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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 8

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So you are a pervert (3)

* * *

‘It’s hot water! There’s even a bathtub!’

The moment she saw the steam rising from the bathtub, Aristine was delighted.

“Let us help you.”

Aristine left the court ladies to their devices as they busied themselves, took off her clothes, and began washing her here and there.

Apart from when she was very young, she had never been served in the bathroom so she felt a little awkward, but she had been a royal family member from birth.

Hence, she never thought it was embarrassing for servants to see her body. In the first place, Aristine was not the type to care how people looked at her. After all, she had been alone since she was a child and never had to worry about other people.

‘They are good at their job.’

That thought crossed her mind when she saw how fast their hands moved and how they washed her politely without showing any displeasure.

Right now, Aristine was so dirty that no one would want to touch her. However, the fact that they didn’t even frown was amazing.

They only asked her, “Is it too hot?” or “Should I go a little softer?”; in other words, very businesslike and professional. For Aristine, who had lived disregarded by her maids, their attitude was impressive.

‘The good manners of the court ladies means my future husband is very capable and charismatic.’

It was nice to know that the person she planned to negotiate with, had outstanding capability.

“Please close your eyes again.”

Warm water flowed down the lines of her face.

Aristine closed her eyes and thought about Tarkan. And about what she was going to do from now on.


She sank into thought, then she realized something was strange. The hands washing her face and body had stopped.

‘Are they done?’

She quietly opened her eyes and met with the eyes of the court ladies who were staring blankly at her.


One of the court ladies unconsciously gasped.

Water droplets quivered as her long, wet lashes moved up. And her mysterious violet eyes akin to a dawning sky were fully revealed underneath.

Aristine wiped away the water in her eyes then she looked at the other court ladies.

They were no different from the other one. All of them were staring at her and not moving their hands.

“Is something the matter?”

The court ladies were awakened by Aristine’s words and lowered their heads.

“No, Princess.”

“I’m sorry, Princess.”

Aristine wondered what made act them that way when they barely had any reaction to her dirtiness, but she kept her mouth shut.

After a few more rinses, Aristine could finally enter the bathtub.

‘Haa, this is nice.’

Aristine was alone after sending out the servants and leaned against the head of the bathtub in a blissful mood.

Her body was already sinking into laziness.

Just this alone made her feel it was worth marrying into Irugo.

‘I want to just rest; I’ll think about what I should do in the future later.’

As if something had read her mind, the surface of the water wobbled. Sensing that something was about to be shown to her, Aristine frowned.

‘It just has to show me stuff at a time like this.’

It seems resting would have to be put off till later.

* * *


The person who appeared on the mirroring surface was her future husband. Standing next to him was a seductive woman with dark blue hair.

‘When is this? I think it’s from today, either in the near future or in the recent past. Or right now.’

Tarkan’s outfit was the same as when she last saw him. Even if you claimed that he liked clothes with the same design, it was unlikely that he would still be wearing the outfit with the blood splattered over it.

Aristine could also see the sofa he had placed her on beside him.

‘…When will this man go take a bath?’

Even if it was a political marriage, she didn’t like dirty men. Aristine hoped the scene she was seeing was in the past.

‘Please, I hope he is taking a bath right now.’

Just then, the woman in the water surface opened her mouth.

[Do you like the princess, perhaps?]

Aristine was startled by those words.

‘Wait, they are talking about me?’

Then again, he had just met his marriage partner for the first time, so it made sense for her to come up in the conversation.

‘How does he usually behave to get asked that question?’

To think the woman was suspecting him of liking a mass of dust.

‘I knew it; he’s a pervert.’


The Tarkan reflected on the water surface asked in a low voice and looked down at the woman.

Aristine had this feeling ever since she first saw him, but he was quite…no, he was very handsome.

She had seen so many men through her Monarch’s Sight, but this was honestly the first time she had seen such a handsome man. Just by looking down like that, he gave a dangerous feeling similar to a crouching beast.

