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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 257]

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Episode 36: Why is Brother here?

* * *

“Princess Consort.”

“Welcome home, Princess Consort.”

The court ladies looked full of energy as they greeted her.

Aristine turned to the line of court ladies and nodded, “Yes, was everything okay?”

“Yes, Princess Consort.”

“As we mention before, the only thing that has gotten some change is the interior.”

“Okay.” Aristine nodded.

Before she left, the court ladies asked if they could change the interior design of the palace since winter was here.

Although they usually changed the interior slightly each season, this was the first time they were asking Aristine directly. Which meant they were considering a major change in design.

Aristine was more interested in making money than decorating the palace, so she told them to do as they please. After all, it would be nice to come back to a fully renovated house.

“I’d like to take a bath first.”

“Yes, it is prepared.”

Sure enough, they were competent at their job. The bathroom was warm enough that Aristine didn’t need to fear being cold while she undressed.

Right then.

The court ladies, who had been silently waiting on Aristine like a shadow, went wide-eyed.

‘This is…!’

Their eyes shook at the red mark left on Aristine’s body.

‘It’s that, right?’

‘Without a doubt.’

The court ladies exchanged looks with each other and nodded.

‘My goodness…!’

From the couple’s first night till now, there had been many unions at night. They even witnessed the majestic showing of the bed breaking but strangely, the Princess Consort’s body was always spotless.

The corner of their mouths twitched upwards.

To have even left marks, this must have been an even better night than when the bed broke.

Then again, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Wasn’t it the first time the couple saw each other after being able to see each other every day in the past?

In order to settle the combined interest(?), being fierce alone wouldn’t have been enough.

‘The princess consort is very thorough with her calculations, after all.’

‘His Highness Tarkan can’t even think when it comes to the Princess Consort.’

The court ladies giggled.

‘Maybe he destroyed the barrack tent this time!

‘Dear me, they both really need to exercise some restraint.’

A glow seemed to radiate from the faces of court ladies, which was riddled with joy.

But in the next moment, the brightness on their face faded into darkness like it was an illusion.

‘I should have followed!’

‘I could have looked after her!’

The eyes of the court ladies were filled with regret.

In the meantime, the court ladies professionally guided Aristine into the warm bath and massaged her shoulders to relieve the stiffness from the trip.

Aristine allowed herself to relax under their touch and closed her eyes.

Her hot water warmed her body and her back felt revitalized with the touches in the right places.

‘Sure enough, it’s good to be home…’

She couldn’t help but think that.

And afterwards, she was a little surprised by that thought. Before she realized it, this place felt like home to her.

Aristine had never considered the place where she was imprisoned as her home. Hence, this was the first ‘home’ that Aristine had.

‘Our home.’

Aristine opened her eyes.

A transparent orb filled with small white pebbles, a scarlet magic lamp and ornaments made of cotton, like cozy snowflakes caught her eye.

Although the decorations were different, the bathroom didn’t look that different to Aristine.

‘Maybe they got permission this time because I wasn’t in the palace.’

Either way, she liked the familiar comfort.

With a smile on her face, Aristine stared at the slowly flickering light, then she lowered her eyes.

Somehow, she felt lonely.

Our home.

In other words, this was not only Aristine’s home.

‘It would be nice if Tarkan was with me.’

She already missed him even though it hadn’t been long since she left.

The perceptive court ladies opened their mouths, “Princess Consort, how about getting a massage to relax?”

“It will help alleviate the fatigue from last night…I mean, the travel.”

“We have prepared your favorite scent.”

Aristine looked at the court ladies.

When their eyes met, the court ladies smiled.

Aristine had never once said that she preferred any fragrance oil. However, the court ladies already knew Aristine’s preference.

It wasn’t just the fragrance oil. From food to colors, they knew every part of Aristine’s preference.

This was because they were always next to Aristine, paying attention to every little reaction she had.

Aristine gave the court ladies a smile.

Right, even if Tarkan wasn’t here, she was not alone.

“That sounds like a good idea.”

The court ladies’ faces immediately brightened at affirmation from their mistress.

Seeing that expression, Aristine shook off her loneliness.

And most of all—.

‘He said he would come back soon.’

Looking forward to his return would also be fun in a different way.

Aristine received the massage till all her muscles felt relaxed, then she went to the bedroom feeling exhausted.

She felt like she would fall asleep the moment she lay down on the bed.

Aristine opened the bedroom door with blurry eyes.

And then,

“Wha, What is this?!”

She unconsciously screamed.

Her bedroom was no longer a bedroom.

No, it was still a bedroom since there was a bed but it was not the bedroom that Aristine knew.

Aristine’s half-lidded eyes flew open at the completely different view of her bedroom.

‘Was it only the bedroom that they wanted to change when they asked to change the interior…’

Everywhere else was only redecorated for the winter but the original look of the bedroom could not be found at all.

‘Why exactly is there such a big mirror in a bedroom for sleeping…’

She already thought it was weird to have a mirror hanging from the ceiling of their bed but to think they added more.

However, there was a more serious issue.

‘Why are there red bars around the bed?’

She felt really disturbed seeing the bed locked inside bright red bars that looked like a big cage.

Aristine scanned the bedroom aghast, then she walked up to the bed.

‘Let’s just go to sleep.’

Regardless of how things looked, once she lay in bed and closed her eyes, it didn’t matter.

Besides she could also look around while trying to sleep.

With that thought in mind, Aristine lay down.

Thankfully, the bed was fine.

It seemed to be a different type, but its size and softness was familiar.

Aristine felt slightly relieved and burrowed under the blanket. Right then, her hand which was lifting the covers, pressed a certain button next to the bed.

Immediately, Aristine felt a change.

“The bed…”

The bed was moving.

Her sleep evaporated.

She didn’t even get angry at this occurrence outside of common sense. She just couldn’t sleep.


Aristine sat on the moving bed, inside the bright red bars and stared at herself blankly in the mirror.

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  1. OMG I LOVE THE COURTLADIES SO MUCH 😆😆😆 They guessed right about the tent being broken and they transformed the room to be an lovel hotel room with a moving bed and all I laughed so hard lol Thank you so much Miss Ruby you made my day ❤️

  2. Thanks for your translation miss Ruby… Love it so much…

    Cant imagine how khaan will react

    It will be sooo nice..

    Wish the brother doesnt go on their way

    1. The bars are so you can hold onto or be tied to it. 😏
      Yep a shaking bed to help with the hip trust lol
      The court ladies went all in lol
      Can you imagine the rumor that will go around cause they ordered such a thing!? Pouhahahaha! It’s hilarious!

  3. My only concern is having bars even coloured red, with someone who was lock away for 10 years. She seems ok but would not have been my first choice as a into to bdsm. I do not remember if the ladies are aware of her history but considering how observant they are they should. As for the rest lmao.

    Ty Ruby

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