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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 132]

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Chapter 21: His Preference (1)

Even if an assassin came aiming for Aristine’s life, her freedom would not be restricted.

So she could go wherever she wants and do whatever she wants.

So she could enjoy an ordinary daily life that she never had.

He didn’t want to limit her actions by telling her to stay inside a safe room for protection.

“You’ll never have to act careful for the rest of your life.” (Tarkan)

“If I do that, you’ll have a harder time though?” (Aristine)

At those words, a corner of Tarkan’s lips rose slightly. His smile seemed both fierce and reckless.

Seeing his smile, Aristine’s lips slowly curved into a smile as well.

That question was unnecessary.

Because no matter what Aristine did or where she went, Tarkan could protect her. The less careful she was, the more he would protect her.

“It’s strange, you know,” Aristine mumbled, “I’m not worried at all.”

When she furrowed her brows slightly with a smile, Tarkan swallowed softly.

Aristine looked at him and smiled brightly.

Thoughts like someone would try to hurt her or stab her with a knife, or today’s incident might repeat itself, or feeling afraid to be alone in her room, or not wanting to go outside carelessly.

None of those thoughts were crossing her mind.

Even though she was shaking so much earlier.

“Because you will protect me.”

It felt different from the last time that she asked him to protect her. She felt reassured from the deep within her heart.

Warmth spread through her limbs which had gone pale, and vitality rose to her cheeks.

Tarkan’s hand, which was cupping Aristine’s cheek, slid down to caress the nape of her neck.

“I will.”

“Like today?”

“Like today.”

Aristine laughed, “I chose a really good partner.”

“Weren’t you just calling me a handful and annoying? Plus prideful, childish, and very shy.”

She even called him a pervert.

Tarkan couldn’t bring himself to say those words.

Aristine’s eyes went round.

“Did you memorize all that?”


Tarkan’s expression turned foul.

“Surprisingly, you hold quite the grudge, huh?”


Aristine chuckled when his voice went low.

“Well including all that, I chose well. Didn’t I say you’re a good partner too?”

Aristine placed her hand on top of Tarkan’s hand which was on her shoulder.

“You can’t possibly be grumbling on purpose because you want to get compliments.”

She glanced at Tarkan as she spoke, and he frowned like he was unhappy.

“Forget it. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Tarkan turned his head away, but he didn’t let go of her hand.

Seeing the grumpy look on his face, Aristine began to laugh.

“I will continue to trust you and leave myself in your care, my commendable partner.”

* * *

Aristine looked down at Rosalyn with her chin propped on her hand.

Rosalyn was kneeling in front of Aristine, like a well-trained, obedient dog.

“What do you think, Princess? About my skills.”

Her dark-green eyes twinkled in hopes of a reward.

“I hunted the handmaid as you wished.”

Brodie was imprisoned and charged with the crime of daring to attack her master while being a servant.

That one phrase summed everything up but a lot of things did happened.

Brodie became a heinous traitor who tried to destroy the peace of this continent, and was criticized not only by Irugo, but by Silvanus as well.

‘Because the common people don’t know that the emperor is only thinking of starting another war.’

The people of Sylvanus also wished for an uneventful peace.

Of course, the Emperor abandoned Brodie.

《 I tremble in anger at the wickedness that was sought by daring to harm my precious daughter who has brought peace to this continent.

This criminal shall never set foot in Silvanus again, and the family of this criminal shall be stripped of their nobility and live as treasonous collaborators for the rest of their lives.

I entrust all decision regarding the criminal to our in-law and allied nation, Irugo.》

That was the content of the official letter sent from Silvanus to Irugo.

Naturally, its contents were made widespread.

Those words would make anyone think that the emperor loved Aristine more than anything and was extremely angered by this situation.

‘I’m sure he was very angry.’

But it was probably for a different reason.

He ordered them to keep a close watch over Aristine until Silvanus was done building up its military strength and then kill her so that she could light the sparks of war, but they caused a scandal instead.

To the Emperor, it must have been blood boiling.

Imagining the Emperor going crazy with anger made her feel a little better.

‘But will Brodie’s family stay still after this? I’m sure they know the truth.’

It wasn’t just their daughter, but the entire family that had become traitors, so it seemed probable for them to reveal that in reality, the emperor wanted war and intended to kill his own daughter.

‘Ah, they must be in a situation where they can’t reveal anything.’

There was a reason why they chose to send the young miss from a humble noble family.

‘The mouths of the other maids’ families must be blocked too.’

Since no one was trying to protect Brodie, all the newspapers excitedly talked about Brodie’s viciousness and cruelty in attempting to harm Aristine.

And ended their articles claiming that she failed because she couldn’t reach the venerable and lofty Princess Consort.

And for some reason, the fact that Tarkan saved Aristine was once again packaged like the romance of the century and spread throughout.

Paintings and plays based on the story was already being released.

‘People are really interesting.’

Aristine thought and looked at Rosalyn.

“So you’re saying this is your handiwork?”

“Brodie was personally appointed by His Majesty the Emperor so I couldn’t just make her step down from her position as a handmaid.”

Rosalyn’s red lips rose in a confident smile.

“After committing such an act, she can definitely be torn away.”

In other words, Brodie’s disgrace was thanks to her services, so she wanted to be praised.

Aristine grinned.

‘Aha, so you told Brodie that I have a scalpel.’


Translator’s Corner:


So, I have picked up a new project. It’s called Emilone’s Temptation Labryinth.

In this novel, the protagonist realizes that the princess is manipulating the men around her and decides to sit back and watch things implode. Of course, while doing her job as the Saintess. I think it’s going to be a fun novel so you can give it a try if you’re interested.

ETL Chapter 1


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