

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Episode 40: Lu (4)

T/N: HAIIII. How was your weekend? Mine was so hectic. I forgot I was on babysitting duty this weekend and woke up two troublemakers in my hair. I’m finally freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee😭

His mother, his grandfather, his uncle; all of them were stoned to death in the square.

They paid the price for their sins.

However, their sin was a result of greed, and at the center of that greed was Hamill himself.

Hamill wondered; would they have committed such crimes if he had never existed?

He continued to have dreams.

Dreams where his dead mother, grandfather, and uncle appeared, strangling his neck in resentment.

Whenever he opened his eyes in the dark night, a single thought hovered in his mind.

Is it right for only me to survive?

Sometimes, he wanted to resent Aristine for saving his life.

But then…

It’s good you’re alive. I’m glad you’re alive.

Lu lowered his head and rested his head on Aristine’s shoulder.

Feeling the shortened distance between them, Aristine’s body stiffened.

“Just for a bit.”

Aristine was about to push him away but stopped when she heard a small hoarse that seemed to be in tears.

“A little bit.”

Lu’s arms didn’t encircle Aristine. He didn’t hug or touch her; he only leaned his head against her shoulder.

He stood still with his eyes closed, but he was breathing heavily.

The heat from Aristine’s body, her hair blowing in the wind, tickling the back of his neck and her soft, light scent.

Gradually, his breathing began to calm.

When he was by Aristine’s side, everything seemed to be telling him that it was okay to live.

He forced himself to pull away, despite not wanting to.

Aristine was looking up at him with eyes full of worry. The traces of tears around her eyes brought him heartache.

His fingers itched to rub those tears away and he held his hand down, locking that feeling away.

‘To be glad I’m alive, huh.’
‘살아서 다행이라.’

Hamill certainly was.

Because he got to see Aristine safe and sound like this.

As they looked at each other, unharmed and safe, they both recalled the events of that day, almost at the same time.

《I, to you…》

The voice whispering in her ear faded away. As did their breathing.

Aristine’s trembling eyes turned to Hamill, who lay on the pure-white silver fox fur, which was now spotted with blood.

His smiling face looked at peace.

Yet, Aristine could not give him up like this.

She simply couldn’t stay still.

However, every second was precious, and it was too dangerous to wait for a priest while trying to stop the bleeding.

《Wake up. Don’t talk about how it’s okay even if I never forgive you for the rest of my life.》

Aristine placed the lining of her dress on the wound, applying pressure to the cut. Once the fabric was in place, she held it down with one hand and patted Hamill’s cheek.

《Do you think I’ll remember you? The moment I turn around, I will forget everything. Your wrongs, the fact that you saved me, your last words, everything!》

Drop by drop, her tears fell onto Hamill’s face.

《Since you said don’t be too happy, I will be so proudly happy. So, wake up!》

However, there was no reaction from Hamill.


Suddenly, a stabbing pain shot through her lower abdomen, causing Aristine to double over, clutching her stomach.
Frankly, this environment couldn’t possibly be good for an expecting mother. The fact that she fell hard earlier was also a problem.

‘No, it’s okay. My child, a child of Tarkan and I is not so weak. It’s okay.’

As she thought that, the pain began to subside, as if it understood what she was saying.

Aristine slowly straightened her upper body.

As she touched the ground, her palm sank into something wet and squishy.

Aristine’s gaze shifted to the puddle of blood beneath her palm.

It was not water.

However, if tea worked, then there was no reason why blood couldn’t work.

Aristine lowered her head to the pool of blood as if mesmerized.

She stared at her own distorted reflection in the scarlet puddle.

‘Can it…connect?’

Aristine had never used the Monarch’s Sight of her own will when she was not in an ‘Enlightened’ state.

No, there was one occasion. When she saw Launelian’s death.

But that was just her forcefully holding on to a scene that was about to end.

More importantly, Tarkan was next to her at that time.

It was possible because the divine power in his blood awakened the divine blessings in her blood.

However, Tarkan was not by her side now.

Aristine’s eyes fell on Hamill.

‘It’s not a matter of whether I can do it or not. I have to do it.’

Aristine’s gaze became determined, and she stared at the pool of blood.

Despite the lack of wind, her hair began to flutter.

Beads of sweat began to pool on her forehead. Her fingertips trembled and tingled with ache.

But Aristine didn’t stop, rather she heightened her senses.

The corners of her eyes were twitching.

She could feel pressure rising in her skull. Her eyes felt like they were going to explode.

Aristine thought of her husband’s face.

‘Take me to him!’

She could feel the power that Tarkan left behind reacting to her desires.

Her trembling body gradually relaxed, as if wrapped in warm sunlight.

Her flowing silver hair began to turn golden.

And the next moment, her violet eyes flickered with a light green hue.

The once red puddle began to reflect a bright blue sky.

Fresh leaves sprouting on bare tree branches. It was the view beyond a window.

The elaborate and luxurious interior came into view. It is of Silvanian style.

And also.


Aristine reached out to him without hesitation.

Her hand was sucked into the puddle.

Right at that moment, a sharp noise tore through her mind and goosebumps arose on her skin.

It was a sensation that Aristine had felt once before.

The day she found out she had collapsed and found out she was pregnant, a huge wave had swept through her body.

As she exhausted all the power Tarkan had given her, Aristine’s body was racked with waves as fierce as before… no, even fiercer in accordance with how much her child had grown.


A groan escaped her tightly pressed lips. Her consciousness was fading swiftly.


Aristine stretched out her free arm to Hamill.

Even as she thought, ‘I have to hold on tight’, she could no longer feel her body and she couldn’t tell if she was actually holding on.

‘Must not…let go…’

Like a candle being snuffed, her consciousness went black.



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