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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 275]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (10)

* * *

Aristine’s lips slowly parted.

It felt good to feel Tarkan’s warm body wrapped around her tightly.

A sense of firmness and stability.

She missed this embrace.


Aristine slowly opened her eyes, her husband’s name spilling from her lips.

His golden eyes were filled with only her.

As if no one else could ever enter.

‘His eyes were trembling because he was looking at me.’

When she saw it in the Monarch’s sight, she thought it was because of Letanasia and it made her upset. She never would have thought it was because he saw her approaching from behind Letanasia.

It was a deceptive angle.

Or rather, if the scene in Monarch’s Sight was even slightly longer, she would have heard Tarkan calling her name.

She got agitated for nothing.


Tarkan’s call brought Aristine out of her thoughts.

‘Ah, come to think of it…’

Tarkan must be very curious about her condition right now and the child.

‘But if he says it here…’

It would reach Letanasia’s ears as well as Count Morroyten, the palace’s Master of Households.

Before Tarkan could say anything, Aristine began to draw with her fingers.


Tarkan’s pupils shrank at the touch of her hand.

That was because Aristine began to gently stroke his exposed chest with her fingertips.

‘R, right here…?”

Tarkan’s mouth went dry at the enticing touch.

He couldn’t deny his likes.

Even Tarkan wanted to pick up his wife and quickly go someplace where they could be alone.

But he never thought she would be so impatient.

Then again, his wife always had a bold side.

‘I knew it; it was a good choice to wear these clothes.’

Tarkan tried to stop himself from smiling too much and just as he tightened his hold around Aristine’s waist, he noticed something.


Something was off.

Something about the way his wife’s hand was moving on his chest was…

‘Preg, nancy…talk?’

A beat later, Tarkan realized that she was writing the same letters over and over again.

After she drew a large X, Tarkan looked at Aristine’s face and nodded his head slightly.

Seeing that, Aristine nodded back and lowered her hand.


For some reason, he was hit with a flood of regret.

‘Maybe I should have pretended not to understand for a little longer.’

Aristine was also feeling the same way.

Her intentions were truly pure; she was just writing to convey her thoughts, but the soft yet hard sensation on her fingertips left her with regret.

Just as Aristine was about to sneakily put her hand back on her husband’s chest.

“Sister Aristine.”

Upon hearing the voice calling her from behind, Aristine slowly turned around.


Letanasia smiled softly and her charming wavy blonde hair glistened sweetly like honey.

“It has been a long time. I heard that you’ve been back for a while, but it’s only now that I get to see you.”

Her words were poking at Aristine’s conduct of staying at Launelian’s private mansion. As if asking if Aristine was up to something.

Aristine tilted her head and spoke flatly.

“Well, even when I was living in Silvanus, we weren’t seeing each other often.”

“…There is a separate reason for that.”

“You mean you wanted to see me, but you couldn’t because I was imprisoned?”

“That is not what I said. I do not wish to poke your wounds, Big Sister.”

Aristine’s lips curled slightly.

The fact that she was abandoned and imprisoned by the emperor was not a sore spot for her.

Rather, it was proof that she saved this country and this world.

“I just wanted to spend every day with my big sister. After all, you are my only sister.”

“Letanasia, I didn’t know you thought of me like that. Oh dear, you must hate His Majesty the Emperor.”


“Isn’t that so? You say you wanted to play with me every day when you were little. But you couldn’t because I was locked up. Since His Majesty is the one who imprisoned me, you must detest him for interfering.”

Aristine smiled sweetly. Her smile was benevolent as if she understood everything.

“Well, you were so young, such feelings couldn’t be helped. I understand.”

“What are you saying…I—.”

“It happened when we were children, why are protesting so seriously?” Aristine chuckled lightly like a bird and shook her head. “If you look so serious, people might think it’s true.”

Aristine’s eyes stared straight at Letanasia.

Slowly, Letanasia lifted her stiff lips.

‘Sure enough, she’s not an easy opponent.’

For someone who was confined in solitary, it was hard to imagine that she would be able to corner someone so cleverly.

Letanasia’s eyes gently curved and she smiled. Her light green eyes twinkled like buds on a spring day.

“My, you know how to joke, Sister Aristine. Regardless of anything, how could I harbor such disrespect for His Majesty, Imperial father?”

“Is that so?”

“Just as Big Sister Aristine is my only sister, His Majesty, Imperial Father is my one and only father too.”

“Then I must be considered precious too.”

Right then, a cold voice interrupted from behind her.

“…Elder brother Launelian.”

Letanasia turned around to face Launelian, who was walking closer. When their eyes met, she smiled charmingly and nodded her head.

