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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 316

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Episode 38. Awwww, my little bwaby (2)

* * *


Launelian’s once noble and elegant visage now mirrored the gloom of a saddened puppy.

“I really don’t want to send you off. Why should I be away from my little sister?”

He hugged Aristine tightly, gently rubbing her cheek.

“Should your big brother just go with you? You have plenty of rooms there.”

He’d finally met his younger sister, whom he hadn’t seen since he was sent to the north on the orders of the king.

Their family was separated. It was only natural that he longed to be together for as long as they had been apart.

“Elder brother…”

Noticing Aristine’s eyes wavering, Tarkan quickly intervened.

“There is no room for you to stay, Brother-in-law. Every room has its own purpose.”

“Ohh, the palace must be smaller than I thought, huh? To think there’s no room left. Are you saying you’re taking my little sister to such a cramped and shabby place?”

“Oh no, you misunderstood. Even if I had a spare room, I don’t have one for you, brother-in-law.”


They were arguing but for some reason, you could hear the sound of a wild beast howling.

Aristine thought about what Tarkan said last night.

《 It’s time for your brother to find a beautiful bride and start his own family too. It will be difficult to do that if we are by his side.》

He was mincing his words but what he really meant was that Launelian wouldn’t even looking elsewhere because he was so concerned about Aristine.

‘Yes, Elder brother should get married too. If he doesn’t want to do it, then he doesn’t have to, but I still hope he can find someone he likes.’

Aristine got married to Tarkan, spent time with him, fell in love with him and found a happiness she had never imagined before.

She was even pregnant with his child.

She hoped Launelian would experience that same joy.

With that thought, Aristine shook off her regrets.

“It’s not like I won’t see you again. It’s different from before.”

“…you’re right.”

Launelian nodded.

Even if he wanted to accompany her, he couldn’t leave Silvanus empty when it currently had no ruler.

“Till we meet again, my sister.”

Launelian tightly embraced Aristine for the last time and planted a kiss on her forehead.

When he stepped back, light began to radiate from the large platform where Aristine, Tarkan, and the Irugoian court ladies stood.

The bright light drew a faint outline of Aristine.

Not wanting to miss even a glimpse of his sister, Launelian refused to close his eyes until the very end and shouted.

“Rineh, I will wait for your decision and prepare the coronation.”

Everything was grown blurry now, not just Aristine’s outline. The intense light washed over his vision, turning it pure white.

“Tarkan, if anything happens to my sister and my nephew, you’re dead! You better protect them!”

I believe, you can protect them.

Launelian clenched his fists tightly.

He turned away, not waiting for the light to fade away.
He had a lot of things to do.

Launelian put together a meeting with waiting high-ranking officials of all social classes, then he held a separate dinner with high-ranking nobles who had contributed to the rebellion.

It might be called a dinner, but it was practically a field for politics and business.

Afterwards, he reviewed submitted reports, outlined several issues, and approved them for further action. His aim was swift preparation for the impending coronation.

Feeling the weariness in his eyes, Launelian looked up and noticed that the moon was already in the center of the sky.

It was quiet.

His nearby aides were also rubbing their red eyes while poring over and organizing documents.

Launelian wasn’t doing all this work alone, yet he felt a profound sense of loneliness.

More so than ever, even more than when he had found himself isolated in the cold and distant North.

He secretly sneaked in to save Aristine from imprisonment and in doing so, incurred the king’s wrath. He was sent to the north and ridiculed for daring to defy the king’s order with his trivial telekinesis ability.

After Aristine failed to awaken, the former emperor viewed both siblings as thorns in his side. His anger and disappointment may played a role but the whispers of Letanasia who considered them rivals, further aggravated the situation.

Launelian went through things that no prince would have to bear but he was okay with it.

He never regretted it.

He knew that his presence allowed his trapped sister to know that someone was waiting for her outside.

He never felt lonely.

He knew that his sister would be waiting for him when he returned stronger one day. But at some point, his little sister quickly matured and left.

Although he was proud, Launelian felt like he was alone for the first time.

“Let’s stop here,” Launelian announced, and his aides looked like they were revived by those words.

After being sent off by his aides, Launelian left the office.

Because he left the emperor’s office empty and was using a different office, his residence was actually close by.

However, his steps veered elsewhere.

To the Chrysea Palace.

After the deposed emperor was driven away, Aristine stayed in this palace. Here, her presence and scent lingered the most.

As he watched the small flowers blooming under the moonlight, Launelian remembered how his little sister stood there.

A wave of golden flowers were spread at her feet and when he approached, she slowly turned around to face him.

When she saw him, a radiant smile lit her face.

Even if he was called a fool because of his love for his sister, he didn’t care.

To Launelian, she looked like an angel.

After lingering in the garden for a while, he approached Aristine’s bedroom.

As he slowly swept through each furniture that his sister used, Launelian thought of her.

Then he walked closer to the bed.

Although her condition had noticeably improved after ‘enlightenment’, this was still the place where Aristine spent the most time.

The court ladies kept mentioning that they needed a new bed, and eventually they resorted to transporting one from Irugo using a portal.

When they were returning, they left it behind saying they already had the same thing back home so it was okay.

As experts in their field, the court ladies made sure to prepare two beds in advance in case one broke.

Launelian, who never even thought of such a thing, was impressed by the preparedness of the court ladies.

If they went that far, he knew they could serve Aristine without causing her any inconvenience.

Launelian sat on the bed, and dusted the spot where Aristine often lay then he paused.

‘Hm? What’s that thing sticking out?’

A strange protrusion caught his eye, and it looked like it could be pressed. Without thinking, Launelian lightly pressed the protruding thing by the bedside table.

And then…


Launelian’s body shook. But not of his own will.

“W-What is this?”

Even as he spoke, his body was moving up, down, left, right without him doing anything.

The bed he was sitting on was moving, so his body had no choice but to move too.

Although Launelian was a clever man, it took some delay before his mind finally processed the situation which challenged common sense.

‘No way…it can’t be. I refuse to believe it.’

Launelian looked down at the bed with devastation.

However, no matter how hard he tried to deny it, reality remained the same.

The bed was moving.

It was really moving.

And with a strange rhythm too.

“This crazy…!”

Launelian unconsciously spat out a curse.

Now was not the time to feel sentimental about his sister leaving his protection.

He suddenly remembered the modest faces of the court ladies smiling and going ‘hohoho’.

Why had he ever thought that was modest?

Looking back, that laugh wasn’t ‘hohoho’ but ‘hihihihi’.



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