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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 168]

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Are you a gold-digger? (9)

T/N: Sorry for duplicate upload. I was super sleepy so I knocked out right after.

“Princess Consort!”

Umiru exclaimed as she ran into the room. She found Aristine lying pale on the lounge chair and her voice was filled with distress.

(Umiru)“My, my princess consort…”

Tarkan’s eyebrow twitched. Those words bothered him a lot but right now, treatment was a priority.

(Tarkan)“She collapsed in the bath.”

(Umiru)“Yes, the court lady told me the situation while coming here.”

Umiru quickly drew closer and touched Aristine’s forehead and cheeks, then she checked Aristine’s heartbeat.

Although she was a surgeon, she was better skilled than most internal medical doctors.

(Umiru)“You don’t need to worry. There is no sign of poisoning.”

At those words, strength drained from Tarkan’s shoulders. His biggest worry was that Aristine had been poisoned.

That was why he asked them to bring Umiru, instead of a royal doctor. In terms of internal medicine, the royal doctor might be better than Umiru, but their reliability was unknown.

(Tarkan)“Then why is she like this?”

em>(Umiru)“It’s not good for blood circulation to stay in hot water for too long. And since she was in cold water for a long time too…”

“She collapsed like this because of just that?” Tarkan frowned and asked. His training was under an icy waterfall in the middle of winter.

It wasn’t just Tarkan; everyone around him was like that. Not a single person has fallen ill with just that.

“You can’t compare her to yourself and the idiot, I mean, great warriors by your side.”

Umiru said, clicking her tongue.

“But still, I can’t imagine she collapsed this bad just because she spent time in cold water.”

The court ladies didn’t seem to understand and asked.

“Maybe if it was winter but it’s midsummer right now.”

To get so pale and collapse after spending some time in cold water in the midsummer? She looked more like someone who was rescued after beig buried in the snow.

They couldn’t help but worry that there was another problem.

“Silvanians are inherently weak,” Umiru dismissed their anxiety, “And her fatigue has piled up.”

From the moment she began developing stainless steel, Aristine had been stuck to her work.

“Her physique is already weak but she wasn’t resting properly so she has accumulated a lot of fatigue.”

She probably wanted to rest for a while after releasing the scalpel but then the iron ore pre-acquisition problem broke out.

“In such a situation, if you soak in a bath till the water gets cold, you will inevitably get sick…”


The court ladies looked at Aristine with haggard faces.

Her face was as white as a sheet of paper, and it felt like their fault. They felt like a heavy stone was on their chest.

She didn’t come out even after a long time passed so they called for her several times.

But the only responses they got were ‘don’t disturb me’ or ‘I want to be alone’. Her voice was mumbled as if she was preoccupied with something, so they figured she just didn’t want to be bothered.

She was relaxing for a change, so they didn’t want to interrupt. They were worried that the bath would get cold but it was midsummer so they weren’t too concerned.

And this was the result.

“Even though already knew she was weak…”

“We didn’t care for Her Highness properly. Please punish us.”

“We will take any punishment.”

The court ladies prostrated themselves before Tarkan and pleaded their guilt.

It was their complacency that resulted in this outcome.

Tarkan’s gaze turned to them. His golden eyes flashed with anger.

From the moment he saw Aristine’s pale complexion, he was not himself. A wild beast roared from within, wanting to see blood. And right now, a sacrificial scape goat was kneeling in front of him.

His pupils narrowed sharply like that of a ferocious beast.

People’s throats began to feel dry from brutal atmosphere.

The moment a thick and feral bloodthirst was about to erupt from him…


He heard a very faint voice.

Instantly, the bloodthirst that was about to spill out of Tarkan receded back in.

The air in the room was warm and gentle.

Only the chill on the back of people’s necks served as proof of the momentary bloodthirst that was enough to freeze your bones.

Tarkan walked up to Aristine’s lying frame and took her hand.


His voice was cautious and filled with yearning.

But no reply came back.

Aristine was still unconscious.

“I think it would be best to decide who is responsible later and deal with nursing the Princess Consort for now.”

Umiru said and Tarkan nodded.

Umiru then turned to the court ladies and said, “The highest priority now is to stabilize Her Highness. I need you all to help.”

“B-But the Princess Consort became like this because of us; how could we dare…”

The court ladies frightfully shook their heads. They were criminals.

“If she sees unfamiliar people coming in and out of her room, she will not be able to rest comfortably. Especially after what happened with her Silvanus handmaids.”

Umiru was saying that it would be good for the court ladies, who Aristine was used to, to keep taking care of her.

Hearing that it was for Aristine’s good and nothing else, the court ladies stiffly nodded their head.

“I understand. I will try my best.”

“Even if I have to sacrifice my life.”

‘No need to sacrifice your life though…’ Umiru thought to herself, but she didn’t say it out loud. Anyway, it was a good thing that they were motivated.

“And…her hypothermia seems serious so we tried to raise her temperature.”

Umiru looked at the braziers and nodded.

It was the middle of summer and there were several braziers ignited so the room was full of steam.

(Umiru)“You handled it well. But the princess consort’s body temperature is recovering too slowly.”

Despite the amount of heat in the room, Aristine was still pale and her skin was still as cold as ice.

“Should we bring the braziers closer?”

“But if we leave it close for too long, she might get burns on her skin…”

The court ladies exchanged ideas with each other, not knowing what to do.

(Umiru)“It would be good if we could feed her some strengthening medicine but she’s not getting up…”

Umiru clicked her tongue.

‘I could get an IV drip but…’

She wasn’t willing to ask to court ladies to get the saline solution. Thankfully, this was not an attempt to poison Aristine, but it was hard to know how things would turn out.

There might be people who would want to take advantage of this opportunity once they knew that Aristine was sick.

“At times like this, we’ll have to use a folk remedy,” Umiru turned to Tarkan and said.

“A folk remedy?”


After giving that reply, Umiru did not explain what folk remedies she was talking about.

Tarkan frowned, “What exactly is this folk remedy?”

“You don’t know?” Umiru asked with an odd smile.

That smile made Tarkan even more annoyed.

“I’m not a doctor.”

“You don’t have to be a doctor. When someone’s drops temperature drops, there is method you can use to raise their temperature.”

Umiru gave a furtive smile and looked at Tarkan up and down.

It was an impertinent look, but she wasn’t the type to care about things like that. Neither was Tarkan.

No, Tarkan was simply not in the state of mind of care about her gaze. Because he realized what folk remedy Umiru was talking about.

‘No way.’

Warming a body with a body.

In other words, hugging each other while naked to share your body temperature.

Tarkan unconsciously took a step back from Aristine.

Umiru shrugged her shoulders like she was puzzled.

“Why are you so surprised? You are a couple, after all. No need to hesitate.”

Plus, the bed was soft and fluffy.

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