“Of course. Elder brother Launelian is my one and only brother!”

“Who is your brother?” Launelian frowned and pulled Aristine from Tarkan’s arms. “Rineh is my only little sister.”

“Elder brother.”

Aristine sighed and called out rebukingly, but Launelian only hugged her tighter.

Then he glared at Letanasia. Like he was protecting Aristine.

Seeing that, Letanasia narrowed her eyes and glanced at Tarkan.

He looked displeased and he frowned when Launelian hugged his wife.

Letanasia lowered her long lashes and spoke sadly. “I guess you still hate me, Brother Launelian. But it’s okay. I am used to it now.”

Her eyes were downcast as she gave a smile. A smile that made anyone seeing it empathize with her pain.

But Tarkan wasn’t even looking at her.

He was only worrying about whether he should pull his wife away from Launelian, and whether that would strain her body.

Finally, Letanasia spoke to Tarkan directly.

“By the way, Prince Tarkan.”

Only then did her Tarkan’s gaze turn to her.

“I…Have we ever met somewhere before?”

Her light green eyes looked up at him.

Just like Aristine’s light green eyes when they were children.



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17 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 275]”

    1. what the name of the b in the beginning again? they giving the same vibes but i at least hope for the story’s sake that the current b is much smarter XD

  1. WTF this bitch trying to pose as his childhood lover I’m so glad that the author resolved this before and we won’t have to see Rineh and Khan misunderstanding each other because of it. Thank you as usual Miss Ruby ❤️ This was the first thing I read in the morning so I’ll giggle all day remembering their encounter ✨

    1. Was it really resolved though?
      We don’t know what Aristine told Tarkan about herself in the tent, if she told him anything of importance at all.
      Obviously she didn’t bother telling him about pregnacies in her family or her brother or sister.
      We still don’t know why she was looking like her sister during her OOBE “dream”, when she had a very bad fever.
      She wasn’t looking like herself and she didn’t know young Tarkan, so she thought it was a dream and forgot about this incident for long years (conveniently for the plot).
      I personally was expecting Aristine and Tarkan’s second meeting on the plains to go differently, more things to be revealed.
      It isn’t completely clear whether she did everything in the same way like in the past and if she had different looks again, while doing it. Or if her body was somewhere else and she was out of her body again… Probably not, but then why she didn’t need to out of her body this time…
      Maybe Aristine was possesing Letanasia’s body – like some people were guessing chapters ago – or maybe she was only seeing a very long vision from the first person perspective of her younger sister’s eyes.
      Maybe they were both there in one body at the same time, in a strange way and for some strange reasons. Everything is possible at this point.
      Otherwise how exactly Letanasia knows about it?
      On the other hand, if Aristine hasn’t changed her looks and hasn’t teleported there at that time… if Letanasia or at least her body was truly there then what was she doing on Demon Beasts Plain in Irugo? At such young age too.

      Whatever happened at that time, there are a lot of questions. Without clear or logical answers yet.

      If it really was Letanasia (mentally) there, even just partially, then Tarkan was in love with her too. Though it was a puppy crush, like Irugonian handmaids were saying earlier. His mature love is definitely Aristine.

      1. Maybe it has to do with the “authority” since it’s in the emperor’s bloodline? So the appearance at that time was affected by Aristine’s power?

  2. Why is the author making us wait so long for just some tarkan and rineh time. I know there’s plot happening but I need my babies reunited with all these people gone lol

    Thank you miss ruby!

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    🔮📿🪞Also I feel big bro might ruin rineh’s smart plans at some point considering that he doesn’t know how smart she is .. he’ll ruin it by thinking he’s protecting her…lol also I see him getting jealous that tarkan knows that side of hers when he doesn’t… well just my thot

    ..I know he cares about his sis and is doing his Best to help, and he’s also jealous and sulky that he might loose(lol or already lost) his sis to Khan so he takes it out on Khan… But would you cut Khan some slack? Whats so hard Abt spending time with ur sis without provoking her hbby

    Thank you miss ruby❤️

  4. I gotta be honest. As much as Rineh’s family is annoying, this is better than having Hamill hitting on her all the time.
    Thanks Miss Ruby

    1. Isn’t Launelian (sadly) similar to Hamill, but even worse?
      I feel like he is playing Hamill’s role now and Letanasia will be playing the same role as “bad princesses” of Irugo.

        1. I think it’s most dangerous or simply gross to have a brother acting like that, more dangerous than a half-brother or a brother-in-law.

  5. i am counting on her older brother to warm up to tarkan soon bc they clearly have a lot of enemies to ward off… also gtfo miss girl

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