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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 82]

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Episode 12: Dionna, hang in there! (3)

“I think I completely hurt her feelings. What do I do?”

“Don’t think too hard. If it bothers you that much, you can gift her something good for irritable bowels.” (Tarkan)

“Yeah, that would be best, right?”

There wasn’t even a hint of ill-intent on Aristine’s face when she asked that question. She looked completely oblivious about Dionna’s intentions for coming here.

Tarkan held back the laughter that was about to escape his mouth.

“By the way, don’t you need to go after her?”

Aristine used her eyes to gesture in the direction that Dionna had disappeared.

For some reason, Tarkan’s mood sank instantly.

“Why should I?”


Aristine was taken aback by his sharp reaction.

“Well, because Dionna seems unhappy?”

Shouldn’t a boyfriend go comfort his partner at a time like these? Did they fight?

Come to think of it, when Dionna asked earlier if the two of them could talk alone, Tarkan refused. If it was because of a fight, she could understand.

The reason Dionna wanted to talk alone was probably because of the fight as well.

As the third party, it wasn’t exactly something Aristine should concern herself about. Aristine decided to put that topic aside and brought up what she initially wanted to discuss with Tarkan.

“Hmm, then about the knights from earlier.”

The moment she said ‘knights’, Tarkan’s expression turned fierce. As long as Aristine gave the word, he was ready to go crush their windpipes.

This wasn’t because he had special intentions toward her. Tarkan has always been one to protect his people and as his bride, Aristine was naturally one of his.

That was all.

“Didn’t the knights seem a little strange? A bit mentally off…I’m not exactly sure what they’re planning.”


At those unexpected words, Tarkan grew tense.

The reason for the knights’ strange behavior was none other than Tarkan.

‘She can’t possibly have noticed that I was following her.’

His golden eyes scanned Aristine’s face, trying to search for a clue. But he couldn’t read anything from Aristine’s expressionless face.

His body stiffened as he wondered what to do if she found out that he had beaten the knights behind her back. He didn’t really think he was wrong. But for some reason, he felt like it would be troublesome if he got caught.

“But don’t worry. I guided them to directly admit that they weren’t attacked by Irugo warriors.”


Seeing the surprise on Tarkan’s face, Aristine felt proud.

“They took the chance to bluff about being attacked by a demonic beast though. Either way, this will not turn into a diplomatic issue.”

Aristine looked at Tarkan with confidence on her face.

“What do you think, I did good, right?”

Tarkan didn’t react for a moment. His Adam’s apple rolled. Then, “…Right. Well done,” he said and smiled.

His sharp eyes curved gently, and his lips widened in an arc. His smile was so unexpectedly soft that it surprised Aristine a little.

The gentle spring breeze swept over the two of them.

‘Oh, his reaction is better than I expected.’

Aristine’s eyes lit up.

This was a good atmosphere. It seems she had successfully managed to appeal her ability to him.

‘To be fair, if this turns into a diplomatic issue in this situation, it will become troublesome.’

It would make their efforts at the wedding parade yesterday to go up in smoke.

‘If that’s the case…’

Aristine glanced at Tarkan and opened her mouth.

“Then about that thing I talked about before.” (Aristine)

“What thing?” (Tarkan.)

Aristine swallowed dryly.

She was bringing it up because it seemed like the perfect time to discuss it, but she was a little nervous.

“Some time ago, I asked if I could start my own business.” (Aristine)

Tarkan’s left brow immediately rose.

“Now you should know that I don’t have a business addiction…right?” (Aristine)

When she brought up a personal business last time, she didn’t get a reply in the end, so she wanted to get a definite answer this time.

‘I also want to get in contact with that blacksmith as soon as possible.’

“I wonder, since it was only yesterday that you recklessly told me to stamp my seal.”

Tarkan lazily lifted his chin and replied.

He watched with interest as Aristine’s eyes shook restlessly.

‘Ah, I think she’s a little angry.’

It was fascinating to see so many different emotions in a woman who seemed outside of this world. It felt refreshing to discover these things on her expressionless face.

“Which is why I showed you what I have to offer, no? And you were quite ready to stamp your seal after seeing that.”

When Aristine said that, Tarkan chuckled.

She was right.

After getting to know this woman, he became her partner without any hesitation.

“Why do you want a business?”

“The same reason everyone does business.”

Aristine shrugged as if to say he was asking about something obvious.

“To make money.”


He thought it was for a sense of achievement or as a hobby…or for political reason since she was the type to lean into trouble. But it was for money.

How can the wife of a powerful nation’s prince be in need of money? Especially when her husband was tied to the golden rope called being a successor to the throne.

Tarkan raised his brow in dissatisfaction.

“I have a lot of money.”

“I know.”

Was he bragging in front of the penniless right now?

Aristine shot Tarkan a contemptful look.

The corpse of demonic beasts made for an enormous amount of money. Their skin, horns, teeth, claws, and body fluids that flow with mana. And above all, their heart which was the source of their mana.

Not a single part went to waste.

As Tarkan was the main subjugator of demonic beasts, his private property was naturally astronomical.

Normally, children with commoner mothers had weak financial assets because they had no help from their maternal side. However, Tarkan had more liquid assets than Duke Skiela who had accumulated a large amount of wealth over a long period of time.

‘If you add real estate, things might change though.’

Still, the difference wouldn’t be that big.

After all, Tarkan had distinguished himself in battle many times and there were a number of lands, buildings, and mines that the King had awarded him to honor his achievements.

‘Must be nice.’

When Aristine’s eyes flared with jealousy, Tarkan was taken aback.

“You are my wife.”

“Yes, indeed.”

Seeing her nodding her head to show that she was aware, Tarkan was even more baffled.

“But you say you need money?”

“That’s your money, isn’t it?”

Aristine said as she took a sip of her milk tea.

“I know there will be private coffers arranged for me. But that is money I have to spend as the princess of this country.”

Even if it was said that Aristine could use the money as she wished, she received the money because she married in as a princess so naturally, she had to spend it in that area.

It couldn’t really be considered Aristine’s money.

“Or will you give it to me under my name? They do say that managing the family property is done by the wife.”


“I don’t want much. One building perhaps…?”

Aristine acted casual and glanced up to study his face before adding a condition.

“…preferably, one located in the royal capital and in the central square.”

Tarkan narrowed his eyes.

“You don’t have business addiction but certainly the temperament of a swindler.”

He shook his head in resignation. For some reason, he didn’t dislike his wife acting like a crooked thief.

Aristine chuckled and placed her teacup down on the saucer.

A rhythmic ‘clack’ rang out as she opened her mouth, “Well then, you might as well cooperate with me on my personal business, partner.”

Tarkan stared at the fair hand that was held out before him, then he slowly grabbed it.

Her hand was soft and warm, like a small bird.


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