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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 279

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (14)

Silence fell over the hall at the harsh bang on the table.

“Are you punks looking down on me!”

The emperor’s angry voice echoed through the drawing room.

He was deliberately showing more anger.

Launelian’s use of telekinesis and Tarkan’s use of aura were clearly a display of force.

To say ‘look at the strength we have’. So be careful.

‘Don’t think I’ll be afraid of such tricks!’

The sword that Tarkan carried had been handed over to a servant before he could meet the emperor. Even though he handed his sword over obediently, his intent behind revealing his aura was obvious.

The emperor looked even more enraged.

“How dare you play such jokes in front of me, the ruler of this empire…!”

“Joke? Not at all. I was being sincere.”

Launelian, who had been quietly watching the emperor, curled a corner of his lips and said.

The atmosphere around him was completely different from when he was bickering with Tarkan.

It was cold and sharp.

“Ha, are you being condescending?!”

“Of course not. Like I said, I was being sincere.”

Launelian grinned.

When a smile appeared on his beautifully sculpted face, it was as if the surroundings were being purified.

However, his expression looked wrong for someone who was pleading his innocence to an angry emperor.

On the contrary, the look on his face seemed mocking.

“Well, I wasn’t being condescending at all, but if Your Majesty feels that way…”

Paired with that expression, Launelian leisurely shrugged his shoulders.

“I must perform my duty as a son and offer filial piety, so I have no choice but to concede.”

Launelian clicked his tongue as if he wanted everyone to hear, then he refreshingly rose from his seat.

His reaction made it hard to equate him to the same person who was fighting over seats with Tarkan a moment ago.

His attitude was as if he was making it clear that everything until now was him playing with the emperor.

“This bastard…”

The emperor’s mouth twitched.

As if receiving the baton from Launelian, Tarkan sat down beside Aristine with an odd smile on his face.

“I was being sincere as well, but if Your Majesty the Emperor of Silvanus feels as such, I shall stop.”

Now that even Tarkan was acting like Launelian, anger flashed in the emperor’s eyes.

They were both telling the world that they took the emperor lightly.

‘Surprisingly, they work well together.”

Aristine looked at Launelian and Tarkan and inwardly applauded them.

The emperor let out a long breath and tried to manage his emotions.

If he got angrier here, he would only make a joke of himself. He should have known that asking such a thing would make them turn it around and ask him if he was mistaken.

Instead, the emperor turned the arrow to Aristine.

‘Hmph, just look at her, so full of courage.’

It got on his nerves that she dared to sit so comfortably in front of me. She was far more pleasing to the eye when she was trembling with her head bowed, unable to meet his eyes.

‘I’ll need to teach her again. I’m sure this idiot has forgotten how to treat her father in such little time.’

The emperor smiled slyly and opened his mouth to speak to Aristine.

“You seem to get along very well with your husband.”

The wench who went to die didn’t even know her place.

“I heard that you’ve been living quite comfortably in Irugo. I’ve even heard your praises.”

The emperor looked Aristine up and down then he snorted.

“Your face has gotten very bright. A little chubby too. Someone might think Irugo is your home.”

As the emperor spoke, he looked like he would tap Aristine’s cheeks a few times if the table wasn’t blocking him.

Naturally, both men wanted to step in.


However, Aristine blocked them both under the table.


Seeing the puzzlement in their eyes, Aristine subtly shook her head.

Aristine was used to this much, so she was unaffected. No, if anything, the emperor’s attitude was much better than before.

It seems he was exerting some self-restraint since they were in front of Tarkan.

She was neither hurt nor affected so it made no sense to get agitated by some useless words. Who knew how the emperor would react if he saw that.

At any rate, this was the imperial palace. In other words, this was where the emperor’s influence was the strongest.

‘Plus, it would be best to find out what I need and leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, he might find out about my pregnancy.’

The more time they took, the higher the chance of her getting caught.

Aristine quietly lowered her head.

“Thank you for the compliment, Your Majesty.”


The emperor repeated as if asking what she meant.

But soon, the corners of his lips rose, and astounded laughter burst from his mouth.

“Hah! A compliment!”

The emperor laughed uproariously and looked at Aristine with sparkling eyes.

‘This tactless wench…she thought it was a compliment?’

Then again, it made sense.

The emperor’s usual words to Aristine were more direct and violent.

‘Still, anyone with a brain can tell it is not but I suppose a dumb wench would hear a compliment.’

The emperor could never even imagine that Aristine was being sarcastic towards him.

The prejudice against her was just that strong, furthermore, Aristine’s serious face made him misunderstand.

‘Stupid wench. This is why she’s so useless.’

Well, perhaps it was fortunate that she wasn’t even an opponent worth caring about.

If even Aristine raised forces and came back like Launelian, it would be a serious problem.

“Aristine, my daughter.”

The emperor only ever called Aristine his daughter to mock her.

“You do look well, but as your father, I worry that your good complexion was made on the blood of the people.”

A wench like you has no right to be happy.

“Rather than pursuing personal happiness and prosperity, you ought to do your duty as a member of the Imperial family.”

You must exist as my tool, not as a person.
“I hope you have not forgotten what I told you before you left.”

The emperor’s gaze secretly moved to Tarkan.

It was obvious what he was talking about.

《 Kill Tarkan 》
《 Either stick a poisoned knife in that irritating bastard’s chest or put poison in his wine.》
《 As useless as you are, your appearance is at least tolerable so you should be able to do that much.》
《 It works out perfectly. For someone like you who shouldn’t even be called a noble princess with my blood, you would be more fitting for a filthy barbarian to enjoy, no? Vulgarly in bed, I mean.》
《 If you succeed, I shall consider acknowledging you as my daughter.》

As the memories reemerged, Aristine slowly opened her mouth.

“I remember.”

She remembered every single word, not even a letter wrong.

The emperor looked satisfied; the thought of how she would return afterwards never seemed to cross his mind.

“Yes, I am glad you remember. Do not forget your role.”

The role of fulfilling my ambition with your death.

The emperor gave Aristine a greasy smile.



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  1. I was kind of hoping when the emperor said it looked more like Irugo was her home, Aristine was going to be like, “Oh, home, that’s right, I wanted to show my BELOVED husband and brother and all my court ladies just how lovely the palace that was my home really is!” and then insist on taking them to the run-down palace she lived in…

  2. This sperm donor and the Blonde sister are equals in idiocy. I sincerely hope that Aristine is adopted but I don’t think that’s going to happen. She is like the flowers that grows on the swamp

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