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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 36]

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Episode 7: Fluffy (1)

The dining came to an end with dessert.

People began to move around freely and gathered in groups for pleasant discussion.

There were many Irugo nobles who approached the rarely seen Silvanus delegation with interest. Of course, the person who received the most attention was Aristine.

The people supporting Hamill held their heads high and acted uninterested in Aristine, but that was not the case for the other nobles. Many of them approached Aristine, including Marquis Issara who was said to be the leader of the neutral faction in the fight for succession. Some also approached her because they were simply curious about the Princess of Silvanus.

“This cannot go on, Your Majesty, the Queen.”

When the Duke of Skiela said that, the Queen nodded.

“I know that as well.”

Her gaze was fixed on Aristine, who was sitting in the Crown Princess seat and talking with the nobles. As well as Tarkan who was sitting next to her in the Crown Prince’s seat.

He was sitting down in a careless and relaxed manner as if the seat belonged to him while watching Aristine who was chatting with the nobles.

“Do they even know what position that is, how dare they…”

She ground her teeth harshly.

“Please calm down, Your Majesty.”

The Queen relaxed her expression at her father’s reminder.

“Unlike what I expected, the princess is no ordinary person. And I was glad when I heard she was a half-wit.”

The King did not blatantly show his inclination because there was a lot of opposition from the nobles, but everyone knew he intended to make Tarkan his successor. Despite that, no one thought it was even feasible until now.

The queen’s influence was just that strong and the high-ranking nobles did not want a king of low birth. But if a princess with the blood of the oldest ruling family became Tarkan’s sturdy ally then…

Golden blood.

The conservative nobles who were obsessed with bloodline would change their attitudes as well. Even more so if the princess herself had significant political capability.

‘How exactly does she have such dignity and elegance when she is said to have been ignored and locked up, not even getting to see the sunlight…’

The environment she was in should have been vacant, with nothing to see, learn from or imitate.

‘She couldn’t have cultivated such a smooth tongue either.’

She met the conditions that the conservative nobles loved perfectly.

It was a pity.

‘If only His Majesty had paired the princess with Hamill.’

There would be no one who could stand in their way. And they wouldn’t need to worry about the likes of Tarkan.

However, the princess had become Tarkan’s partner and judging by her attitude, she was already cooperating with him.

‘As much as it is a shame, she is opponent that must be eliminated at all cost.’

The Queen turned away from Aristine and whispered to Duke Skiela.

“I’ll have to tell Hamill to come back as soon as possible.”

For now, she had to write a letter to her eldest son who was away.

“That is a good idea. When His Highness is back, the nobles who are getting confused with be able to make the right decision.”

While the Queen and Duke Skiela were whispering to each other, Aristine felt a gaze on her and looked around. A lot of people were paying attention to her. But the one that caught her eye was the Silvanus Delegation.

They were all staring at her with baffled expressions on their faces. Their faces showed that they couldn’t adapt to the change in the princess who had lived as quiet as the dead in the Empire.

‘I bet the Emperor will hear of this when the delegation gets back. Or maybe they’ll send the news tonight?’

Whichever it was, it didn’t matter.

Aristine was going to live in Irugo from now on, and Tarkan had decided to protect her.

‘Well, their faces are unpleasant to see so I hope they go back soon.’

The knights and maid serving Aristine were to remain by her side, but the delegation was set to return home after completing their duties.

Since the one thing they had to do today was finished, there was only one thing left.

‘My wedding.’

* * *

Tarkan’s palace was full of energy for a change.

The atmosphere was usually rigid and solemn like its owner but today, it was as relaxed as a festival. Naturally, this was because its owner’s wedding was just around the corner.

In addition, the princess, who was the bride-to-be, was someone who enjoyed being attended to.

She was brimful of elegance like the princess she was but at times, she looked like an easygoing and laid-back adult while also seeming like a child who was seeing the world for the first time.

Most of all—.

‘She’s pretty!’

It has been said since ancient times that what is good for the eyes is also good for the body.

The court servants were more drawn to the princess than their master whom they respected but also feared.

“Your Highness, Princess, as you know, the wedding will be happening soon.”

“A marriage is a one in a lifetime event so of course, your opinions are the most important, don’t you agree? Is there anything you want, Princess?”

“We will try our best to make it as perfect and amazing as possible so you can get ahead and tell us whatever dream or imagination you have for your wedding.”

The court ladies who had grown close to her at some point looked at her with those sorts of pleas in their eyes.

“Something I want, huh. Hm, I don’t exactly…” (Aristine)

That sort of things was for people who wanted to get married. What Aristine wanted was not marriage but freedom in her life. A life where she could go anywhere, she wanted without being locked up.

‘So frankly, I’m fine with anything for my marriage— Ah.’

Aristine suddenly remembered something and opened her mouth.

“There is one thing.”

“One thing? Just that? You can tell us everything, it doesn’t matter how small!”

“What is the one thing?”

“Just tell us whatever it is. We will definitely prepare it for you!”

The court ladies’ eyes sparkled as they looked forward to what Aristine was going to say.

But what she ended up saying was,

“Something soft and fluffy.”

“Yes, soft and fluffy…what?!”

They didn’t understand what that meant.

No, actually, there was one thing that came to mind when a bride-to-be says she wants something fluffy.

‘It can’t be that.’

‘I must have heard wrong.’

“I’m sorry. What did you say?” (?)

“I want something fluffy.” (Aristine)

“Yes?” (?)

“You don’t know what that fluffy thing is? I like that soft and fluffy feeling. It feels good when you lie down on it.”


Even the veteran court ladies couldn’t keep their composure at those words which were akin to hammering the nail into the coffin.


Translator’s Corner:

*I’m noticing a lot of comments that can’t tell who’s speaking so I’ll try putting brackets when I think it might be confusing.


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  1. i’m confused on what the soft and fluffy thing can suggest lmao, like soft bedding?? i’m guessing it might imply that she plans getting wild her wedding night lol?? and thank you for the chapter!!

  2. I think putting their names in brackets is a good decision. This chapter wasn’t confusing so it wasn’t needed but some dialogues in previous chapters were indeed confusing. But rather than putting names everywhere, it’s better to only do this when there’s some long or confusing conversation. Doing this everytime will make it look cramped and disorganized.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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