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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 171]

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Episode 26: My Wife (1)

To Tarkan, that smile felt like it was cutting through his heart.

“Indeed, true couples can form out of a political marriage. However.”

Aristine’s purple eyes looked right at Tarkan. Her conflicted eyes were like arrowheads.

“You have a lover that you can’t do without.”

Tarkan opened his mouth.

But nothing came out.

The words he said to her felt like a thin and tough thread, binding him up.

* * *

Umiru’s order to rest no matter what was like a powerful spell.

Aristine had no choice but to sit half-sprawled on the sofa because the court ladies acted like something big would happen if she moved even slightly.

‘Let me relax till lunch then.’

She felt like the court ladies would cry so she decided to visit the smithy in the afternoon.

‘Besides, I think I need to organize my thoughts before then.’

The solution that Aristine came up with after seeing her previous life was a change in the smelting method. And to do that, she needed a power source.

‘I believe they said Prince Hamill is in charge of a newly discovered manastone mine.’

Aristine’s mind spun quickly.

“…that’s why I have to be right next to her.”

“You clearly said she would be fine as long as she rested well for a few days. Then why do you have to be by her side?”

“I meant that she will be fine if she gets a good rest with me at her side.”

“I’m sure there are other patients you need to take care of.”

“Those idio…I mean, warriors have excellent recovery.”

Tarkan and Umiru were engaging in psychological warfare, with Aristine at the center.

She tried to ignore them but she couldn’t anymore.

“Hey, can you both be quiet? I thought you guys told me to rest.”

At those words, Tarkan and Umiru quieted down.

“Be quiet or you will disturb my wife’s rest, Umiru.”

“If Your Highness could excuse us, I believe as doctor and patient, we will be able to achieve the optimum amount of rest.”

But the quietness only lasted for a second.

Aristine could only heave a deep sigh.

She was about to just send them out, but then a court lady walked in.

“Princess Consort, you have a guest.”

“A guest?”

That reply came from Tarkan, not Aristine. He looked at the court lady with an unhappy gaze.

“Yes, they are here to visit.”

“Visit? Is it Sir Mukali?”

Aristine asked, her face immediately filled with anticipation.

“Yes, it is. The other generals are here as well.”

Unlike Aristine whose expression instantly brightened, Tarkan and Umiru’s expressions fell.

“Her Highness needs ample rest right now. To bring those huge guys to annoy…anyway, having visitors right now can worsen Her Highness’ symptoms.”

“I think we should listen to the doctor.”

Aristine looked at Umiru and Tarkan with disbelief. She was fine and didn’t have any symptoms so what exactly was going to get worse?

“Tell them to come in.”

Aristine ignored the both of them, and ordered the court lady.

The court lady, who should have listened to Tarkan first, bowed to Aristine and opened the door.

She had already figured out that the highest authority in the palace was Aristine, not Tarkan.

As expected, Tarkan frowned but he didn’t say anything.

“Princess Consort, Milord.”

Mukali, Jacquelin and Durante entered the room and greeted them. In Mukali’s hand was a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

“Wow, I didn’t think I’d ever see General Mukali with a bouquet of flowers…”

Umiru unconsciously muttered.

After all, who was Mukali? Wasn’t he the type of person to hate anything cute and picturesque?

Of course, there were also rumors of him hiding in the flower bed to stroke the delicate flower petals out of people’s sight. But that was just rumors with no witnesses.

But right now, he was holding a bouquet of flowers out of his own will. And a very tasteful bouquet too.

Hydrangea and roses in soft pastel tones, star-shaped oxy petals, and gladiolus to add freshness.

For someone who hated flowers, he had a really good eye.

Mukali felt a little pricked but he offered the bouquet of flowers to Aristine.

“I can’t visit empty handed so…”

It was a bountiful bouquet, but it looked cute and small in Mukali’s huge hands.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful. Thank you.”

Aristine smiled brightly as she received the flowers.

The bouquet left Mukali’s hands and fell into Aristine’s arms.

Aristine inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet and refreshing scent.

After giving her the flowers, Mukali, along with everyone else in the room, stared at Aristine for a moment, not saying anything.

‘Our princess consort is truly a fairy.’

‘What an angel.’

‘Our thumb princess.’

The court ladies exchanged silent glances, feeling emotional.

“This is my first-time receiving flowers from a man.”

Aristine said with a bright smile, but everyone stiffened at those words.

Tarkan’s gaze turned to Mukali and Mukali broke out in a cold sweat.

Honestly, he was happy that he gave Aristine a present that made her happy. And since she had never received it before, he felt proud too.

However, his life was precious.

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