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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 285]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (20)

Heh, Letanasia’s red lips curved into an arc.

“I can win Prince Tarkan’s heart.”

At those words, the emperor’s eyes narrowed.

“You can win that bastard’s heart?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Even the emperor could agree that his charming second daughter was a much better fit to captivate a man’s heart than his stiff first daughter.

Even if you put aside her status as a princess, Letanasia was the embodiment of a man’s ideal woman.

But from the way Letanasia spoke with confidence, he had a feeling there was more to this story.

Seeing the emperor waiting for her to explain further, Letanasia opened her mouth.

“Actually, I ran into Prince Tarkan in the corridor earlier.”

“Ran into him, you say.”

The emperor’s face brightened up.

Seeing the anticipation in his eyes, Letanasia nodded her head.

“I purposefully ran into him to ease your worries, Imperial Father.”

“I knew it; you’re the only child I can count on, my dear Lea.”

The emperor roared with laughter and praised his daughter.

“Gee, Imperial Father. Elder brother and big sister will be sad if they hear that.”

“Let them be sad. You are my only joy.” The emperor laughed and lowered her head before asking in a covert tone. “So, did you read it?”

“Of course.”

Letanasia’s reply filled the emperor’s eyes with satisfaction. And seeing that, a smirk lined her lips.

Letanasia’s ability.

She could read the memories of others through physical contact.

When Letanasia was born, the emperor didn’t pay much attention to her. At the time, his attention was solely on Aristine.

Most of the direct descendants of the Silvanus Imperial family were born with an ability. But among them, it was extremely rare to be born with an ability so great that it could be called ‘authority’.

And Aristine was born with that very authority.

The fact that a child gifted with authority came out of his generation made the emperor’s greedy eyes turn red.

He put Aristine, his newborn child, in danger countless times in the hopes that her potential would blossom in a moment of crisis.

He wanted her to quickly awaken her power.

With her awakened authority, he could make himself the absolute ruler of this world.

In a sense, it was fortunate for Letanasia.

Since Launelian was his first child, the expectant emperor tormented him in the hopes that he would soon awaken to his power. But when he awakened, the emperor practically neglected him because he judged his telekinesis to be useless.

Normally, imperials with telekinesis could only exert enough power to bend a spoon or float small objects in the air. Who knew what Launelian had experienced while growing up, but his current telekinesis ability was so formidable that it defied expectations.

The emperor was a little disappointed in his son having telekinesis, but that was all. This was because the empress was pregnant with Aristine at around the same time, so his attention had already shifted.

Furthermore, this was a child born with authority in the Chrysea palace.

The emperor was eager to quickly awaken and grow Aristine’s abilities.

However, no matter what extremes she was thrown into, Aristine never awakened her power.

While the emperor was agonizing over how to awaken Aristine, his second daughter, who was born without authority, was practically invisible to him.

Thanks to that, Letanasia was the only one of the emperor’s children who escaped his abuse.

And she was able to awaken her ability without difficulty.

The ability to read memories through physical contact with others.

That news was like sweet rain for the emperor who was furious with Aristine for her inability to awaken even after being born with authority.

All abilities awakened before the age of five.

The higher his expectations and greed were, the higher his hatred and anger became towards Aristine, who reached six years old without awakening.

Because she was a sinner who ruined his grand plans before they could even come to fruition.

He was very delighted when his daughter, whom he had no expectations for, brought him the only satisfactory result.

Letanasia felt like the last gift from God.

The story would have been different if Aristine had awakened her powers, but since she didn’t, Letanasia’s powers were very much needed by the emperor.

Although her ability was very limited, it was politically indispensable.

Like this very moment.

“And I found out something very valuable.” Letanasia continued.

The emperor’s eyes lit up, “Go on.”

“I saw Prince Tarkan’s first love.”

“First love?”

That was not what he expected to hear. He wanted to know Tarkan’s weakness or dirty linen. What was he going to do with some first love?

Despite the emperor’s disappointment, Letanasia smiled deeply.

“She was a very cute and lovely girl. Although, her scrawny body made her look unseemly.”


The emperor hummed insincerely with a lukewarm attitude.

He was only like this because it was Letanasia. With anyone else, he wouldn’t even respond.

