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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 115]

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Episode 18: Secretly…button (2)

When you think of it as an investment for the future, it didn’t feel like a waste at all to lose money right now.

She wanted to make the gold fields her own.

‘But Ritlen is one of my people.’

The gold she gave to her people was hers in the end.

My person’s gold.

In the end, the possessive term was referring to Aristine herself.

‘That’s it then.’

Furthermore, she didn’t have that many areas to spend on, so she had a lot of money. As for the pig iron used to make the scalpel, Volatun gave it to her as thanks for taking Ritlen.

‘And the smithy can use what is inside Tarkan’s palace.’

The heavy equipment cost was completely handled.

To be honest, she didn’t intend on using someone else’s facilities for free like this. Naturally, she planned to build a new blacksmithing forge for her business.

However, it would take some time to build a new forge, so she was going to borrow the forge in Tarkan’s palace until a prototype was made. Of course, she was going to pay for it, so she sat down with Tarkan to discuss this but…

* * *

《 So this is the list of land that the Princess Consort can use in the capital, which one do you think is the best?》

Aristine asked, with the document spread out on the bed.

Tarkan drew closer and leaned over the study the document. His arm rested on Aristine’s shoulder.

《 What is it for?》

《 Ritlen needs a smithing forge so I’m going to build a new one.》

Tarkan raised a brow like he wasn’t happy to hear that,《 Use the one in the palace.》

《 I mean, even if I use the one in the palace now, I still have to build one eventually.》

《 No need to build. Keep using the one in the palace.》

《 Huh? But…》

Aristine found herself in a dilemma. Would it be better to keep using the equipment while paying rent, or would it be better to build a new forge and spend a huge amount all at one?

《 Why? Is there a problem?》

Tarkan asked, seeing Aristine look troubled. Somehow, there was an edge to his voice.

Probably because money was involved.

《 Hmm, then the rent…》

《 Rent? 》, Tarkan asked in disbelief. He scoffed and let out a sigh.

《 Just use it.》

Aristine couldn’t believe her ears. She looked at him with quivering eyes, 《 Really?》

Tarkan was speechless when he saw the expression on Aristine’s face as she asked that question. It was the most complicated expression that he had ever seen on her face so far.

Disbelief because it was such a great thing, thrilled nonetheless, but doubtful because it might be a lie…

With the way she looked, someone might think Tarkan was talking about his entire fortune and not just the smithy.

《 Yes, really.》

《 Seriously? For real? You can’t later claim the right to my product because it was made at your forge, ok?》

Tarkan’s forehead wrinkled.

《 Ah, I said just use it.》

《 You said ‘just’ right now. That means there’s no conditions, right? Later, you can’t—》

《 You are my wife.》

Tarkan cut Aristine off.
His golden eyes stared at her in the dark bedroom, dimly lit by candles. A scarlet light flickered in his eyes.

Aristine’s lips moved slightly then she shut her mouth.

《 Right.》

She nodded slightly in affirmation. For some reason, she felt embarrassed to look at Tarkan and lowered her gaze.

‘Why are they still lighting these candles every night?’

While scolding the court ladies in her mind for no reason.

《 I don’t think you really know what that means.》

Tarkan held her chin and lifted her face slightly.

《 This is your home.》

Their gazes met in the air as his low voice reverberated through the room.

《 I’m saying everything in this palace is yours.》

The bed tilted quietly. Tarkan pressed his hand against the bed and drew even closer to her.

《 So you can use the forge as much as you want. Just…》

His breath and low voice pierced Aristine’s ears, making her want to move away. But strangely, she couldn’t move.

Tarkan’s golden eyes dyed in a scarlet haze, seemed to bind her in place and not let go.

《 Just, don’t leave my sight.》

* * *

‘…I guess he’s worried that his enemies might make a move?’

Aristine thought after reminiscing about that day. She had a track record after that round with the Queen, so she wondered if it was because of that.

Either way, it was good news for Aristine.

Because the cost of equipment accounted for a large proportion of the costs, but it was resolved in such a short time.

‘Princess Consort benefits are nice, aren’t they?’

Feeling happy, Aristine looked at the different types of scalpels on the table.

‘Alright, I have to show Mukali too since he helped me.’

Wanting to get it out of the way, Aristine asked the court ladies about Mukali once Ritlen left.

“He must be at work, so would you like to send a message to the training hall?”

“Oh, it will be lunchtime soon so it might be better to visit in person.”

“Ah, it’s already that late.” (Aristine)

If she had known, she would have fed her precious employee before sending him back.

“Won’t it be better to go to the training hall? It’s on the way anyway…”

“I think he’ll be very happy.”

“Hehe, he will be surprised.”

Hehehe, the court ladies giggled while exchanging strange looks.

Aristine tilted her head.

‘Is there some other reason why Sir. Mukali will be happy and surprised?’

She didn’t think there was, but the court ladies have known Mukali for much longer, so they probably knew better.

“Alright then, let me eat first, then we’ll get some dessert prepared and go to Sir Mukali! Since we had scones last time, prepare something else.”

Her pâtissier must be shown off!

Aristine’s eyes were filled with determination.

“Okay, we’ll have it prepared, so you can eat and get changed.”

“Of course, you look perfect right now.”

“But still, this will be the first time the other warriors are seeing our Princess Consort.”

Their Princess Consort must be shown off!

The eyes of the court ladies blazed with determination.

Of course, showing off was part of it but the most important part was something else.

“Since it’s another surprise visit, I wonder how fast his heart will race when she’s prettier than usual.”

“Haa, I really hope the bed doesn’t break again.”

“Don’t worry, we’ve already finished preparing a replacement!”

“Exactly, preparing for emergencies is part of our skill!”

The court ladies demonstrated their competence.

“You can break it with no worries.”

Aristine watched them with cold eyes.

‘Why exactly is the bed being brought up now?’

They were competent maids, but it seemed like all they thought about was the bed for some reason.

“Let’s go eat.”



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  1. Hahaha I love how she thinks they’re the strange ones for always thinking of the bed for no apparent reason! Her cluelessness makes her one of my favorite characters ever because she doesn’t get all embarrassed and swept away by emotions like so many other FLs. I hope she keeps that indifference to the ML for a long time!

    Thank you so much Miss Ruby!!

    1. However, her armor is melting. She even felt embarrassed in the chapter. I am looking forward to her realizing her feelings for him not money and destroying all his enemies 😎☠️👑

  2. Thanks for the translation Miss Ruby!
    I kinda itchy to see Tarkan and Aristine acting lovey-dovey but I think it will take a while.

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