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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 307

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (42)

Aristine raised her hand and stroked Tarkan’s cheek.

Tarkan grasped Aristine’s hand tightly and buried his cheek in her palm.

His warm lips pressed against the lines of her palm.

Aristine broke out in a smile.


His deep voice was full of poignance and affection.

Tarkan could also tell what Aristine was feeling. Just by looking into her eyes like this, holding her hand and sharing each other’s warmth.

“You look just like in the past.” Tarkan whispered as he brushed Aristine’s hair to the side.

“Do you like me better this way?”, Aristine asked.

Tarkan couldn’t help but laugh.

“You always look pretty.”

When has the word ‘pretty’ ever felt so ticklish and heart-fluttering?

Hearing those words coming from Tarkan, combined with the look in his eyes, made those words feel more special than anything in the world.

“That is why my heart races whenever I see you.”

His firm hand wrapped around Aristine’s waist.

“Even when I didn’t know it was you, and even now when I know it is you.”

Tarkan bent over.

His black hair mingled with Aristine’s golden strands. The bridge of his nose brushed slightly against hers, and his well-shaped lips parted.

“My heart always beats for you alone.”

Aristine closed her eyes.

Tarkan brought his lips to hers, pulling her into a kiss.

As their breaths intertwined, Aristine hugged his neck tightly.

The Chrysea flowers sparkling at her feet exuded a dark, rich scent. The clusters of golden lights rose in the air, whirling around their entangled frames.

Amidst the brilliant light, the eyes of the two met.

And then—.


When the light faded, the two of them had completely disappeared.

Like they had never existed from the start.

It was as though the light was merely an illusion. For only the Chrysea flowers remained, quietly swaying in the wind in the now empty space.

* * *

As soon as Tarkan sensed something was off, he hugged Aristine tightly.

He strove to protect her and their child, even if it meant sacrificing himself.

However, the sensation he met was both fluffy and soft—.

‘A bed?!’

When he looked around, he found himself in a very familiar room. This was the room that Aristine was using in Launelian’s mansion.

“So we came together.” Aristine said, slipping out of his arms.

Tarkan, who was in the process of releasing her, paused.

“Your hair…”

Aristine’s hair had returned to its brilliant silver color. Her eyes color was no longer reversed, but a purple hue akin to the dawning sky.

“Oh, when I leave the mirror, it goes back to normal.”

“Leave the mirror? Are you talking about that mirrored surface you told me about before?”

“Mhm, a mirror shows a reversed image, doesn’t it?”

Hence, her eye color was reversed and became the opposite light green color.

The reason her silver hair turns blonde is because the Silvanus direct lineage had one of two types of hair color.

If it wasn’t blonde, it was silver and if it wasn’t silver, it was blonde.

“Although, it would be more accurate to say I experienced 〈Enlightenment〉 rather went into the mirror.”


“You will understand soon.” Aristine gave a smile and hugged Tarkan. “And seeing that we came together, it must be true.”

“What is?”

“That you are my flower.”

As she hugged Tarkan tightly and pressed her cheek against his broad chest, a deep sense of satisfaction welled up from within.

Upon seeing the smile on his wife’s face, Tarkan stopped asking anymore questions and hugged her back.

It was so strange.

Whenever he held Aristine, his heart grew tight and seemed to beat faster. He thought nothing could ever be better than this.

But now, he felt like they were connected more deeply and intimately then ever.

‘It feels good.”

Tarkan buried his face in Aristine’s neck and inhaled deeply, taking in her scent.

His arms hugging Aristine tightened around her.

They both decided to put the situation aside and just hugged each other for a while, sharing their warmth.

Needless to say, Launelian was fraught with worry, and it was only after a servant reported that they had found the two cuddling, that his fists began to tremble.


Translator’s Corner:

*Chapter is a little short but next chapter is almost triple the length.

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