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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 255]

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After the Rain (23)

Now wasn’t the time to be lying down with Tarkan like this.

Aristine pushed Tarkan’s shoulder away.

“Move. I need to get that sorted out somehow before people notice it.”

She didn’t know when this mess happened. She was so distracted yesterday that she didn’t even realize that the pillar had tilted.

No, how did that even make sense?

A military pillar, of all things, got bent because of some busyness at night.

Tarkan raised a brow and grabbed Aristine’s hand, which she was pushing him with, and gave it a soft kiss.


Aristine called him disgruntledly.

She felt like her behind was on fire so how come this man was so relaxed?

Tarkan shrugged his shoulders and said, “That has always been like that.”


Aristine’s face brightened. But soon, her gaze turned doubtful.

“But it looks like the pillar is being supported by aura…”

“It was already weird when we set up the barracks, but I asked them to leave it since it could be tiring. Another pillar supported it. But I figured it could be dangerous to have a pillar hold double the weight, so I blocked it with aura.”

“So that’s how it is.”

Relief spread across Aristine’s face.

Right, no matter how fiercely he was moving, making the pillar tilt was absurd.

No human could do that.

Feeling Aristine relaxing and no longer trying to get up, Tarkan pulled her arm. Aristine ended up laying on top of Tarkan and facing him.

“Then let’s stay like this for a little longer.”

Even though he said that, Aristine still seemed a little concerned about outside.

“What time is it now? Once everyone gets up…”

“I bet they were drinking and having fun all night, so they probably won’t get up till late in the afternoon. After all, this is the first time that the warriors get to really unwind at night in the Demonic Beast Plain.”

It was just as he said.
No place was safe for humans in the Demonic Beast Plains.

That didn’t change even when they were set up at the barracks. In preparation for an attack that may come at any time, they had to be alert even while resting.

However, with the barriers, a safe zone was created for the first time.

“I guess you’re right.”

Aristine nodded and stopped trying to leave.

Tarkan felt Aristine lean on him completely, and his tense body finally relaxed.

‘Next time we set up the barracks, the bed must be moved away from the pillar. Definitely.’

His golden eyes shone with determination.

Tarkan rang his fingers through Aristine’s hair, which hung down like a silver thread.

Feeling lazy, Aristine leaned her head against Tarkan’s firm chest. Tarkan’s fingers kept slowly combing through her hair.

A smile arose on Aristine’s face at the peaceful ambience.

When she looked up slightly, she found Tarkan looking back at her.
With the same gaze that always looked at her alone, and never once turned away.

‘I doubt he could see my face with the way I was sitting before.’

Aristine felt embarrassed for some reason, so she asked playfully, “Do you like me that much?”

“Should I tell you how I feel about our reunion again?”

With my body.

That last part was omitted.


Aristine immediately shrunk her tail.

Tarkan smiled softly and rubbed her nervous back.

Aristine melted under his soft, comfortable touch and stuck close to Tarkan’s stomach like pudding.

“I can’t believe it too.” Tarkan mumbled. “I’ve only fallen for two women in my entire life, and to think they are the same person.”

He laughed silently.

Aristine placed her hand on Tarkan’s chest and lifted her face to meet his eyes.

“Khan, your taste is very consistent. At this point, I’d say it’s not simply taste but a little perver—.”

Aristine’s words were blocked by Tarkan’s lips.

After a quick peck, Tarkan pulled away.

“So you don’t like it?”

He asked with such a big grin that Aristine shut her mouth.

Seriously, why is this guy acting so cute? It was making her heart flutter.

She pouted and mumbled, “Are you admitting you’re a pervert?”

“I was speechless when you treated me like a pervert before.” Tarkan gently stroked Aristine’s naked waist, “But I can’t deny it now.”

He looked into Aristine’s eyes, and his lips curled.

His golden eyes gleamed darkly with deep desire.

Aristine immediately thought of last night and her face turned red.

“You, seriously!”

She pounded his chest and stamped her feet.

Tarkan, who was hugging Aristine’s body, just laughed as if he couldn’t feel anything.

Aristine saw the look on his face and sighed with exasperation.

But there was a small smile on her lips as well.

As a married woman, Aristine realized something last night. That she would rather her husband be a little perverted than tame.

She changed her expression and spoke in a serious tone, like she was giving instructions.

“Two is the final number. You can’t fall for anyone anymore.”

“Well, it’s up to me.”


Seeing Aristine huff in anger, Tarkan burst into laughter.

“Even if I fall for someone again, it will still be you.”

Aristine gave a ‘tch’ and glared at him.

Seeing that, he couldn’t help but kiss her eyes.

