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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 193]

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Episode 30: A Man’s Jealousy(2)

Aristine stared back at Hamill with no reaction.


Hamill’s smile deepened when her voice grew quiet.

“If you keep doing that, I will have to scold you.”

Her purple eyes were quite stern.

Hamill’s mouth opened unconsciously, and he burst into laughter. His laughter resounded through the blue sky.

He laughed so much that he even began to tear up.

This was the first time in his life that someone had ever mentioned scolding him.

Not even his teachers who tutored him in the royal studies, his mother, or his royal father had ever scolded Hamill.

“Hm, that’s troublesome.”

Hamill said, turning to Aristine after wiping his tears.

‘Because I want to get scolded now.’

He was curious to see how Aristine would scold him.

“Exactly, if you don’t want to get scolded, stop doing gold-digger stuff.”

‘I mean it’s troublesome because I want to be scolded, Princess.’

Hamill swallowed those words and smiled.

“What do you mean, gold-digging? I’m just obsessed with my good friend. Isn’t that common?”

Hearing that, Aristine felt pricked.

‘It, it is?’

How was she supposed to know without any friends?

Seeing that those words worked quite well, Hamill began to gently entice Aristine.

“Now, consider this, Princess Consort. How would you feel if your closest friend told another friend their secret without telling you?”

Aristine inadvertently thought of Mukali.

If Mukali told everyone else his secret except her…

She could easily imagine it.

Him whispering to Ritlen alone in front of her but excluding her completely.

It was a good that Ritlen and Mukali were close. It was good but…

Ugh, Aristine groaned.

“See. It’s not a nice feeling, is it?”

“That, that’s true but Mukali has the right to tell his secret to anyone he wants to.”

“Yes, but it doesn’t feel good, right?”


“It seems Princess Consort is also obsessed with General Mukali.”

Aristine’s small eyes widened in surprise.

“Is that how it is?”


Hamill nodded seriously.

Aristine’s face also turned serious.

“To think I am obsessed with Sir Mukali…”

Now that she thought about it, there was a time when she considered studying science so that she could be a part of Ritlen and Mukali’s conversations.

“It’s okay. That’s normal between close friends.”

It sounded like he was comforting her and Aristine looked at Hamill with twinkling eyes.

‘Come to think of it, even in the scenes I saw with the Monarch’s Sight, there were kids who were obsessed with sitting next to their best friends and fought because of it!’

It was very normal and natural.

Aristine’s face brightened.

Hamill clamped down his laughter, feeling helpless about this innocent princess.

She was very clever and quick-witted, yet she was so clumsy when it came to relationships.

‘It’s probably because she grew up by herself.’

After investigating, he found that the princess was truly confined since she was a child.

Learning that made Hamill feel quite distressed. And he was surprised by that part of himself.

He wasn’t the type to feel sentimental about other people’s experiences.

Hamill brushed away those thoughts with a laugh and whispered to Aristine.

“It’s just, I thought that we were pretty close too.”

He gently swept down Aristine’s hair, which was ruffled by the wind, “Or maybe I was the only one who thought we were close.”

Hamill sullenly looked down.

His delicately sculpted face was cast with melancholy, and instantly, it looked affectionate and sad.


Aristine took his hand, feeling sorry. She didn’t mean to upset her precious second friend.

“It’s not like that. I like you too, Lu.”

But a reply came from somewhere else.

“You like…Lu, you say?”

It was a voice that sounded like lava boiling at the bottom of the volcano.

Aristine turned around in surprise.


Tarkan was standing right behind her.

His expression was blank and stiff, like a desert rock.

“When did you get here? What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing?”

Even though he tried to suppress it, his voice came out like a growl, scraping against the floor.

Tarkan stared at Aristine, who was asking that while looking at him with wide eyes as if nothing was wrong, and his forehead creased.

He couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled Aristine by the waist.

Her slender and soft body snugly fell into his arms. Her body temperature and scent filled his entire body.

It made him feel reassured and calmed his heart…but that angered Tarkan even more.

Just now, his wife told another man—even worse, his half-brother, Hamill—that she liked him. How could he feel relieved just by hugging her?

And Aristine wasn’t even the one that initiated the hug.

‘Am I that weak-willed?’

He tried to clench his jaw, but he couldn’t focus because of the familiar scent and soft body pressed against him.

“Tarkan? Is something wrong?”

Aristine placed her hand on Tarkan’s arm which was around her waist and looked up at him.

In the end, Tarkan sighed deeply.

“You shouldn’t be asking that.”

“What? What do you mean? Did I do something?”

Aristine frowned, looking like she didn’t understand.

Tarkan tightened his grip on Aristine’s waist and looked at Hamill.

He hadn’t seen his half-brother in a long time, but the man still had that sleek and glossy mug of his.

Hamill was looking at Aristine with amusement written all over his face.

Tarkan turned his body slightly, as if to hide Aristine from Hamill’s gaze.

Only then did Hamill’s gaze turn to Tarkan.

The two men looked at each other silently for a while.



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30 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 193]”

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