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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 359

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Succeeding the throne (8)

With an ear-grating screech, the door to the prison re-opened.

However, Letanasia, who was in the cell, did not raise her head.

Everything was over.

Everything. Nothing mattered anymore.

She would rather die than lose her abilities and live such a miserable life…

As the thought flashed through her mind, a long shadow appeared in front of her.


Hearing the voice of her half-brother, which she hadn’t heard in a very long time, Letanasia slowly raised her head.

“Ha, haha…”

A laugh escaped her chapped lips.

“It has been a while, Elder brother. Have you come to kill me?”


“Right, then do it fast. I’d rather be dead than rot in a hopeless prison.”

Letanasia looked like a hollow shell, like all life had been sucked out of her.

‘Even when all her plans failed and she ended up tortured and imprisoned, she didn’t become like this.’

That showed just how much that ability meant to Letanasia.

Because only those with abilities could inherit the throne.

“Letanasia, I don’t think your greed and ambition is a bad thing.”

Letanasia scoffed at those words. Her lips were cracked, and the taste of blood stung.

“What? Are you comforting me because I’m in this state? You pity me? Yes, I am no longer a princess. Even if I get my status back, I cannot claim to be of Silvanus blood! It’s all gone!”

While Letanasia sobbed, Launelian looked down at her and spoke in an incredulous voice.

“Why would I pity you?”

Even as Letanasia’s face distorted, Launelian continued speaking.

“I’m not comforting you; I’m cursing you. Not every ambitious person tramples and steps on others like you.”

“Although there are many people you can’t even call human.”

Tarkan added and Launelian nodded in agreement.

“You are terrible, and this is your crime. Don’t try to blame it on being ambitious. Ambition is not a bad thing.”

Launelian took a few steps forward until he was in front of Letanasia’s frame, bound to her chains.

He slowly squatted down, bringing himself to her eye level.

“I still shudder when I think of what my sister went through growing up because of you.”

“Is that right? Then kill me.”

At those words, murderous intent flashed through Launelian’s eyes.

“Ah, euu, heuk…”

Even though Launelian wasn’t touching her, her neck began to cave in.
Like someone was strangling her.

“Ahk, ah, eugh…”

Veins began to protrude on Letanasia’s blood-red face.

Involuntary tears welled up in her eyes and bubbling saliva streaked down the corner of her mouth.

The moment her eyes threatened to roll back in her skull…

“Cough, ah, haa, heuk!”

Her sunken neck snapped back to normal.

Letanasia coughed as air rushed into her obstructed airways.

“Why should I kill you? You obviously want to die,” Launelian spat.

Tarkan, who had been quietly watching, placed his hand on Letanasia’s head.

“You say you want to become emperor. Then I assume you can receive this power.”

A golden aura sprang from his hand.

When his aura, which acted as source of strength to Aristine, burrowed into Letanasia, it went on a rampage, twisting her energy and blood.

Letanasia, who had lost the divine blessing, could not accept divine power.


Scarlet blood sprayed out from Letanasia’s mouth.

Tarkan took his hand away from Letanasia’s head.

“Now you understand your place. No matter what dirty schemes you use, you will never reach my wife’s feet.”

Letanasia stared at her blood splattered on the floor, her body trembling.

It was proof.

Proof that she could never become emperor.

No matter how many schemes she hatched, they all came to nothing.

“Why, why!”

Her heart felt like it was on fire.

Her two men stared down at her with cold eyes.

By law, those who committed treason had their tongues and limbs cut off and were laid out in the public square without the luxury of a grave.


“I won’t kill you. Live and wallow in pain for the rest of your life.”

“Drag her out.”

At Launelian’s command, the soldier waiting outside entered the cell.

Not only did Letanasia lose her ability, but she was now to lose her entire name and begin a new life.

Not as a princess but as a slave who committed a crime.

* * *

After taking a short walk to clear her complex thoughts, Aristine returned to the palace.

When she got to room the baby was in, she saw her husband cuddling Actsion.

As she watched her son sleep peacefully in her husband’s arms, oblivious to the word, she realized something.

‘I’ll love this sight more than anything in the world.’

This image was going to remain the most loved and precious thing in her heart for the rest of her life.

Aristine stood in the doorway of the room and watched for a while.

The sight of her baby sleeping with his chubby cheek pressed against her husband’s chest was nothing short of adorable.

‘Yup, I know that chest feels comfortable.’

Aristine nodded to herself, smiling with contentment.

However, contentment aside, even if he was her son, she had to declare ownership.

‘But that chest is mom’s. I’m just letting you borrow it for a while.’

Aristine’s eyes shone with possessiveness—who knew if it was for the chest or the husband.

Then she noticed something strange about her husband’s clothes.

“Khan, did you go somewhere? Your outfit’s changed.”

She spoke as she walked into the room and Tarkan, who was patting their son, looked up.

“Ah, something dirty got on it. I didn’t want to our son to get stained.”

“Oh, really?”

Aristine didn’t think anything of it.

Tarkan saw his wife approaching and handed over the baby to the nanny.

The perceptive nanny took her Sion and went into another room.

“Is everything resolved?”

“Mhm, but Brother Launelian asked me to leave the final decision is his hands, so I left that alone.”

As to what the final measure would be, Aristine chose not to concern herself with it.

“After all, brother Launelian suffered a lot in Letanasia’s hands. If it weren’t for you, Khan, he would have died.”

Aristine propped her head on her husband’s chest.

“I’m so glad I have you.”

Tarkan stroked Aristine’s long hair.

While quietly accepting his touch, Aristine pushed his chest with the tip of her finger.

“But I cannot concede on the deposed emperor.”

She brushed away her hair and gave a wicked smile.

“I must repay him with my own hands.”

Tarkhan stared at his wife without a word.

Was he shocked to see her trying to harm her father? Or pained to see her so intent on revenge?

None of the above.

‘Wow, she’s so…sexy.’

He didn’t understand how the sight of her plotting against her father could be provocative.

He might be a patient beyond saving.

“Ehem, looks like Sion is asleep.”

Tarkan stealthily wrapped his arms around Aristine’s waist.


“They say being only child is lonely.”

“So let’s make a second one?”

Aristine chuckled and raised a brow.

This morning, they were told by the royal physician that her body was now healthy enough for marital relations.

‘To think as soon as he heard it…he’s my husband but—.’

Naturally, she didn’t hate it.

‘It’s attractive.’

“No, definitely not that.”

But Tarkan firmly shook his head.

Aristine was taken aback and looked up at him.

“This happened so quickly. We can have a child a little later…in a year, or maybe 3, 5 years… 10 years actually.”

“That’s not a little later.”

“Do you know how hard the last 10 months have been for me? It has felt like 10 years, not 10 months.”

Tarkan spoke sighingly as he pulled Aristine into a hug.

He inhaled deeply, taking in her scent.

It felt like he was complaining. But Aristine could feel his body against hers, she could feel his maturity.

With a lift of her head, her eyes immediately met his.

His deep golden eyes were filled with a dark desire. His gaze seemed ready to consume her at any moment.

The hand wrapped around her waist slowly stroked up, trailing down the line of her back.

Aristine flinched and her body shivered.

He wanted her passionately.

Slowly, Aristine closed her eyes.

His deep breath tickled her lips.

Finally, the moment their lips were about to touch,

“Your Highness Tarkan! I heard Lord Sion is sleeping! Take this chance to prepare for tonight and…”

The door burst open, and the court ladies flocked inside.

Silence fell over the room.



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