“If her features were nurtured, she would certainly turn out to be a great beauty.”

Letanasia grinned.

“Like me.”

The emperor, who had been leaning in his chair, straightened up at those lightly added words.

“Hoh, did that girl look like you?”

“My appearance when I was younger, yes. Of course, she couldn’t have grown up like me. In the first place, she looked rather shabby compared to me when I was young.”

As a princess beloved by the emperor, Letanasia exuded elegance since she was a child.

“But her hair and her eyes were the same color.”

“Not just blonde, but the same color?”

From generation to generation, direct descendants of the Silvanus family were born with a specific shade of blonde and silver hair.

It was proof of the ability engraved in their blood.

Dark blonde hair that looked like honey and silver hair with a hint of purple were definitely rare colors.

To be point that it made one wonder how someone who was not a direct descendent of the imperial family had that same color.

“Memories tend to be distorted.”

Letanasia smiled.

This was the biggest weakness of Letanasia’s ability.

After all, it read memories and depending on the target, the truth was sometimes distorted.

That was why it differed from an ‘authority’.

Because an ‘authority’ like the Monarch’s Sight only showed the truth and the fact.

However, there were also advantages to this.

Being that she could also read the emotions of the target in the memory.

“It was a very fond memory. He cherishes it even to this day.”

At those words, the deep smile spread across the emperor’s lips. Now he understood why Letanasia said she could win Tarkan’s heart.

“It should be easy then.”

“Yes, if there is a divide between Prince Tarkan and Sister Aristine…”

“Launelian will definitely not join forces with him.”

The emperor nodded in satisfaction.

For a brat who couldn’t wait to die for his little sister, that was to be expected.

“And we can shrink the position of Prince Tarkan, who has displeased Imperial Father.”

No one wants to side with a man who fell for his wife’s sister.

“Yes, such an arrogant bastard.”

The emperor ground his teeth at the thought of Tarkan.

‘So emotional.’

Letanasia inwardly ridiculed the emperor, but her face showed nothing.

In the current situation where Launelian was gaining serious power, it would be more beneficial to draw Tarkan’s favor to their side.

‘As for whether he stabs Tarkan later or not, that’s how he should act first.’

But seeing how the emperor was acting now, she could already tell how he acted without being there to see it.

“By the way, Sister Aristine and Prince Tarkan seem to have a much better relationship than I expected?”

She thought Aristine would be drenched in tears after being sent to a barbaric country.

‘I don’t like it.’

“It’s an arranged marriage regardless. No such thing as a good relationship.”

The emperor chuckled and shook his head back and forth.

“That wench might have a nice face but that’s all she has. There’s no charm in that stiff thing. Lea, don’t worry, she can’t even be compared to you.”

At the emperor’s words, Letanasia gave a faint smile. She wasn’t exactly worried about that part.

“I’m very happy to hear you say that, Imperial Father.”

But she just nodded her head in assent.

“Plus, their good relationship might be an act to fool Brother Launelian.”

“You’re right, I’m sure that’s what it is.”

‘Even if they’re actually close, there should be plenty of room for me to squeeze in, considering how fond he is of the memory of his first love.’

Letanasia was full of confidence.

Aristine and Letanasia.

Since there were only two princesses, they were naturally subject to comparison.

Of the two, people naturally chose Letanasia.

An unsightly princess who grew up in confinement was only an object of her ridicule or sympathy.

Aristine was neither pliable nor soft. She is stiff and had no knack for dealing with men.

‘I’m sure she spoke crudely to Prince Tarkan without holding anything back.’

Letanasia was right on the mark.

From the very first meeting, Aristine told Tarkan that she thought he was a shy pervert.

If there’s one thing Letanasia overlooked, it’s that the shy pervert heard himself being called a pervert and it increased his favorability towards Aristine. Of course, the person himself would never admit it.

‘Just by looking at big sister and me, people tend to like me.’

So, the effect should be even greater on Tarkan since she resembled his first love whom he still longed for.

‘They do say that a man can never forget his first love.’

This was an easy victory.

From Letanasia’s point of view, even if she herself compared her appearance with the girl in Tarkan’s memory, she would believe that they were the same person.

‘I’m sorry, Sister Aristine.’

Letanasia hummed lightly and smiled.

‘Victory will be mine once again.’

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