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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 127]

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Pervert with a Grudge (2)

It meant that someone intentionally took the scalpel rather than they put it somewhere and forgot about it.

“Yes, here it is…”

The court lady walked up to Aristine with the empty box.

The inside of the box, lined with soft navy-blue velvet, was completely vacant.

They were definitely aiming for the scalpel and stole it.

‘Don’t tell me it’s an industrial spy?’

The scalpel’s design was innovative by itself so copying the design would make a big splash.

Of course, she planned to further improve it to make a disposable blade and a scalpel made of stainless steel.

Even if they copied the design, the performance would definitely be superior to theirs.

‘But I need time to develop the stainless steel, so I’ll become the late comer into the market.’

Conversely, Aristine could get framed for plagiarizing the scalpel’s design. Furthermore, she must reveal the design first in order to achieve a game-changing ripple effect in the market.

Because there was a big difference between ‘it looks different after experiencing it’ and ‘it looks different from what I usually use.’

“When exactly did they aim for my scalpel?”

It was not treated like an incredible secret but there was some security around it. There was also a reason why it wasn’t treat as a secret.

‘Because no one would be interested in a scalpel business.’

Think about Ritlen’s reaction when she first told him that she was going into the scalpel business.

《 As you know, there are a lot of issues in that field. Everyone avoids it… 》

《 Your Highness is that kind of person! You would risk the loss and jump into that difficult field to save lives!》

Basically, the medical scalpel field was the neighborhood punching bag for lawsuits of medical negligence. That was why even Ritlen misunderstood that Aristine was sacrificing herself.

‘Even the Queen, who wants to keep me in check, would want me to proceed with my scalpel business without any obstructions.’

Because the Queen was 100% sure that there would be a problem with the released scalpel.

‘And the Queen must have a big hand in why my scalpel failed in the future I saw with my Monarch’s Sight.’

The fault was on the doctors for not managing their scalpels properly, but the queen must have inflated and added to the problem in order to shift the blame to Aristine’s scalpel.

“Hmm…I really can’t tell. It will be troublesome if I enter the market late.”

Tarkan, who had been watching silently, opened his mouth.

“I think it might be something else.”


“I highly doubt that they stole the scalpel with the intention of copying it. Rather—.”

Tarkan paused in the middle of his sentence, “…Never mind.” Then he frowned and turned his head.

‘It’s not an industrial spy?’

Aristine grabbed Tarkan’s arm and asked, “Tell me, what is it?”

If it wasn’t to copy the scalpel, why else would they take it? It couldn’t sell for a high price, nor was it particularly beautiful like an ornament.

“It’s nothing,” But Tarkan’s response was flat.


Aristine’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“You know, there are two ways to drive someone crazy. The first is to stop talking in the middle of a sentence—.”

Aristine’s flow of words which seemed like it was going to continue, suddenly stopped.

Tarkan’s eyes twitched.

The court ladies, whose ears were pricked up next to them, tilted their heads and looked at Aristine.

‘The second is? what about the second one?’

Their eyes seemed to ask.

But Aristine’s lips showed no sign of opening. Instead she looked at Tarkan and huffed with a raised chin.

When Tarkan saw that, a chuckle escaped his lips. His wife was really an unusual woman.

“I’m just not sure yet. I’ll tell you when I’m certain.”

Aristine still looked unsatisfied, but her eyes softened a little.


“Mn,” Tarkan nodded and tucked a loose strand behind Aristine’s ear.

“Don’t worry. Just focus on developing your scalpel and get it done as soon as you can.”

As he spoke, Tarkan’s eyes shone with a dark glint.

If he could, he wanted to tell her to leave everything to that employee she cherished so much and not worry about it.

But she would never listen.

Tarkan had been observing from the side and know just how much time and effort that Aristine was pouring into this business.

He had a theory about the scalpel’s disappearance, and he didn’t want Aristine wandering around.

‘Furthermore, the longer the development of this scalpel takes, the longer she spends alone with that guy.’

Lately, Aristine was spending most of her time with Ritlen in the smithy. Even if Tarkan snooped around, he didn’t understand what was so secret about it.

‘I don’t like it.’

Tarkan frowned and rapped his fingers against his armrest.

“You won’t even tell me the reason, but you want me to focus on development?”

Aristine turned to Tarkan, looking perplexed.

She wanted to say, ‘how can I focus in this situation where the scalpel is gone?’ but then she nodded her head.

She just nodded.

And she was amazed at herself for doing that.

Aristine had to solve everything by herself from a young age since there was no one around to help her. Because of that, she tended to feel uneasy unless she dealt with it herself and saw it with her own eyes.

But after Tarkan told her not to worry, she felt like there was no need to worry. It seems that after spending every day together, she had come to trust her new husband quite a bit.

‘So this is what it means to trust someone.’

It was very different from knowing someone’s abilities and trusting in that ability. It was a very reassuring, comfortable, and pleasant feeling.

It was like she was really getting out of that dark and narrow room, and really building connections with people.

‘I wish there are more people like this.’


When she called his name, Tarkan turned to her. Her face was reflected in his golden eyes.

Aristine grinned and patted his arm.

“I’m really glad you’re my partner.”


Tarkan’s brows furrowed and he quickly turned away. He felt like his face was hit with a fever.

Aristine shrugged, not seeing his blushing cheeks, “Well, you’re a bit of a handful, annoying, shy, childish at time and most of all, a perv—.”

Tarkan panicked and covered Aristine’s mouth.


Who knew how this fiendish Umiru would act when she heard the word ‘pervert’.

“You really need to stop saying that stu…”

Tarkan paused mid-sentence.

The sensitive flesh in the middle of his palm was resting against Aristine’s lips.

It was soft, tender, and warm.

With every breath Aristine took, a warm, damp breath ticked his plan.


Tarkan’s fingers couldn’t help but twitch.

Her face was small enough that his large hands could cover it.

Because he was covering her mouth, they were very close to each other, and his eyes met Aristine’s.

Her moon-shaped were wide open in surprise. Her purple pupils seemed to contain the universe, like countless stars in the dawning sky.

He felt like he was going to get sucked in, just looking at them.


Umiru’s eyes grew unfocused as she stared at the newlyweds who were flirting in front of her.


She cleared her throat but neither of them reacted. It was like they couldn’t hear her.

When Umiru looked around, she saw the court ladies covering their mouths like something amazing was happening and they looked like they were about to shed tears.

She slowly stood up but neither the newlyweds nor the court ladies, who were busy watching them, looked at her.

Umiru couldn’t resist kicking the sofa.

But there was still no response. From anyone.

‘Shouldn’t they look at me at least once at this point?’

It was sad. She felt like she had suddenly become invisible. She had never been treated like this anywhere.


Umiru left the room wearily, with no one to see her off.



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