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FMH [86]

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Dionna, hang in there! (7)

Aristine opened the door, however, the state of the bedroom was…


Today, the rose petals weren’t red but pink. The candle was still as before, making the lighting darker and more secretive.

‘Exactly how long do they plan on doing this?’

The court ladies had been so busy serving her, so she didn’t even know when they had prepared this.

She saw Tarkan, who had come to the bedroom first, glaring at the bed like he was losing his mind.


When she called him, he started a little before turning towards her.

Aristine closed the door and walked up to the bed. As she stood right next to Tarkan, a nice smell wafted over to her. It was slightly astringent yet soft, yet strangely sweet and warm.

They said he took a perfumed bath so that must be why.

“You smell nice.”


Tarkan was openly surprised and took a step back.

“Why are you reacting like that? I’m just complimenting your perfume. You’re acting as if I molested…”

—When she spoke up to there, Aristine shut her mouth. She shouldn’t be saying that when she was the one who rubbed someone else’s chest, thinking it was fresh bread.


She couldn’t really say anything since she was at fault.

Tarkan furrowed his brows.

When she apologized so solemnly, it felt like she was really messing with him.

No, that part was true.

“Ah, I forgot to ask for a bigger bed since we’re getting a new one.”

Aristine said as she pressed her hand on the mattress.

It felt fluffy and nice, but it wasn’t as good as the one from yesterday. Since they got it in a hurry, this must have been the best choice.

‘Sure enough, that mattress was huge.’

Aristine brushed off the rose petals and slipped into the bed.

It was that look again. Like a wary panther with its fur standing on end.

After staring at his face for a bit, Aristine held out her hand.


Tarkan looked down at her hand inquiringly.

“Today, we will really just hold hands and sleep. I won’t let go till I wake up.”

Tarkan gazed at Aristine’s reassuring smile without saying anything for a moment.

Those purple eyes staring straight at him from her tiny face shone like a morning star.

“Do you trust me?”

Eventually, Tarkan chuckled and climbed into the bed next to her. And he took Aristine’s hand.

“Don’t go touching people’s chest or treating it like bread.”

Her small and soft hand wriggled in the palm of his hand. When that happened, it felt like something was wriggling in Tarkan’s chest.

The only reason he held her hand was because he was afraid, she would touch his chest while he was sleeping.

That’s all it was.

Tarkan closed his eyes.

Aristine’s scene swept over him. It entered him with every breath he took, as if it was piling in his chest one after the other.


The strange feeling made Tarkan toss and turn.

He wondered if the woman lying next to him also felt the same way.

Right then, Aristine opened her eyes and looked at him.

“What’s wrong? You can’t sleep?”

She tilted her head slightly then she asked, “Do you want me to sing a lullaby for you?”


Tarkan was speechless.

‘I shouldn’t have expected any delicacy.’

He could guarantee that she was just thinking, ‘the bed isn’t as soft as yesterday’s’. He was sure of it.

Even at the wedding and on their first night, Tarkan’s thoughts were more complex and sentimental than Aristine’s.

“I am not fond of acting as a nanny, but I can still sing for you.”

When Tarkan remained silent, Aristine tried to decipher what he was thinking and said, “Because you are a high-maintenance husband.”


Tarkan scoffed.

This woman was the only one who would call him high maintenance.

“…Forget it.”

When he said that and closed his eyes, Aristine tightened their clasped hands together. She turned to the side as if she was looking for something in the dim darkness and a giggle escaped her mouth.

Tarkan’s head quickly spun around.

Something felt strange. Really strange.

The silence lasted for a while.


Tarkan who had been silent, quietly glanced at Aristine.

She was facing the ceiling with her eyes closed. The moonlight and candles dyed her face with the hue of night. Her eyelashes were full and long.

Tarkan did not turn away.

Seemingly feeling the gaze on her, Aristine’s lips twitched.

“Good night.”

Hearing that felt strange. Tarkan had never exchanged such sayings with anyone before.

“…Good night.”

Tarkan softly replied, still looking at her. Somehow, his voice sounded low.

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  1. So cuuuuuuute

    I like that it shows her thought process on her ability and I’m curious to see more about her early years. Eventually the author will have to give in and show us how they met as children, too.

    Thank you for the chapters. We’re grateful any time you can release them, but we understand life comes first! Take care.

  2. Omg yess. I love that when main character has ability to see future he must decide to change it or not and how his/her desicion will affect on the future
    Thank you for translation

  3. Young Master Silver Shield, a hero who will never be seen in this world ever again!

    I can’t believe I read this at 12:12 am and now it’s 2:34 I finished the latest chapter. And at 4am I need to prepare to travel. Jeez, that’s how great this series is

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    //edit i saw other chapters akdjfjs in that case the next button at the bottom is broken ;u;b

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