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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 213]

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Episode 32: Young and Rich, Tall and Handsome(1)

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* * *

Nephther’s health was recovering smoothly.

Aristine sat down next to him and stirred the soup to cool it before handing it over.

However, Nephther didn’t seem to want to pick up the spoon.

He was silently staring at Aristine.

“Your Majesty?”

“It aches.”

“Do you feel uncomfortable? Should I call the royal doctor?”

“No, my hands just won’t move.”

Aristine tilted her head, “Your Majesty’s illness shouldn’t affect your hand, should it?”

“Ugh, my hand……”

Nephther suddenly frowned and gave a soft groan.

Aristine was startled and grew flustered.

“I knew it; I should call the royal doctor and…”

“No need. I just need to eat to regain my strength and I’ll be able to move.”

Nephther immediately stopped her.

‘Don’t tell me…’

Feeing suspicious, Aristine scooped out a spoonful of soup and held it in front of Nephther.

Nephther opened his mouth like he had been waiting for that.

Tarkan looked at his father despicably.

The seasoned politician who never exposed his health condition and never said he was sick even if he was. That same person was saying what? His hand hurt?

But Nephther was shamelessly confident.

This was a patient’s privilege.

On the contrary, he looked at Tarkan as if to say, ‘Are you jealous? If you’re jealous, say you’re sick too.’


Tarkan clicked his tongue and turned his head away.

“Rineh, I heard you saved my life.”

“Of course. I did save you.”

Aristine grinned.

It wasn’t false, she really did save him.

After all, in the future shown through the Monarch’s Sight, Nephther met his demise.

Aristine proudly puffed out her chest.

Nephther gazed at Aristine with a smile.

He heard that the Queen was taught a good lesson during this.

This was good news for Nephther, who already wanted to reduce the power of the Duke of Skiela.

Over the last few years, the queen’s faction, including Duke Skiela, have shown strong opposition towards Tarkan’s rights to succession.

It seems he had been too lenient on them while they were building their strength, because he was trying to appease them.

The Skiela Ducal family had even paralyzed the steel industry last time, which had crossed the line.

Hence, Nephther was considering when to take away their privileges but he never thought that Aristine would handle it like this in his stead.

It made it more difficult for Nephther to not favor Aristine. Even if the favor began to lean politically.

“Rineh, tell me anything you desire.”


“You are my life’s savior, are you not? Naturally, I have to fulfil your wish.”

“You have already given me more than enough, royal father.”

Aristine had received various gifts in recognition of her efforts to save Nephther.

The numerous treasures formed a mountain, and she was even given a villa for the winter.

He presented her a winter villa with a real hot spring, not a bathtub with bath salts.

Aristine was beyond pleased to become the owner of such property.
The only flaw was that she couldn’t have tenants.

“The price of my life is not that cheap. Go on, tell me.”

Nephther spoke excitedly, like a father asking his little daughter to pick out a present.

‘I am not that young…’

Aristine thought to herself but pondered over what to say.

She hadn’t been treated like this before and her heart felt ticklish. After thinking hard about it, she opened her mouth to speak about her desired gift.

“Hmm, then I would like to open one more business. As it is a national project, I will need Your Majesty’s approval…”

Nephther’s eyes widened at the unexpected talk of business.

Wondering what in the world, he turned to his son and found his son smiling with a face that seemed to say ‘of course it is.’

In the end, Nephther couldn’t help but laugh.

“Okay, if that is what you want, that is fine too.”

“Yes, I will get the details together and discuss it with more information.”

Her attitude was the same as anyone participating in a bidding competition for a national project.

Nephther chuckled at this sight, not knowing whether she was supposed to be a daughter-in-law or a businessman.

He felt content, knowing that even after the succession of the throne, she was going to be just fine.

“Alright, I am looking forward to it.”

After talking for a while, Aristine got up from her seat.

“You should be getting some rest now, Royal father.”

It wasn’t good to disturb a sick patient for too long.

Nephther looked regretful but nodded his head.

“Okay, go on. Tarkan, I have something to discuss with you, stay behind.”

Tarkan, who was planning on leaving with his wife raised a brow, but the other party was the king.

“Then I shall take my leave first.”

Even as his wife said that, he couldn’t hold her back.

* * *


The sound of furniture breaking was deafening.

For days on end, there were streams of endless outbursts in the Queen’s palace.

All the court ladies tried to watch their master’s mood and tiptoed around, not daring to raise their heads.

But they couldn’t escape the fumes of the Queen, who was venting her anger.

“P-Please forgive me, Your Majesty!”

“How can I forgive you when you’re making light of me with this ridiculous failure of a tea!”

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty. Please have mercy…”

It was just brewed tea but it was deemed unpalatable, resulting in the barrage.

But even if it was unfair, she had no choice but to beg. Even though she knew that the queen wouldn’t forgive her.

Right then, a soft voice rang out. A voice of salvation.

“Royal mother.”


The Queen turned to her son who had just entered the room.

“It seems I’ve let you witness an unseemly sight.”

“Whoever disturbed Royal Mother’s mood is at fault.”

Her heart felt a little relieved when her son sided with her.

The Queen gave a heavy snort before strolling past the court lady who lay prostrated on the floor.

“Clean every single speck till I get back.”

“Yes, Your Majesty the Queen.”

Since they couldn’t chat in a messy room, the Queen headed out of the room. Hamill stood by her side, escorting her.

“As expected, Mother is merciful.”

At those words, the Queen’s lips curled slightly. She didn’t mind hearing such words.

The more the Queen raised a commotion, the more Hamill heard about it. Every time that happened, many court ladies relied on him, claiming that he had a gentle and thoughtful nature.

‘How annoying.’

Despite thinking that, Hamill smiled at the Queen.

The two of them walked down the sun-filled hallway to the tearoom.

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