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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 192]

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Episode 30: A Man’s Jealousy(1)

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: ShadowDog



Tarkan cautiously called her name.

His big hand gently stroked her flowing hair. As if he wanted to check her expression. He obviously wanted to know how Aristine was feeling and see if she was okay.

Aristine’s head sprang up.

Her gaze on Tarkan was as clear as a glistening silver spring under the sun.



“I understand why we’re a couple,” Aristine laughed, “You are my husband.”

Tarkan stared at her smiling face blankly for a moment. After a while, he came to his senses and furrowed his brows.

“You only understand that now? How long have we been married?”

He looked away from Aristine and covered his mouth.

Perhaps due to the light of the scarlet candle, his cheeks, which peeked above his hand, looked slightly red.

“I know, right?”

Aristine laughed and clapped.

“Then, my husband, let’s think about this together.”

Tarkan was startled and looked at her.

All this time, Aristine thought about everything by herself and tried to resolve it alone.

But now, she was saying ‘let’s think about it together’.

It felt like the deeply entrenched line between him and her just blurred a little.

‘No, I shouldn’t let my guard down.’

He was dealing Aristine, of all people.

Tarkan knew just how unpredictable his wife was.

After this, he might just smack into another wall that was much sturdier and harder than this.

‘It’s just driving me crazy.’

Despite thinking that, he couldn’t stop his heart from racing a little with anticipation.

‘This must be the result of getting her to touch my chest every night.’

He was seriously thinking about this, in his own way.

Aristine looked at Tarkan’s serious face and thought to herself.

‘He’s considering it so seriously; I’m glad I asked him think about it with me.’

It was a misunderstanding but maybe it was a good thing.

“Personally, I think the Queen’s faction stands to benefit the most if His Majesty suddenly passes away.”

In fact, after considering most of the motives for poisoning the king, she narrowed it down to one.

The succession of the throne.

After marrying Aristine, Tarkan’s position was improving day by day.

At this rate, the first-in-line to the throne might change. Wouldn’t that cause the queen’s faction to feel a sense of crisis?

“If royal father passes away before you become the first-in-line to the throne, Hamill will naturally be the next king.”

Tarkan frowned.

He was wondering what she wanted to think about together and realized it was a continuation of the discussion earlier.

“I said don’t worry about such unnecessary things. You—.”

“I can’t think with you?”

At Aristine’s question, Tarkan’s lips flew shut.

After a very short silence, “You can,” he growled.

Was she doing this on purpose?

She was too skilled at lifting him up then dropping him down. If she put it that way, he had no choice but to say yes.

(Aristine)“I don’t know too much about Irugo’s political situation so I’m curious to know if there’s anyone other than the Queen’s faction that would target His Majesty.”

(Tarkan)“Well, many nobles clash with His Majesty, but they don’t have the power to plan an assassination.”

Nephther was a seasoned politician who alternated between antagonizing and creating allies. On one hand, he took away their benefits, on the other hands, he played into their interests.

Just like he gave Tarkan the card known as the Princess of Silvanus while also giving Hamill the card known as the manastone mine. By doing so, he ensured that people’s dissatisfaction was never high enough to ignite a rebellion.

(Tarkan)“Even the queen’s faction would not overtax themselves to assassinate His Majesty. They would be more focused on reducing my power.”

(Aristine)“Yes, but I am tackling a scenario where His Majesty was assassinated. What if His Majesty dies and I am accused as the culprit?”


Tarkan’s reaction immediately turned sharp and Aristine smiled like it was nothing.

“I’m just speculating,” she said.

Tarkan frowned unhappily, but he soon obediently answered, “In that case, it would be the Queen’s faction.”

Aristine nodded.

Confirming that there was no third party made the variable in the equation disappear.

‘And I don’t think it’s a plot by the Emperor.’

The knights and handmaids who were supposed to aid Aristine caused trouble instead, so the Emperor was currently refraining from stretching his hands to Irugo.

“But that is only if we assume that Royal father was truly poisoned,” Tarkan said quietly, looking at Aristine who was lost into thought.

(Tarkan)“Neither the Queen nor Duke Skiela nor Hamill have any intention of harming Royal Father.”

(Aristine)“Are you sure?”


At Tarkan’s response, Aristine fell into deep thought.

‘But His Majesty will be poisoned in the future.’

When she thought up to there, she paused.

‘…Is it really poison?’

What she saw was only a snippet of the future.

Everything the Monarch’s Sight showed her was going to happen, but that didn’t mean it was all true.

In that case, there was only one conclusion.

‘Starting with what I can do.’

Aristine looked up at Tarkan.

“Tarkan, please do me a favor.”

* * *

Time passed unceasingly while Aristine contemplated about Nephther’s death. In the meantime, Aristine had seen several visions of the past, present, and future.

But none of them were related nor could they help with this matter.

She told herself to just start with what she could do but as time passed, she couldn’t help but get anxious.

“What’s wrong?”

A voice rang in her ear and Aristine lifted her head.

“You’re always thinking of something else when we meet,” Hamill smiled, his lips curving in an arc. His elegant eyes narrowed as he looked at Aristine.

“I’m sorry, Lu,” Aristine honestly apologized while rubbing her forehead, “I have a lot on my mind these days.”

“I know your business is going well. Is there something else bothering you?”

“Will you help if I tell you?”

Hamill gave a refreshing smile at those words. He wondered how Aristine would react if she knew that he had sent all his manpower to deliver those manastones as quickly as possible.

“What do you think?” Hamill quipped.

Aristine shook her head back and forth to indicate it was fine, “It’s nothing much. Being the Princess Consort gives me a lot to think about, you know.”

“Hmm, like your rabbit-like husband, for example?”

“You’re secretly obsessed with Tarkan, aren’t you?”

Hearing that, Hamill’s eyes went wide and he smiled stiffly, “I’m not.”

“Not, my foot. With the way you act, I’m pretty sure.”

Aristine playfully poked him in the side.

Hamill gently grabbed Aristine’s hand and bend down. His face was close.

“The person I’m obsessed with, is someone else.”

His bright turquoise-eyes looked straight at Aristine.



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  1. Thanks soooo much miss ruby-sama.
    I want to know what happens sooon. This is the part where if this was a book I would bing read it till this issue is resolved.

    Aristine please figure it out and take out the Queen better yet I hope this lands the Queen and her faction in prison or get them beheaded.

    Soooo frustrating. You’re good author-san

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    Thank you so much for your time Miss ruby 🖤🖤

    1. She endured 10+ years of imprisonment just to keep the Monarch Sight a secret from her own father because of what she saw if she let him know.
      Tarkan may not be like her devil of a father but whatever made her keep her lips sealed about her ability is not gonna be shaken off soon.

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    I am really happy its finally update, i am going to this website over and over again…

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