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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 251

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After the Rain (19)


A voice so soft that it seemed to melt in her ears. At the same time, it was laced with vibrant ferocity.

Aristine couldn’t help but shiver that low voice, which seemed imbued with the mask of the night.

The string of her tunic was tugged, the softly unraveling sound echoed loudly in the quiet barrack tent.


Aristine unwittingly grabbed Tarkan’s hand.

Tarkan’s eyes turned to her with slight grievance. The look in his eyes was like a beast whose mealtime had been disrupted.

However, he tried to soften his gaze and looked at her like a gentle beast that had been trained to listen.

Otherwise, he might frighten off his wife, whom he had barely managed to bring into his arms.

Aristine lowered her eyes and her face looked slightly flushed.

“Everyone is outside…”

Warriors in particular had good senses.

Even if they were swept away by food and alcohol, they would surely hear what was going on inside.

“I never took you to be so shy.” Tarkan chuckled and looked up at Aristine. “Especially since you so blatantly advertised that we broke the bed.”


Aristine’s mouth shut like a clam. Honestly, she didn’t have a retort to that.

However, that wasn’t real; it was faked.

“You know this and that are different. If it’s real and there’s rumors…”

It would be embarrassing.

His golden eyes watched Aristine blush deepen and the light in his eyes darkened even more.

“Does that mean it’s okay if I do the real thing as long as there’s no rumors?”

Tarkan moved his hand that Aristine was holding.

All the strings that he was holding onto came undone.

Aristine bit the inside of her mouth.

If she could feel the heat from his gaze, her skin would have been scorched by now.

Such a heated gaze was directed straight at her.

Tarkan did not touch Aristine.

His eyes were fixed on her frame, and when she couldn’t bear it anymore, he finally moved.

His fingers moved precariously over the edge of her tunic.

The sensation through the cloth felt even more sensitive to Aristine. As if even the slightest movement would cause his finger to touch her sensitive bare skin.

Aristine felt her breath catch in her chest and clenched her teeth. Despite that, a scattered breath escaped through her lips.

In fact, all she had to, was hold his hand a little firmer and it would come to an end.

Tarkan’s fingers were moving ever so softly.

With a little bit of strength in her grip, Aristine could stop it. However, the strength in her hands was getting weaker and weaker.

Aristine’s waist swayed, and Tarkan held her back with his other hand.

“Oh dear.” A languid smile appeared on his face. “You have to be careful.”

Aristine bit her lip and glared at him disgruntledly. “Whose fault is it?”

“Me, of course.” Tarkan uttered in a proud tone. “Of course, if you don’t like it, I won’t lay a finger on you. Just like now.”

Aristine’s glare grew fiercer.

How exactly was this not laying a finger?

Indeed, he didn’t touch Aristine directly. It was done over her clothes.

Aristine bit her lip tightly.

Her back tingled with the sensations from earlier, leaving her unsatisfied.

But to be swept away by Tarkan at this rate…

It was hateful.

Yes, he was so hateful.

Aristine clenched her hand which was resting on top of Tarkan’s chest.

And then…

Tarkan felt a sense of unease when he saw the corners of Aristine’s lips rise.

And soon that unease became reality.


A low moan escaped Tarkan’s teeth.

Aristine, who was sitting on top of him, smiled triumphantly.

“You…” Tarkan couldn’t finish his sentence.

Because Aristine once again shook her waist.


Tarkan said, his eyes becoming cloudy. His voice was slightly hoarse.

The slight redness at the corner of his eyes trigged an unknown sense on sadism in her.

Aristine licked her dry lips, feeling thirstier than before.

“I might stop if you ask a little nicer.”

Seeing Aristine moving her waist again with a big smile on her face, Tarkan ground his teeth harshly.

Was she doing this knowing what she looked like right now?

Her flushed face was much more relaxed than usual, and her long eyelashes were wet and masked in shadows.

Even now, Tarkan was still trying to endure with great patience.

Even if she stimulated him more, the person in trouble wouldn’t be him, yet she was just…

Tarkan’s thoughts came to a halt. No, it couldn’t continue.

Because Aristine moved further down.

Instantly, Tarkan’s body stiffened, and his arms clenched.

Aristine’s body also stiffened. Her face blanched slightly, and she looked back.

She couldn’t believe the sensation she just felt. She felt something huge beyond description…

‘No way, is it…? It can’t be. Tarkan is a human.’

Despite quaking with fear, Aristine had to confirm.

‘Oh, God.’

And her search for God began.

Even though it was covered by clothing, something unmistakable was asserting itself in a grand manner.

Even if they had racial differences, this couldn’t be human size.

“Ha, haha…I didn’t mean to—.”

Right when she looked back at Tarkan with an awkward smile…

Swish! A sudden pull dragged Aristine’s body downwards.

Her lips were devoured before she even had time to grasp the situation.

Aristine gasped for air like she was drowning, as the senseless desire threatened to swallow her.

An impatient hand tugged at her lower back and it felt like it was burning.

Hah, a sharp breath escaped from Aristine’s lips.

As if letting it leave was a pity, Tarkan’s mouth enveloped hers.

His lips which were sucking on hers, moved away.

He kissed her fair neck, trailing down the line of her jaw, and his lips headed further down.

A hot breath escaped Aristine’s lips and with blurry eyes, she looked down at Tarkan whose face was buried in her chest.


Right then, a sharp yet vivid sensation ran down her spine and Aristine’s body arched. It was hot and humid.

At the unfamiliar sensation, she unconsciously pushed Tarkan’s head away. But as the sensation ran through her body once again, her hand slipped.

The hand that had been pushing his head away was digging into his dark hair before she realized it.

Her mind was blank.

She couldn’t tell what was going on anymore.

A sharp sound cut through the air, alerting her dulled ears.

A beat later, Aristine realized what it meant and looked down.

Her tunic was torn.

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  2. “Tarkan did not touch her Aristine.”
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  3. Did you notice the tent and the BED broke 😜 ? Tarkan the bed destroyer single handedly keeps the bed making industry alive.

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