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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 320

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Awwww, my little bwaby (6)

* * *

“What are you studying so hard?”

Aristine felt a weight on her shoulders and turned her head.

Immediately, she was met with a kiss. As Aristine blinked, the lips moved away before capturing her lips once again.

She closed her eyes, and a hot tongue parted her lips. It was sweet.

Tarkan wistfully parted from her lips and buried his face in her shoulder.

“I am truly happy we have a child but…”

Why did they have to come so quickly? He couldn’t help but feel regretful and sad.

Leaning against the large cushion, Tarkan spread his legs wide, inviting Aristine to sit between them. Then he enveloped her in a tight hug, prompting a laugh from Aristine.

“Am I a teddy bear?” she teased.

“A teddy bear would be better,” Tarkan replied, gently caressing Aristine’s stomach. “Then I won’t need to keep summoning positive thoughts.”

They had only spent one night together. Both Tarkan and Aristine experienced that joy for the first time.

Who would have thought that after that, he’d have to hold back when they were together like this?

As Aristine leaned against Tarkan’s chest, she lifted her head and glanced up at him.

“What?” Tarkan returned her gaze.

“No, I was just thinking you’re a bit lecherous.”


What did he just hear?

‘Lech—? Lecherous?!’

Tarkan was stunned.

“How am I le…that! After we got married, we slept in the same bed every night and I didn’t even do anything!”

He might have exposed his chest slightly and placed it on Aristine’s hand or back, but that didn’t count as making a move.

It was just… since the bed was narrow, they had to stick to one side, you know.

“Go ask any other man. Because it’s me, nothing happened!”

Seeing Tarkan speaking so passionately, Aristine’s eyes narrowed.

“Hmm, they say strong denial means it’s true.”

Tarkan became even more rattled at her murmur.

Now, of all things, he was being called a lecher by his wife. He wouldn’t even feel wronged if he had actually done something lecherous.

Tarkan had only done one of the 5.5 trillion things in his mind right now.

“Now that I think about it, on the first night of our wedding, the court ladies gave me some sheer mesh lingerie and told me to wear it because that’s what you like.”

“No, that’s not what I like, ok? Absolutely not.”

“Hm? It’s not what you like?” Aristine’s eyes widened, and she looked up at Tarkan.

Tarkan looked down at his wife.

Slowly, another image began to overlap over the sight of her in her comfortable indoor clothes.

The lingerie that the court ladies waved around so showily…

It had so little fabric and so many holes that it was questionable whether it could function properly as underwear…

If Aristine, who was sitting between his legs and looking up at him so intently, was wearing that lingerie right now…

Blood rushed to his nose.

Tarkan covered his face with his hands. He lowered his head as his ears and neck turned red.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Aristine was taken aback and called out to him. “Are you okay?”

He was not okay.

His wife, the only person who could treat him, could not treat him right now.

Tarkan purified his mind and body like he did during his aura training and chanted positive thoughts.

‘I am a father. I can do this!”

Tarkan took a deep breath and changed the topic.

He couldn’t continue like this.

“By the way, what is this document?”

He used his chin to point at the document Aristine had been looking at earlier.

Aristine tilted her head slightly, then she obediently gave the answer, “Princess Paellamien gave it to me.”

Tarkan frowned when he heard that.

“When did you get close with her again?”

“Hmm, a lady has her secrets.”

She couldn’t say they became close because Paellamien didn’t want to marry the last leaf.

With that in mind, she answered that way, Tarkan didn’t seem happy with that response and the creases on his forehead deepened.

Aristine straightened out the wrinkles on his forehead, then she stared at him for a while and opened her mouth.

“I’m so glad you have this much hair.”

Tarkan was confused by the sudden remark, “What are you talking about?”

“I’m saying it’s good that you have a lot of hair.”

He didn’t know why she was suddenly saying that but if Aristine liked it, then he liked it too.

“Take good care of your hair from now on.”

Tarkan nodded his head commendably.

He already had a push-up regiment to strengthen his chest, so he decided to add exercises to strengthen his hair.

‘…But how do you train your hair?’

Tarkan was an expert at training his body, but he had never trained his hair.

While pondering this, he hugged Aristine tighter and gently rubbed her stomach. From his vantage point above her head, he noticed a report. Although it was very concise, it contained all the important and necessary information.

It was a summary that highlighted Paellamien’s capabilities.

“It seems the Queen is very determined.”

After reading the entire document, Tarkan’s eyes froze over.

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  1. Seems like Paellamien might have let Aristine and now Tarkan in on the queen’s next move. Of course, Aristine’s Monarch Sight would never allow harm to come to her, as it always warns her with visions when she needs it most, but a warning and detailed account might be more swift and useful. Queenie is REALLY dancing with death.

  2. 😏 Our Rineh….she’s a very Queen: She can move friendly with all people. She’s Amazing 😭😭😭😭😭 and very smart.

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