Aristine smiled and lifted her head more to plant her lips on his.

Sunlight peeked through cracks of the barracks, illuminating the faces of the two kissing lovers.

Thankfully, only two of them were in the barrack tent.

If such words were said outside, the morale of the warriors might just drop from all the goosebumps.

“By the way, how did you get here?”

When Tarkan asked that, Aristine thought for a moment and before asking in return.

“In the past? Or yesterday?”


Aristine momentarily fell silent.

What was the best way to answer this?

The truth? Or a lie?

Soon, her mouth opened.



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17 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 255]”

  1. Eh… Why is Aristine considering lying to Tarkan about her powers/abilities/past at this point… I am a little disappointed in her. 😀 She should be completely honest with him from now on.
    What a cliffhanger again.
    I hope no one will interrupt them talking out this important topic. 🙂

    1. I would guess Aristine’s considering lying because 1) it’s not easy to explain something as irrational as randomly knowing the future by looking in a bowl then falling into it, and 2) she’s nervous about any information about it getting out (not that Tarkan would say anything, but his behavior might change based on his awareness of her ability, and that might draw unwanted attention)…

      1. 1. This is a world with monsters, magic, mages. Her ability might be irrational, unbelievable in our world (where she was in her previous life), but not in her current world.
        Moreover, Tarkan saw and knows quite a bit about her and her abilities by now anyway. He only needs her to tell him about the rest of details that he doesn’t know so far and he will understand the whole picture just fine, I’m sure.
        2. They are talking as privately as they can inside their tent. She doesn’t have reasons to suspect he may betray her or her secrets, either as a husband or a business partner. 😀
        So I don’t think she is afraid of that. Rather she is not sure yet whether she wants him to know all the truth and that’s why it’s a little dissapointing, I think. That was her original plan – to keep him in the dark and leave him at some point. But a lot has changed and it’s high time for her to let go of her original intentions and doubts.
        Anyway, in both cases she doesn’t trust him enough yet to be completely honest and open with him while she should.
        With time they became real husband and wife or partners in crime (business), for better and for worse. 😀

        1. True, I agree she is reconsidering her own future path when debating whether to tell him, and not yet sure how much she should tell him for that reason…as to #1, I’d argue it’s amazing what people can compartmentalize as being “rational” as opposed to “irrational”…just have to look at the development of human beliefs in our world…even if prophecy and traveling through water might not seem irrational in Aristine’s magical world, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s looked upon well, especially if it is not common (i.e., witch hunts)…while she might not think Tarkan would look down on her, like they say, three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead…

      2. The awareness and unwanted attention is true but Abt not being able to explain it, well do you remember in the previous chapters… tarkan’s three musketeers were discussing why aristin was mistreated by her dad ..she didn’t have the eye power she’s supposed to have so if they know about it those powers then tarkan must have a clue and could understand based on that…but then again u could be right

    1. Miss Ruby thanks for the new update. This novel is so amazing that I fell in love with your blog. How are you? After accidenti?
      Thanks top for Emilone’s t Lab….❤️♥️😊✌️

  2. Please tell the truth along with what her father did so he can declare war and conquer the world. So next time she have sex…. it will have earthquake
    ✔️the bed
    ✔️the tent

  3. istg i was re-reading the past chapters and was so surprised that a new one has come. Tarkan lying about the pillar being that way is so hilarious. I cant wait to see Aristine’s reaction when she learns (or if she will ever learn) that their “passionate” night had some people looking at their tent until the pillar fell lol

  4. Thank you for the chapter but could you please refrain from cutting the entire chapter? I understand that it’s 6,000 words, but it seems excessive considering the compensation you’re receiving.

    1. Hi Keihendricks,

      I understand it can be quite frustrating to not be able to read the whole chapter in one go and to get stuck on a cliffhanger but please do understand that translating 6,000 words is not a walk in the park. MissRuby is working full time and is only translating on the side as a hobby. Additionally, she is not exactly getting paid to translate for us but if you can’t wait and want to read ahead, you can always subscribe to her Patreon to read a slightly ahead while supporting her! With regards to the splitting of the chapters, it is due to the fact that most people would prefer to have frequent updates compare to having only one update in a long time. Thus to ensure frequent updates and good quality translation, the chapters were split into segment for easier translation and posting. You always have the option to machine translate it if you really can’t wait lol.

  5. “sighingly” should be fixed. i’m so happy to see them both being expressive. and i’m w aristine, it is better to have a partner who’s a bit of a pervert. 😏

  6. i’m interested in what his reaction to her ability will be. i don’t think she’ll lie bc there’s not really much avoiding it atp

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