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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 68

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We’ll just hold hands and sleep. You trust me, right? (7)

“To think these bastards are knights…”

The Silvanian knights were startled by the low voice that rang out.

‘It’s talking…?’

Only then did they realize that the horrible monster was in the shape of a human.

Their vision, which had tunneled due to the alcohol and fear, slowly began to broaden.

“Ah, you’re that Irugo warrior.”

The Head Knight belatedly raised the corner of his lips and spoke to Mukali. As he spoke, his appearance was truly unsightly and pathetic.

Every day, he boasted about how the barbarians would fall apart with one swing of his sword, so it made him look even more unsightly.

He couldn’t help but feel conscious of the gazes of his subordinates and puffed his chest in an attempt to act dignified.

But with his frighteningly pale face and trembling body, he was almost pitiful to look at.

Unaware of this fact, the Head Knight deluded himself to think he upheld his courage against this disgusting barbarian.

‘It looks more repulsive and hideous up-close.’

He frowned as he looked at Mukali’s face.

Despite knowing about it, it was horrible enough that he was confused whether the man was human or a demonic beast.

His seemingly rotten left eye was a quite noticeable feature, so the Silvanian Knights already knew Mukali’s face.

When he passed by, they mimicked his face and mocked him from afar. So, they were also well aware that Mukali was unsatisfied with the Princess.

It was a serious offense to say such vulgar words about the Princess and there was nothing they could say even if they were immediately taken to prison.

Since the person who caught them was Mukali, the Head Knight figured it wasn’t too bad.

“Come to think of it, you don’t like the Princess that much either, right?”

The Head Knight asked Mukali, pretending to be relaxed while conscious of his subordinates who were looking at him.

“How about joining us?”

Honestly, he didn’t want to be next to such a hideous savage for even a second. But after seeing Mukali’s iron-like fist, he couldn’t say such things.

“I get why you don’t like the Princess. No man likes a rigid woman who doesn’t know her place.”

The Head Knight nodded as if he was all-knowing. Then he lowered his voice and whispered to Mukali.

“The more they act like that, the more you need to tame them, and they become more obedient.”

His dirty hand gestures were a bonus.

The Head Knight grinned widely. There was no man who didn’t like talking about such things. Even more so when the other party was a savage who looked like a beast.

Just as he expected, Mukali opened his mouth, seemingly interested.

“Like I said, who?”

The Head Knight frowned at the reply which was different from his expectations.

The man should have understood after he said this much.

‘I guess he can’t understand because he’s a stupid barbarian.’

He tried to hide his thoughts and replied, “Of course, I mean the princess. What do you think?”

“So you were really talking about the Princess.”

“Indeed, although that wench has a temper, her looks are—”

The Head Knight couldn’t finish his sentence.


The sound of bones cracking rang out as the Head Knight’s jaw dislocated. It didn’t stop there; his body was unable to withstand the force and spun as he was swept onto the floor.


The Silvanus Knights froze and stared at his fallen visage in shock. They didn’t know how to react after his fists landed like that.

The Head Knight trembled spasmodically as he was thrown onto the floor.

“Ugh, hg…”

It was only after hearing his feeble groans that the Knights hurriedly rushed to the Head Knight like they’d been released from their lock.

“Are you okay, sir?”


The Head Knight barely managed to lift his upper body with the help of the knights. His cheek had turned red and swollen after being hit by that iron fist.

And there seemed to be a problem with his bones.

He could barely open the eye on the side that he was hit, and perhaps a blood vessel had burst because the whites of his eyes were stained with blood.


“What the…”

He looked wretched as if he had been hit dozens of times instead of just once on the cheek.

“Hu, ah, ah…”

His tongue was swollen so the knights couldn’t really understand what the Head Knight was saying.

There seemed to be a cut in his mouth because his mouth was leaking blood-soaked saliva and two teeth were protruding to the point that it was embarrassing to look him straight in the face.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!”

“We will formally protest this matter!”

“How dare you be so violent, as expected, you barbarians are…”

The Knights of Silvanus were enraged and began to raise their voice but when they saw Mukali’s face, they flinched.

When they saw Mukali’s terrifying face, they realized this wasn’t the time to act strong.

