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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 55]

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Not An Ordinary Wedding (3)

T/N: I fell asleep.

* * *

“The union of these two is not the simple union of a man and woman but a sacred… ending the long-standing hostility between Silvanus and Irugo… through this marriage, these two countries will achieve peace and harmony…”

The priest’s words went on for a long time. He was quite moved so he spoke more passionately than usual.

Let us wish blessings on the future of this bride and groom…!

People are usually the most susceptible to what they see. He had already felt inspired by this marriage for peace, so his excitement was doubled.

He looked at Tarkan and Aristine, who looked like a pair of a god and goddess, and spoke his final words.

“Now, you may kiss to seal your vow.”


Aristine felt Tarkan’s body tense for a moment as she was holding his arm.

When she turned to face him, she could tell he was quite taken aback even though he was trying to manage his expression.

However, Aristine couldn’t understand his hesitation at all.

In weddings, a kiss of affirmation was a fundamental yet important procedure. It wasn’t like this event came out of nowhere, so she didn’t get why he was so thrown off.

‘Hmm, they did say people get emotional on their wedding day. Then again, he is a very shy man.’

The more they waited, the more bashful he would get so it might be better if she gave him a hand.

‘Let’s get it over with!’

“It’s okay, Tarkan.”

Aristine patted Tarkan’s arm.

“It’s just one part of your body touching another very briefly. You don’t need to be so shy.”

Tarkan looked at Aristine who was talking to him seriously while looking into eyes, and he felt a little speechless.

Aristine was reassuring him and even gave him a slight nod with the most reliable expression on her face.


Shy? Who the hell was she calling shy?
If anyone was shy here, shouldn’t that be the new bride?

However, the new bride, who was expected to be shy and embarrassed, was patting her new groom sincerely and telling him to trust her.

When Tarkan didn’t say anything because he was dumbfounded, Aristine seemed to interpret his silence another way and squeezed him arm as if she was trying to instill courage in him.

Tarkan’s eyes twitched at the movement of the soft hand tightening around his arm muscles.

“It’s really no big deal.”

“No big deal? Have you done it enough to say that?”

Tarkan himself didn’t know why he asked that kind of question.

Even if she had kissed another man countless times, it had nothing to do with him.

“What, why are you taking it that way? All I’m saying is, it’s just body parts touching so it’s no big deal.”

Aristine whispered as if she was frustrated.

Tarkan’s left eyebrow rose up.

‘So are you saying you’ve done it a lot with another guy or not.’

Why are you avoiding the answer?

Tarkan looked down at Aristine’s small face with dissatisfaction.

Her face was as expressionless as always so he couldn’t tell what she was thinking.

‘Whatever, that’s none of my business.’

Tarkan thought to himself, as if making a resolution.

She was his counterpart in an arranged marriage and like she said, they were merely business partners. It was not his concern how she got along with another man, nor did he care.

“It’s just a simple touch. Just like how I’m holding your arm right now.”

Aristine’s fingers slid over his skin which was exposed between his gloves and sleeves. Their bare skins were touching each other.

“This is no different from a kiss.”

Her soft whispering voice flitted past his ears like a spring breeze.

‘…this is a kiss too?’

Tarkan’s gaze fell on his forearm.

Her fingers were burrowing into the gap in his modest and disciplined attire. It felt a little cold.

On the other hand, she must feel like his skin was hot.

But as they touched each other, their body heat was gradually transferred and soon enough, the feeling of hot and cold disappeared.

Like they had become one.

A kiss.

Flinch, Tarkan’s muscles contracted again.

As she was in contact with him, Aristine felt it and looked up at him as though asking why.

Her clean, clear, and glimmering eyes.

For some reason, it was hard for Tarkan to look into those eyes. It felt like there was heat rising in his body.

Aristine’s fingers felt a little more vivid and cool.

* * *

“Haa, I wonder what they’re whispering about.”

A young miss sitting in the guest seats with her hands clasped in front of her chest mumbled, as she stared at the bride and groom.

The two of them paused just before kissing and they were looking deep into each other’s eyes and whispering to each other; the sight made people’s hearts flutter just by watching them.

The beaded crystals that adorned the ceremonial hall reflected light on the bride and groom, illuminating them brilliantly. It was as if light was shining from the two of them.

Aristine’s wedding dress was a dazzling pure-white and the jewels and white-gold chain hanging from it sparkled with life. It was a scene that seemed impossible to replicate even if you tried to recreate it in an opera house.

The sight of the bride and groom whispering softly to each other while looking only at each other at a distance close enough to touch.

“They must be whispering their love.”

“This cannot be a loveless arranged marriage.”

“It started out as an arranged marriage but turned out to be true love.”

A wreath full of charming flowers lay on Aristine’s head while a bouquet of flowers rested in her arms.

That appearance evoked a more romantic imagination in those who saw her.

It seemed as if there was a burning and desperate love story between the two that no one knew about. No, it didn’t just seem like it, there certainly was one.

For example…let’s say two people fell in love with each other at first sight and decide to run away and secretly get married despite their family’s opposition…then the woman fakes her death, but the man thinks she’s really dead and follows after her and the woman wakes up and follows him in death as well…that kind of story…

‘A truly beautiful love.’

‘A love that will never die…’

‘Your Highnesses, I wish you happiness.’

The young misses who were full of dreams and romance cheered for the two of them with tears in their eyes.

In reality, the people concerned were having an unrelated conversation, but their faces made it seem like they were having a fiery love exchange.

Well, the chances of that happening was very low.

“Oh my gosh, I just heard His Highness Tarkan say something.”

“Gasp, really? What did he say?”

“I will never look at anyone else for the rest of my life and I will love only you. That’s what he said.”

“I knew it…!”

“Ah, I heard it too. He said, ‘even if I have to sacrifice my soul, I will definitely make you happy’…”

“Her Highness must be so touched.”

“Imagine how moving it must be to pledge your future together.”

Before the sealing kiss, they looked at each other and whispered their eternal love, so now everything was ready. Now only one thing was left.

‘A kiss…!’

‘Kiss! Kiss!’

The wedding guest smiled delightedly. No one knew why they were getting excited when the person kissing was someone else.

People struggled to hide their peeking gums.

And finally, the bride and groom stopped whispering and looked at each other.

Their lips slowly, and steadily drew closer.



Translator’s Corner:

**Beautiful love. Kek. Lots of daydreamers in this wedding audience lol. Behold, the future fanfiction writers.


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  1. Oh finally! I have been waiting for 2 days! Thank you so much! And can someone please tell me where re f*ck is this man’s common sense? How the hell would she be kissing some other man countless times before if she was said to be caged in until now?

  2. “I will never look at anyone else for the rest of my life and I will love only you. That’s what he said.”

    “Ah, I heard it too. He said, ‘even if I have to sacrifice my soul, I will definitely make you happy’…”

    Lmao wth!! This ladies are about to write a best seller

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