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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 350]

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Episode 40: Lu (5)

* * *

Launelian was safe. The shadow blade was also completely destroyed.

In other words, everything had worked out fine.

Yet, Tarkan could not shake off this uneasy feeling in his chest.

It was an ominous sensation, as if a dark blade was aimed at his own back.

He squeezed the hilt of his sword tightly and looked for any remaining signs, but there was nothing.

He figured he should contact Aristine and let her know that Launelian was safe and just as he was thinking that…

The air before his eyes distorted.

And a hand soaked in bright red blood stretched out towards him.


《Wha, what the…》

Just when he thought the cursed blade was destroyed, a hand covered in blood popped out.

The maids who had rushed into the office after hearing the noise earlier screamed in shock.

Despite the commotion, Tarkan stared at the hand reaching out to him.

Since he didn’t know what sort of curse it was, he ought to strike it down before it could attack.

However, Tarkan did not swing his sword.

Rather, he let go of the hilt of his sword.

Because instinctively, he knew.

The sound of a blade hitting the floor rang loudly in the room.

Tarkan grabbed that blood-soaked arm and pulled it firmly into his embrace.


Launelian came running with terror on his face.

Aristine’s pale body was soaked in blood.

Before thoughts could even form in his mind, Tarkan was already examining Aristine.

It was only after he confirmed that she was not injured at all that his mind began to move again. He let out the long breath he was holding.

Only then did he notice the person that Aristine had been tightly clinging on to.


Even though she was unconscious, he could feel Aristine’s desire to never let go as she held on tightly with all her might.


‘…His wound.’

It was too deep.

And too much blood had already been shed.

Tarkan was not a doctor, but he had seen numerous wounds, and he could tell it was already too late.

But after examining Hamill, Tarkan realized that something was strange.

Hamill’s body, which should have already begun to cool and stiffen, was still warm.

Then he noticed the flare and sanatas essence on Hamill’s chest and roughly deciphered what happened.

Right now, it was as if Hamill was wearing a life support vest as his life was fading away.

But a full recovery was still in question.

《He must be saved.》

Launelian uttered heavily.

《I don’t know what happened, but my sister tried to save him regardless of the lengths she had to go through. He must be saved, no matter what.》

Launelian turned to the servants and maids.

With just a glance, they understood what he meant and began to make themselves busy.

《Hurry up and give Rineh your power.》

Hearing those words, Tarkan brought his lips to Aristine’s.

A shimmering, golden wave flowed from his lips and into her mouth.

Aristine’s cold body instantly warmed up, and soon, her tightly closed eyelids began to tremble slightly.

* * *

When Tarkan returned to Irugo, Aristine returned with him.

This was because of what Hamill said when he briefly regained consciousness on the verge of death.

He asked that Prince Hamill be declared dead even if he were to survive.

Since they couldn’t reveal that Hamill had been moved to Silvanus and was undergoing treatment, they disguised the assassin who attacked Aristine as Hamill.

“When I woke up back then, you were angry at me.”

“Because you were saying I shouldn’t push myself to save you and it was okay for you to die.”

Hamill laughed at Aristine’s answer.

“At the time, I really wanted to die.”


“If I’d died protecting you, I would be okay with it.”

“I wouldn’t be okay with it.”

“I wouldn’t mind that either.”

At Hamill’s response, Aristine’s eyes turned sharped.

Hamill smiled, passing it off as a joke and quietly continued.

“Although I’m alive, Prince Hamill is dead. Thanks to that, the political conflict putting Irugo in danger is gone.”

It was exactly as he said.

Without Aristine and Tarkan there to stop it, Irugo would have been attacked by demonic beats or dragged into another war with Silvanus.

Aristine lowered her eyes.

It was saddening to hear him say that erasing himself was the best thing he could do for Irugo.

“So you decided to die?”

“It could only be resolved with my death.”

“There was another way…even the deposed queen deeply regretted it when you died.”

Hearing that, a harsh laugh left Hamill’s lips.

“I’ll bet she was more shocked to lose a useful card than by my death.”

Aristine did not respond to that.

There wasn’t much she could say.

She had also had a difficult life and she couldn’t bring herself to tell someone to trust a parent’s love unconditionally.

“Royal father is here.”

Instead, she changed the subject.

“I can’t say much regarding the deposed queen, but Royal father is still mourning the loss of his son. Even Yenika as well.”

When Aristine asked if he was really not going to tell anyone, Lu smiled.

His smile looked so fragile, as if he was about to disappear and Aristine couldn’t help but grab his arm.


“Live, huh,” His turquoise eyes peered at Aristine, “If I live, will good things happen?”

Aristine could sense the lingering emotion behind that question. Without avoiding his gaze, she gave him a direct answer.

“That’s not up to me, it’s up to you. Because you and I are just friends.”

Hamill laughed.

She had no intention of taking responsibility, yet she wanted him to live. How cruel.

“Just live. Life doesn’t always bring good things, but it’s not always bad either.”
“Live your life like that, and even find love.”

At those words, a sharp pain flashed in Hamill’s eyes.

Hearing her tell him to find love made his breath catch in his throat.

If she knew how he felt, she wouldn’t say such words. Even if he died, he wanted to remain in her heart.

Yet, how could she—.

The moment he looked into Aristine’s eyes, Hamill realized.

‘No, that’s wrong.’

She knew how he felt.

‘That’s why she said that.’

She was so cruel and kind, shutting off even the slightest space.

The energy in Hamill’s eyes slowly drained away.

“Yes, I’ll fall in love.”

He spoke.

“I’ll find someone prettier than you and we’ll be like two peas in a pod.”

“Is that right.”

“I’ll have more children than you.”

“Mn, I guess you will.”

Aristine nodded her head.

Hamill smiled but his smile was riddled with paid.

“But before I do that, before I do this, let me just ask one last question.”

Even though he knew the answer, he couldn’t give up. Hamill’s lips were parched, yet he opened his mouth.

“If you had married me instead of Tarkan, would you have loved me?”


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  1. Thank you so much for the uploads, Miss Ruby, even though you were busy with babysitting.

    Oh, Hamill. What a foolish question… Aristine had no interest in love when she married Tarkan. I think if she had married Hamill instead, I think she would have stuck with her plan to divorce and live by herself.
    Knowing her, I know she won’t say “yes” just to ease his pain. She’ll be painfully honest to cut off any of his lingering feelings. Asking such a question was foolish.

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