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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 280]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (15)

‘I had my suspicions but to think he still hasn’t given up his ambition for war.’

Aristine’s mind was cold.

‘Then there is a chance that the emperor had a hand in disrupting the communications during the subjugation on the plains.’

It was the perfect chance to reduce Irugo’s warrior forces before a war.

‘Since he considers Khan a thorn in the eye, it would have been an even better deal since that could get rid of him.’

As the emperor, it would have been an excellent move that inflicted damage on the enemy without sacrificing any troops.

However, with Aristine’s intervention, it ended up in failure.

‘But something is still strange.’

As long as Silvanus was stable, the emperor could prepare for war as much as he wanted. However, with Launelian’s return, Silvanus’ internal affairs were in chaos.

There was fear of a rebellion in the air.

Normally, one would have no time to look outside because of the intense power struggle.

‘If he’s still thinking of war in the midst of this, what happens if he sends his soldiers to Irugo and Brother Launelian attacks?’

Although the emperor was the type to the blinded by greed, he was not that stupid.


Aristine’s eyes narrowed.

She obediently lowered her head and opened her mouth.

“I didn’t know Your Majesty would remember my role.”

“You didn’t?”

“Because I thought that my role would be useless before it could be fulfilled…”

Aristine dragged out her words and subtly looked up at the emperor.

“Especially this fall.”

At those words, her emperor’s eyes shook.

And Aristine did not miss that agitation.

‘Sure enough, the emperor made a move.’

The fact that the military transmission stone went dead was a top-secret matter known only to those involved in Irugo.

But the fact that the emperor knew meant that he was involved in this.

‘Seriously, what will he do if elder brother Launelian decides to rob an empty house?’

The emperor took in Aristine’s words, unable to imagine that his daughter who obeyed his order to die without protest, was thinking nefarious thoughts.

“I didn’t think you would know that. Then again, you are my daughter…”

The emperor nodded as if convinced, then he said.

“If that was successful, there would be no need for you to follow my orders. But well, it seems it came back a failure.”

Aristine tried hard to hide her contemptful gaze.

He didn’t say anything directly, but it was enough to make Tarkan suspicious if he was already doubtful.

‘Even if he thinks Khan is a barbarian with no brains, this is just…hm?’

Aristine felt something off in the emperor’s words and narrowed her eyes.

‘Why did he talk about the failure as if it was someone else’s business?’

More specifically, he spoke as if he hadn’t been directly reported to about the success or failure.

‘If the emperor gave the order, naturally, a report would be given to him. Don’t tell me—!’

A thought suddenly flashed through Aristine’s mind, and her eyes shook.

Perhaps sensing her agitation, Tarkan and Launelian spoke one after the other.

“Out of curiosity, I would like to be included in this discussion.”

“I am curious as well. I’ve never seen Your Majesty say something like this to Rineh.”

The emperor’s gaze moved to Aristine to tell her to drop it.

Aristine knew that Tarkan and Launelian were being considerate of her and quickly calmed herself.

The emperor chuckled and spoke calmly.

Knowing that Aristine was still a puppet in his hand relieved his irritation somewhat.

“It is merely a few words of advice from a father to his daughter who is marrying into a distant nation.”

Aristine almost laughed out loud at those words.

So, a father asking his married daughter to kill her husband was merely an advice. Even more so since the underlying terms were if you can’t kill him, you must die yourself.

‘Right, I’ve gotten what I needed.’

Aristine had achieved her purpose for meeting the emperor.

There was no need to waste more time looking at his annoying face.

‘Oh, before that.’

She remembered it would be a good idea to check one more thing.

“Come to think of it, we met Letanasia on the way here.”

“You met Lea?”

The tone of his voice was very different from when he called Aristine. His voice was filled with affection rather than contempt and disregard.

‘Everything is still the same.’

With the way he acted, one might think that Letanasia has amazing powers.

‘But Letanasia wasn’t born with ‘authority’.’

Letanasia’s mother didn’t spend her pregnancy in the Chrysea palace. That meant the child in her womb did not have ‘authority’.

It was only when Aristine was conceived that the doors of Chrysea palace was opened.

In other words, Aristine was the only child in this generation who was born with ‘authority’.

That was why the emperor had extremely high expectations for Aristine and when he was forced to abandon those expectations, his anger was even higher.

‘Exactly what skill does Letanasia have?’

“Hmm, did something happen?”

The emperor rubbed his chin and asked Aristine in a calm tone.

“Nothing in particular. I just saw my sister for the first time in a while.”

“Is that so? You must be glad to see family after a long time.”

‘Glad, my foot.’

Launelian pursed his lips but said nothing.

When he tried to interfere earlier, Aristine stopped him. So he had been watching and trying his best not to butt in.

He might suck at other things, but he was great at listening to his little sister.

‘I listen better than that Tarkan guy.’

Especially when there was a competitor.

“Yes, it was nice.”

“I’m sure you sisters hugged and talked as usual.”

Hearing that, Aristine paused.

Aristine and Letanasia hugging and talking? That was hard to imagine.

After all, Letanasia was one of the main reasons why Aristine was imprisoned. Furthermore, the emperor hated the sight of his precious daughter getting close to the half-wit that was Aristine.

Seeing the doubt reflected in Aristine’s eyes, the emperor glanced at Tarkan.

“Don’t forget to show your closeness to your husband. Only then can your sister and I be satisfied and know we can let go of our beloved family.”

Those words shouldn’t come from someone who just insulted Aristine in front of Tarkan moments ago.

‘Hmm, maybe I’m imagining it…’

Aristine pushed aside those thoughts.

‘For now, let’s hurry up and leave.’

If they delayed any further, it would be dinner time. Her morning sickness wasn’t publicly known and who knew how her stomach would respond.

Just as she was about to open her mouth…

“Oh, yes. I heard you’re not feeling well, are you okay?”

The emperor turned to Aristine and asked.

His eyes sharply scanned Aristine then he turned to Launelian.

‘She looks fine to me? What game are you playing to tell me that she’s sick?’

That was the kind of look he was giving.

And the emperor’s meaningful gaze moved to Tarkan.

‘You think I don’t know that you brought Aristine here to form an alliance with Tarkan?’

Launelian was obvious uneasy about forming an alliance in the imperial palace, so he shut himself up in his residence using Aristine’s illness as an excuse.

“Once you’re nurtured back to health, I hope you come and see this father of yours more often.”

The emperor was looking at Tarkan, not Aristine when he said that.

It was like a declaration that he, the emperor, was also joining this gambling board.

“Rineh has not yet recovered. She only forced herself to come out since she heard her husband is coming.”

When Launelian said that, the emperor gave a tilted smile.

‘Heh, right, you want to stop me from playing this game? And you think such a sloppy excuse will work?’

“Oh no. It hurts me to hear that my dear daughter is unwell.”

The emperor looked straight at Aristine.

Aristine had a good feeling about what the emperor was going to say next.

The words ‘you can’t’ were already rising in her throat.

But before Aristine could stop the emperor, his mouth opened.

“I have to get an imperial physician to see you.”

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