“Oh dear…”

Right then, someone walked out from behind Mukali. He looked at the Head Knight’s face and shook his head in resignation.

“You’ve done it again.”

It was Jacquelin, Tarkan’s strategist.

“He deserves to be hit.” (Mukali)

“You always say that after hitting people.” (Jacquelin)

“But this guy…!”

“I know.”

Jacquelin replied then he lifted the Head Knight to his feet.

Saying ‘he lifted’ was a lie because he practically grabbed the man by the neck and pulled him up.


A dull sound of flesh hitting flesh rang out as the Head Knight’s face suddenly changed. The other side of his face which had been fine so far began to swell too.

“Now you’ve done it too.”


While bantering like that, Mukali and Jacquelin looked at the remaining knights who had gone pale. Then they raised their fist.



Durante, who was at the back watching the two of them harmoniously beat up the knights, gave a deep sigh.

Now that the bastard known as ‘the schemer’ had joined in, dealing with the aftermath was entirely up to him. [1]

Since it couldn’t be helped, he might as well finish it off.

He walked up to the Head Knight who had collapsed while foaming at the mouth, then he gently pressed down with his boots.

On the eggs between the man’s legs.


A terrible and chilling scream rippled through the air.

Crack, the eggs broke.

* * *

Back to the front of the bridal chamber.

Tarkan and Aristine were still frozen.

There seemed to be a terrible scream coming from somewhere, as if someone had lost the most precious thing in their life.

But with ‘shalala~’ sound effect everywhere, it passed by their ears without any significance. (T/N: Imaginary sound effect)

Tarkan couldn’t bring himself to take a step inside.

Meanwhile, Aristine strode into the marital room.

She was a little surprised by the unexpected interior design, but she didn’t find it strange. It might be a little crazy spending every night here, but it was much better than the place where she was imprisoned.

‘No, I can’t even compare the two.’

She walked up to the bed then she looked back at Tarkan who was still standing at the doorway.

“What are you doing? You’re not coming in?”

Seeing Tarkan raise a brow, Aristine tilted her head.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?”

This time, his eyes shook.

Aristine lightly sat on the bed.

Indeed, the court ladies were right in telling her to trust them. It was incredibly fluffy and soft.

“It’s very fluffy.”

This time, Tarkan’s body flinched.

‘Why is he acting like this again?’

Aristine looked at him doubtfully and gave up thinking about it. Too many things happened today, and she had just taken a bath so her whole body felt languid.

Tarkan entered the room very slowly.

His steps were cautious and vigilant, like a beast that had entered an unknown territory.

Aristine flung away the rose petals and dove under the blanket. As she lay sprawled comfortably, the soft bed cradled her like it was sucking her in.

The blanket was also very cozy.

‘So nice…’

She was in bliss.

When she opened her eyes slightly, she saw Tarkan who had approached the bed at some point, looking down at her. His expression was complicated, and he looked like he had a lot to say.

‘I’m sure he has a lot to say.’

But before that, she had to strike first.

Aristine poked one hand out of the blanket and point to the floor.

“Well, you can sleep on the floor.”

Tarkan’s face turned strange.

Aristine puffed herself up like she was bracing herself. The bed must be defended!

“I definitely said it! I told you many times I like the fluffy one.”

At those words, Tarkan’s expression turned even stranger.

‘So in other words, she wasn’t asking for a fluffy bed because she expected an incredible night…’

It meant she was going to sleep on the soft bed while Tarkan slept on the hard floor.

Aristine strengthened her resolve and looked at Tarkan with round eyes.

She was never going to yield!

However, Tarkan didn’t even move a muscle and kept standing there.

After having an intense mental battle by herself, Aristine sighed heavily.

“I guess it can’t be helped.”

Aristine slowly sat up.

And she stretched her hand towards Tarkan.

“We’ll just hold hands and sleep. You trust me, right?”



Translator’s Corner:

[1] When I looked this term up, the first thing I got was ‘machinator’ but I went with schemer because ‘Machinator’ sounds over-the-top. What do you think?

**Aw, I thought after YGTWHV, I was done translating sound effects. On a different note, I started laughing once I read eggs. I thought Durante was the level-headed one but he’s the extreme one lmao.


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