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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 302]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (37)

* * *

Aristine gasped at the image of Tarkan appearing on the water surface. He was battling against numerous knights while a sea of golden flowers lay at his feet.

It was the Chrysea Palace.

‘Is this the present, then?’

Aristine found herself gripping the blanket tightly without realizing it.

She believed in Tarkan’s abilities, but the sheer number of opponents was overwhelming. Her heart sank when she saw five swords with a bright blue hue rushing toward Tarkan.

Thankfully, Tarkan parried, dodged, and even counterattacked, but Aristine was on pins and needles as she watched.

He was fighting well now, but what if he made a mistake? A single mistake could be fatal. The moment he showed an opening, there would be countless swords aiming for him.

‘No. This isn’t just anyone; it’s Tarkan. He’ll be fine, for sure.’ Despite thinking that, she couldn’t stop feeling anxious.

“Rineh?” Seeing his sister looking helpless with her hands tightly clenched together, Launelian called out to her.

However, Aristine seemed to not even hear him, and her eyes remained fixated on one spot.

Launelian followed Aristine’s gaze to the basin filled with water, and his eyes sank.

Nothing was reflected on the water surface, which he expected, but to Aristine, there was something there.

‘The Monarch’s Sight.’

It was his first time seeing the legendary power in person.

‘What could she be seeing that’s making her look like that?’

Suddenly, Launelian realized that Aristine had probably experienced countless such moments since her childhood. Even during the times when her world should be carefree and full of light and peace, she must have seen a dark, cruel past, present, and future.

His heart ached. Not only could she not escape from the torment inflicted by the Emperor, she also couldn’t escape the harsh reality shown by the Monarch’s Sight.

He couldn’t dare to talk about making up for her childhood suffering, but from now on, he wished for nothing but for his sister to only see and hear good things.

Right then, Aristine sharply inhaled. She, who had been leaning on the bed, suddenly sat up and grabbed the basin like strength had rushed into her.

What appeared blank to Launelian, was a completely different scene to Aristine.

Tarkan deflected an attack coming from the side while narrowly avoiding a thrust aimed at his thigh. She thought his leg was going to be stabbed.

Aristine didn’t even have time to sigh in relief as two attacks came from the back and the front simultaneously.

His position wasn’t the best for dodging, and due to the knights rushing at him, he didn’t have much space. Tarkan used his aura to defend against the attacking knights from the back and simultaneously parried the attacks from the front.

[This monster of a…!]

Someone exclaimed, seeing him react and summon his aura in less than a second.

However, despite this incredible response, Tarkan was in a pinch. The man clashing against Tarkan from the front had a heavy and powerful presence.

He seemed to be their leader.

Sweeps of golden aura and dark-blue aura danced in the air.

Clang—! The swords clashed, creating a sharp sound.

Under the weight of the attack, Tarkan couldn’t counterattack or parry the blow; he was only able to hold his ground.

Attacks came from all sides while his hands were bound. Although his aura was defending, the longer the clash, the more disadvantageous it became.

Tarkan was concentrating his aura on both offense and defense, unlike his opponents who were focusing on only offence.

Tarkan narrowed his eyes, and right then…


A massive wave of golden energy erupted from him. The shockwave disturbed the air, and the knights next to him spewed blood as they were blown away.

[Aura explosion?!]
[Fuck, you can do that?]

The knights who had been standing a little farther away to provide support were not caught in the shockwave and they swore. Such a feat was impossible for them to do, even if they were focusing in a stable state.

However, just moments ago, Tarkan was fighting multiple opponents, and he didn’t even have time to spare.

Seeing such overwhelming power, they instantly lost their will to fight. Aristine lost her composure.

Tarkan looked at the thick dust cloud and clicked his tongue.

[I can’t ruin the flowers for my wife though.]

Just as he was mumbling under his breath, a familiar shadow jumped out of the dust. Even with the cloudy view, their sword blade gleamed coldly, and their dark blue aura swung menacingly.

Aristine’s eyes went wide.

In the mirrored surface, she could see Tarkan’s back. And the sword flying directly towards him.

Tarkan couldn’t immediately deploy his aura shield, probably due to the recent explosion, so he raised his sword. However, his opponent was quicker.

The image of the greatsword covered in a dense aura was etched into Aristine’s eyes.

“Ah, ah…”

Bright red blood splashed like flower petals.

Aristine couldn’t breathe.

She knew that reaching out to the mirrored surface would only stir the water, but she couldn’t stop herself.

Her hand moved faster than her brain. Her pale hand extended into the surface as if trying to grasp her husband’s back.

And then it happened.


Her body was sucked into the water. The basin was by no means large enough for her body to fit into, but the water seemed to swell upwards and swallow her.

Launelian quickly reached out, but all he caught was the cold water.

The rising water quickly settled.

As if the sudden surge had been an illusion, not a single drop of water was outside the basin.

It was as if he had just briefly dozed off and dreamt in the middle of the day.

Except, Aristine was gone.

Launelian clenched his empty fist, looking at the empty bed. He left the room and spoke to the waiting servant outside.

“Prepare for a visit to the Imperial palace!”

* * *

Aristine’s eyes widened when Tarkan suddenly appeared.

No, Tarkan didn’t appear.

She, appeared where Tarkan was.

Crimson blood was splattering in the air.

Startled by the sudden presence, Tarkan turned around.


A desperate cry escaped Aristine’s lips.


Tarkan approached her while carefully keeping an eye on the surroundings.

The knights were also caught off guard by her sudden appearance and were unable to respond for a moment.

“T-The wound…”

“This is nothing—.”

“Y, your chest! It’s on your chest!”

Aristine touched Tarkan’s chest, looking if the world had collapsed.

For a moment, Tarkan forgot what to say.

His opponent managed to attack somehow, despite the shock from the aura explosion, but using aura to attack in his injured state put a strain on his body.

In the end, the aura around his opponent’s sword had extinguished before it reached Tarkan, so the sword merely grazed his chest lightly.

The blood around them was evidence that his opponent couldn’t withstand the backlash of aura and had vomited blood.

“What do we do… your chest is bleeding. It looks like it’ll scar…!”

Aristine sobbed, patting her chest.

“We can go to a priest, right? It won’t leave a scar, will it? This can’t be… How can you have such a wound on your smooth chest…”

Seeing his wife in tears, Tarkan felt a strange mix of emotions.

It was both adorable and charming that she was worried about his injuries like this.

‘Why does it feel like she’s worried about my chest getting hurt, not me?’

This chest was undoubtedly his own. Yet, he couldn’t help but feel like this.

‘I don’t think she’ll cry this much if my face got hurt…’


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