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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 321

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Awwww, my little bwaby (7)

The queen’s plan was remarkably simple, yet incredibly effective.

To make Tarkan angrier than ever before.

Because her aim was to turn Aristine into disgraceful adulteress. To sow doubts about the true father of the child in her womb.

Tarkan looked like he was about to storm out immediately, but Aristine held his hand.

“There’s no need to be upset.”

“I shouldn’t be upset?” Tarkan’s voice was almost a growl.

“If you go over there angry, what good will it do? Nothing has happened yet. I’m sure she’ll just say you’re framing her.”

Tarkan’s eyes widened and he stared at his wife who was pointing everything out so clearly.

He sighed and ran a hand over his face.

How could this woman remain so calm even at a time like this? This didn’t make her feel angry or furious or wronged or even scared?

Now that he thought about it, she had been reading that report since earlier, yet her expression had never changed.

Aristine smiled brightly and wrapped her arms around Tarkan’s neck.

“You know, you lose your calm when it concerns me. Yet you like telling me to always remain calm when devising tactics in critical situations.”

As he listened to his wife’s words while she hung from his neck, Tarkan finally took a deep breath. His hands pulled Aristine closer, hugging her waist tightly.

He let his body relax and sank back into the cushion. Naturally, as he reclined, Aristine was positioned on top of him. Her silver hair fell onto him like a waterfall.

A moment passed while Tarkan stared at his wife’s face. Suddenly, he spoke, “I really hate it.”


“I really, really hate it.”

Aristine smiled and gently stroked his face.

In the past, she might have tilted her head, wondering what he hated so much. But now, she knew what he was referring to.

However, knowing your opponent’s plan first usually meant an opportunity to catch them off guard. If anything, she found herself thinking this might actually be fun.

“You hate the idea of me bring tied with another man that much, even if it’s fake?”

Tarkan pursed his lips in frustration.

Aristine giggled and kissed his taut lips.

“What can you do? This is karma.”

“What? How?”

“You were tied with another woman too.”

Tarkan frowned and his expression seemed to be asking what in the world she was talking about. Then his eyes widened and thinking, ‘no way…’, he opened his mouth.

“But my first love was you in the end!”

“Yes, but then Dionna used that to act so detestably.”

Tarkan was about to respond but he eventually closed his mouth. He was a wise man. He knew he wasn’t going to win this argument with his wife.

“And so, let’s put aside the discomfort and think about how to deal with this,” Aristine said, patting the report.

Tarkan looked into her eyes and sighed deeply.

“You look like you’ve already thought about what to do without even thinking about it, though?”

Aristine gave a profound smile. “You know me way too well, don’t you think?”

“Who knows. Whenever I’m starting to think that, you always stab me in the back…”

Tarkan raised his hands which were wrapped around Aristine’s waist and slowly stroked her back.

“Let’s hear it. What’s your plan?”

Aristine chuckled at Tarkan’s words and replied, “Good.”

“But before that,” Aristine smiled and let her body sink fully onto Tarkan’s body.

The feeling of Aristine’s soft body pressed tightly against him made Tarkan feel tense.

“Let me recharge.”

Tarkan stared at his wife, who was smiling without any ulterior motive or intent to seduce him and heaved a sigh that seemed to contain the urge boiling inside him.

“As you wish.”

Soon, a golden aura enveloped the two bodies which were overlapped together as one.

When Tarkan’s lips touched hers, Aristine parted her lips allowing him inside.

As his hot tongue penetrated her mouth, his golden aura also swarmed into her.

Aristine’s body trembled.

Even though Tarkan knew he could stop now, he only deepened their kiss.

For a good while, no voices could be heard from the tearoom.

* * *

The news of Aristine’s pregnancy had already been spread beyond the nobles and onto the public.

Nephther wanted the whole world to share his joy.

A grand party was held to celebrate Aristine’s pregnancy and her return to Irugo.

It was such a huge party that the rumor mongers were already talking about its scale before the invitations were even released.

On the day of the party, reporters positioned themselves in front of the red carpeted steps and took pictures of the people entering the party hall.

“Wow, this is crazy.”

The party’s extravagance was obvious just by looking at the outfits worn by the nobles.

As they watched people entering, the reporters clicked their tongues.

“It’s definitely nuts. They even gave out free alcohol and meat in the square today. If they’re going that far, imagine the party.”

“His Majesty must really cherish the Princess Consort. To think he’s even ordered alcohol and meat across the country just because she’s pregnant.”

“Oh! That’s Her Majesty’s carriage.”

Once they saw the seal on the fancy carriage, the reporters quickly turned their cameras towards it.

The sight of the Queen and Yenikarina descending, each escorted by Hamill, looked as beautiful as a painting.

“Hm? Why didn’t Her Majesty the Queen come with His Majesty…”

“He’s throwing such a grand party for her political enemy; do you think she’ll want to see her husband’s face?”

“I guess it would be too blatant not to attend so she came, but she probably didn’t want to come as a partner with His Majesty.”

The reporters lowered their voice and whispered so that the queen wouldn’t hear them.

Even then, their hands were busy taking pictures.

Yenikarina smiled brightly amidst the noisy shutter sounds and twinkling flashes, akin to a chirping bird.

One cannot imagine how much she had prepared for today.

Her face and skin were flawless, and the ensemble of her dress and accessories could easily buy a castle.

‘Hehe, Yenika will be the star of today’s party.’

Because of this, Yenikarina was confident that she would shine brighter than anyone else at this party.

Just as she was standing proudly in front of reporters…

“It’s the Princess Consort’s carriage!”

After that scream, every reporter’s head turned in one direction. As if someone had pulled a thread.

A certain carriage was slowly approaching the entrance of the hall.

A beautifully embedded Argen Aqua glistened in the center of the immaculate white carriage.

This luxurious carriage, a one-of-a-kind existence in Irugo, or rather the whole world, was custom-made by Nephther for his beloved daughter-in-law.

The shutter sounds, which had paused for a moment, began to rise madly. The burst of continuous shots was almost incomparable to before.

Yenikarina bit her lips at this sight.

All the reporters that were taking pictures of her were now taking pictures of Aristine’s carriage.

‘She hasn’t even gotten off the carriage! What are you going to achieve by taking pictures of the carriage?’

She would have understood if Aristine had gotten out or something. Seeing this scene made her fume with anger.

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  1. Yenika… child… this entire party was prepared for Aristine because she’s pregnant. Desiring the spotlight at a party that was thrown and prepared for someone else is not only selfish but also stupid. She’s basically setting herself up for disappointment. Smh…

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