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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 119]

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Episode 18: Secretly…button (6)

* * *

“Maybe it’s for the best, Lady Brodie.”

The Silvanus maid gathered at Brodie’s residence and sighed regretfully.

“How are your knees?”

“Seriously, His Highness Tarkan is too much.”

Despite saying that, their expressions were complicated.

Brodie bit her lips harshly.

She never imagined being rejected so roughly by a man.

‘What part of that half-wit who wasn’t even treated like princess is better than I, Brodie?’

Brodie touched her face with trembling hands.

‘This scar!’

She traced the slightly rough skin with her fingers. She wanted to dig it out with her nails.

“It, It’s because of this. That’s why His Highness Tarkan treated me like this…”

“Lady Brodie…”

“Why am I…”

Brodie gasped and sobbed.

“It’s okay, Your Ladyship. We can call a priest later…”

“Even a priest can’t do anything about scars that are too old!” Brodie shrieked.

“In the first place…in the first place, it’s that scorned thing that should have this scar…!”

Brodie ground her teeth and mumbled. Venom flashed in her eyes.

Rosalyn nodded her head and chimed in.

“You’re right. The princess is the one who should have been burned with boiling water.”

Which is why Brodie went up to the princess with boiling water.

“If she had met His Highness Tarkan with a face full of scars, things would have turned out completely different.”

“Then his Highness Tarkan wouldn’t be deceived by her appearance, and he would immediately realize how unsightly that scorned thing is.”

The maids comforted Brodie.

The more they spoke, the more distorted Brodie’s face became.

Right, everything would have gone to her instead of that scorned princess.

The strong and cool Tarkan, the dazzling jewels that Aristine was draped in, the silk that entranced people with a single glance, everything would be hers!

‘If things didn’t change…!’


Brodie hit the bed and sobbed.

“Lady Brodie…”

Rosalyn patted Brodie’s back, looking sorry for her.

“I think you need some time alone to calm down. We’ll give you some space.”

When Rosalyn said that, the other maids nodded and withdrew from the room.

“Hah, by now, the Princess must be holding his Highness Tarkan without a single scar. I heard she just went to the training hall with a cake. Look how good she is at wagging her tail.”

She shook her head back and forth like she was talking to herself.
“And she even made some random knife to try and show off in front of the warriors.”

Brodie’s eyes instantly went round, and she turned to Rosalyn.

“Knife, my foot. She’s so uncultured that you can’t even fathom she’s a princess. Like a savage.”

“…You said, a knife?”

When Brodie asked that, Rosalyn went ‘oops’ and turned around.

“Ah, yes. I heard she made a sword so sharp that a small cut will instantly cause injury.”

Rosalyn sneakily glanced at Brodie’s expression then she heaved a sigh.

“This is so upsetting. A scar like this should have been on the princess.”

Feeling the gazes on her, Brodie quickly turned away as if to hide her scar. She wasn’t wearing makeup right now, so her scars probably looked bad.

“No, that scum deserves an even worse scar for leaving such a scar on Lady Brodie.”

Brodie’s head lifted up at Rosalyn’s words. Her eyes glowed with an ominous light.

“…The princess is making a sword, right?”

“Ah, yes. I think it’s already been made? I heard they’re keeping it in a room.”

“Is that so…”

Brodie mumbled absentmindedly.

“I see…”

Rosalyn stared at Brodie who was biting her nails and mumbled then she turned around.

As she slowly walked out of the room, a deep smile spread across her face.

* * *

“Lady Rosalyn, did something happen as you were leaving? Why did it take so long…”

“No, Lady Brodie asked me about something. It’s nothing important.”

Before the other maids could ask more questions, Rosalyn quickly changed the subject.

“But, you know, I’m worried about Lady Brodie.”

“I never thought His Highness Tarkan would act so roughly.”

“Sure enough, a barbarian…”

As they spoke, the maids studied each other’s expressions.

Rosalyn chuckled, “Let’s all be honest here.”

She leaned against the isolated outer wall and peered at the other handmaids.

“Savage, chivalry-less, rude. Despite saying that, we all think His Highness Tarkan is amazing, no?”

At those words, the handmaids swallowed heavily.

A powerful man.

Tarkan overwhelmed every man that they had ever seen. His face, body, ability, wealth, status, charisma. Every single thing was perfect.

Even though they cussed at him on the surface, they couldn’t resist wanting him. That was why they all felt driven to go together when they were bringing refreshments.

“Frankly, will an excellent man like His Highness Tarkan fall for that kind of temptation by Lady Brodie? If he did, it would’ve been rather disappointing.”

The maids glanced at each other after Rosalyn spoke. Then a maid hesitated before opening her mouth.

“That…is true. As you all know, Lady Brodie’s face is a little…damaged, right?”

“Naturally, even His Highness Tarkan will feel offended when someone like that approaches him.”

Rosalyn agreed enthusiastically and continued.

“His Highness Tarkan is the hero of this country. Imagine how high his standards are. He won’t let anyone by his side that easily.”

You can become special just by getting chosen by him.

Those words made the hearts of the maids flutter even more.

“Lady Caelian, Lady Melodia. We’re different from Lady Brodie, aren’t we?”

Rosalyn gave them a furtive look and whispered to them.

We’re different from Brodie who was rejected. We are special.

They were sweet whispers.

The maids who looked troubled and hesitant to speak began to purse their lips.

“You’re right. It might sound wrong to say this, but we’re on a different level.”

“She must be overflowing with bravery. Imagine going to hit on someone without that kind of face.”

Rosalyn hid the slyness in her eyes and put on a smile.

“We must act like the sophisticated ladies that we are.”

“With an elegance that is on a different level from that scorned woman.”

“I wonder what His Highness Tarkan likes?”

Just when the maids were actively discussing a plan to seduce Tarkan…

“My goodness, I didn’t think people were here…”

The handmaids were startled to hear a voice coming from behind them and spun around.

Tall with a slender and sensual frame, and deep blue hair swaying in the wind. Although they had never met her before, they knew who she was.

Especially because she was the woman who was always sticking next to Tarkan.


When that name subconsciously left someone’s mouth, the woman’s sea-blue eyes curves and she smiled.

“Yes, you may call me Dionna, respected handmaidens of Silvanus.”

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    2. So true!!! Can someone tell me where the maids got persistence and audacity to proceed with their “evil” (in reality plain stupid) plans? Yes, their families embezzled Aristines’ money before but they were sent away meaning they were not important to Sylvanus! Where they got the self-esteem? the audacity? I desperately need to go there and get some for myself.

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    They had better leave Aristine’s money alone. But we know none of the maid’s are smart enough to see the danger.

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