Perhaps the woman in front of him also felt it because she tensed up and her shoulders shrank back a little.

[You’re asking if I like that woman?]

His tone was carefree. It was the exact opposite of the fiery attitude he had when Aristine spoke to him earlier.
However, that carefreeness made him appear more dangerous.

[That is impossible.]

Tarkan said with a chuckle. The corner of his lips curled up, giving him a crooked smile.
Perhaps, this was how he usually looked.

[Don’t you know as well?]

His golden eyes moved slightly.

[My heart will never change.]

* * *

After she was done bathing, Aristine headed out under the guidance of the court ladies.

“Would you like us to call your handmaids, Princess? They are still learning the way around the palace.”

The court lady who was guiding her carefully asked.

It seems they were worried she might be uncomfortable because Irugo people had been serving her ever since she arrived. For Aristine, the Irugo people were much more comfortable to be around than the Silvanians.

“No. It is fine.”

“I understand. Then allow me to guide you to your room.”


Aristine stopped the court lady before she started walking.

“Take me to Tarkan.”

“Yes, Princess.”

Faint curiosity arose on the court lady’s face, but she bowed courteously without asking anything.

‘I want to rest too, you know.’

She had traveled in a carriage for a month. And due to the maids’ harassment at intervals, she couldn’t wash or rest properly.

After experiencing all that, of course, she was more than happy to take a bath and put on new clothes.

The clothes prepared by the Irugo people were even soft and warm, and it felt incredible. Now, if only she could sleep under a dry blanket, things would be perfect.

‘But there is something I have to do first.’

She had to bring her husband to her side, instead of having him side with other people.

Tarkan was in a room not too far from the hall they were in earlier.

“Your Highness, the Princess is here.”

Even though the court lady reported her arrival, a reply did not come right away. It felt like he wasn’t happy about Aristine’s visit.

‘Maybe he is with that woman from earlier.’

Aristine recalled the slender woman with long, dark-blue hair.

‘I wanted the negotiation to be one-on-one, if possible.’

But maybe this was good in a way.

The cards that Aristine could play had a chance of increasing.

It was natural for there to be no love in a political marriage. If that woman was Tarkan’s lover then nailing home that natural fact could be seen as an attractive condition.

‘I can throw in one more thing.’

Love was unnecessary in a political marriage but as it was a union of families, a child with the blood of both families was essential.

‘But I don’t need that.’

That would be a pretty strong card.
Normally, even if a bride didn’t want love, they usually wanted to make their child king.

However, Aristine didn’t want that.

All she wanted was one thing: freedom.

She wanted to see the illusion that was reflected on the water surface with her own two eyes.

Going wherever she wanted to go, seeing whatever she wanted to see, and eating whatever she wanted to eat.

To be able to do whatever she wanted to do.
To make sure that no one could ever confine her anymore.

That was her goal.

‘To do that, I need a lot of money.’

Aristine put her business plan on the backburner for now. Now was the time to focus on getting Tarkan’s cooperation.

The door, which had been shut tight so far, opened as though permission had been granted.

Once she stepped into the room, she saw Tarkan right away.

He turned his head towards the door, seemingly annoyed, then froze in place like he was surprised by something. As his eyes widened slightly, there were signs of obvious unrest in them.

Standing next to him was the woman who she saw through the Monarch’s Sight. She looked like she was serving tea.

‘She doesn’t look like a maid though.’

Well, maids were not the only ones who could serve tea.

The woman was also looking at Aristine with surprise in her eyes. Then her gaze quickly moved to study Tarkan’s expression. She looked anxious.

‘Why is that?’

Aristine entered the room with doubt in her mind.


Tarkan managed to ask.

Aristine nodded her head, looking at him with puzzlement in her eyes. Even though her attitude showed she was curious about his behavior, Tarkan couldn’t give any response.

‘This is really that princess?’

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