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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 165]

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Are you a gold-digger? (6)

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“If there is controversy around my scalpel business, it will hurt you too.”

This was exactly what Nephther was worried about.

《Rineh, if you fail, the Queen will make her move. 》

Aristine remembered Nephther’s face, looking at her with a serious and grave look in his eyes.

While that served as a warning and a test of her determination, above all—.

‘Those words were because he was worried about me.’

Her chest was filled with warmth.

《I shall trust you this once. 》

Nephther said that he would trust Aristine and leave it to her. Aristine didn’t really think of Nephther as a father.

It was only when she was very young that she wished for a father. But at the very least, she wanted to repay his trust.

‘And to Tarkan too.’

As good of a partner as he was, Aristine also wanted to be a good partner to him.

She never wanted to cause him harm.

“That is why I want to resolve this by myself so that I don’t cause you any trouble.”

Tarkan grit his teeth when he saw those purple eyes staring straight at him.

“Because you don’t want to cause me trouble?”


“Do you think this is trouble to me?”

At those words, Aristine’s eyes widened.

Tarkan laughed.

Even without her saying anything, he could tell from Aristine’s expression.

You can cause me trouble.
You can cause me as much trouble as you want.
You can even plague me with trouble.
Why don’t you know this?

Why couldn’t he say those words? Why were they stuck in his throat?

Aristine studied Tarkan’s expression and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

Why was she apologizing? He hated that even more.

(Aristine)“This problem happened because of me. I understand if you are having difficulty.”

He wasn’t having any difficulty at all.

(Aristine)“But I will definitely handle this. Just give me some time.”

Aristine’s eyes were filled with determination as she looked at Tarkan.

(Aristine)“And then, let’s celebrate together.”

Seeing the smile on Aristine’s face, Tarkan’s face crumpled then went back to normal.

“You are a really bothersome woman.”

After saying that, Tarkan walked past Aristine.

Aristine’s hand which was holding Tarkan’s wrist fell. Feeling the emptiness on his wrist, Tarkan’s jaw clenched.

He left the room without looking back.


Aristine’s smile slowly faded from her face.


To Tarkan, she was a bothersome person.


Aristine sighed and held her forehead.

She understood that Tarkan’s nerves were on edge due to this incident. That’s why his reaction was strange the whole time. But still, she thought he would understand once she apologized. That his sharpened blade would soften.


‘I thought we were pretty good partners.’

But to say she was a bothersome woman. Was that the type of person she was to him?

‘Then again, he must have wanted to marry Dionna instead of me in the first place.’

Aristine’s marriage to Tarkan was not of her own will. But it must be different from his point of view.

‘And I even told Tarkan that I did well marrying him.’


She was too insensitive.

Those words must have been very bothersome to him. Furthermore, she started doing a business out of nowhere and now, there was a problem.

“So that is how Tarkan sees me.”

Aristine swallowed a dry laugh.

She was going to divorce her husband soon anyway. So she thought it didn’t matter to her what Tarkan thought of her.

‘But why.’

Aristine put down the hand that was holding her forehead.

‘Why am I so…’

Her gaze fell to the floor.

Aristine stayed in that state for a while. Only her sunken purple eyes flickered with light.

After some time passed, Aristine’s lips opened.

“Sure enough, it is my fault that the scalpel production has an issue. The queen is so annoying!”

She was incredibly annoying.

‘But this is nothing—!’

Aristine’s head sprang up.

‘I can do this!’

She could win.

The gloomy overcast on Aristine’s face completely disappeared.

She returned to her table and sat down like always.

‘For now, I need to organize everything that is related to this matter and find a solution!’

Step by step, starting from what she could do.

Getting worried or depressed wasn’t going to solve the issue.

Right at that moment, the court ladies cautiously stepped into the room.

“Sorry to disturb you, Princess Consort.”

“It’s fine. Is there a problem?”

“You have a guest, Your Highness.”

“A guest?”

I wasn’t expecting anyone though? Aristine tilted her head.

Reading the question on her face, a court lady quietly replied, “They come from Catallaman.”

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13 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 165]”

  1. Aristine don’t think like that! I can’t stand misunderstandings ugh.

    Hope they can solve everything, the iron issue and maybe talk about their relationship because both of them like each other and I want my fluffy moments baaack😭

    Anyways, thank you Miss Ruby❤️

  2. This misunderstanding is getting deeper it seems. Well in her mind, theres no such thing as romance, even there is… Tarkan himself has hit the final nail on the coffin not to romantically interest with her from the very start. If the romance wants to progress, tarkan need to be clear with himself first.

  3. dude you fcked up for the nth time. i wish you all the sufferings you have coming your way. don’t feel frustrated if she doesn’t believe you and dionna are not lovers or if she doesn’t believe in your feelings in the future💀

  4. Tarkan, I really wanna hit you until some sense come out of you!! You’re a idiot!! You’re digging your own dying hole!! This is so frustrating, I can’t handle love misunderstandings 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️💔
    Thank you for the translation Miss ruby 🖤🖤

  5. Oh Tankan, Tarkan, como deseo que te arrastres de mi sería, en lugar de frustrarte por qué ella es como es, deberías entenderla y dado que sabes el contexto de su infancia aún más deberías ser directo y comprensivo. El camino de espinas que te espera te lo mereces😤

  6. tarkan, ofc someone who had NO ONE to rely on for twenty years of life doesn’t trust people easily and will be fiercely independent… I get feeling slighted but don’t say things you don’t mean because you’re frustrated. explain how you’re feeling like the grown ass man you are

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