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Volcanic Age [화산전생]

By: Jung Joon Shin.
Also Known as Hwasan Age.
[Korean Novel]

It was an era of war unlike never seen before in Murim history.

To end the horrible war, numerous heroes had sacrificed their lives and disappeared on the battlefield.

This is the story of a man that longed to be a hero and the story of his brilliant rise to the top.


Joo Seo-Cheon is a man who luckily survives the Warring Era and becomes the Hwasan sect’s elder, only to live a life full of regrets and doubts.

He lies on his deathbed waiting for the inevitable when he is returned to the past…



Chapter 1: part 1|part 2
Chapter 2: part 1|part 2



8 thoughts on “Volcanic Age [화산전생]”

  1. My new year’s wish is for this LN to be picked up again. The translations I found are only for two chapters and then it’s gone. 😭😭😭

  2. I wish I could learn Korean 😥
    Will you work on Light and Shadow from Ryu Hyang ;;) ???
    The novel must be super romatic like Lucia did since your work in translation is super fantastic! It could be seen from Lucia’s hmm hmm *cough

  3. I hope you’ll translate “The abandoned empress,” I think it is a good story though many people are hating the ML. I was spoiled about the ending but reading the whole story I think is worth the time. I love your translation and because of Lucia, I got interested in the manhwa. ^^ Thank you/

  4. hello! i hope you will translate Method to save the villain who was abandoned by the heroine!

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