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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 344

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Episode 39: The other side of the mirror (8)

* * *

A sharp pain struck her forehead.

Roastel, the deposed, came to her senses and lifted her head.

She was dragged along in a daze and before she knew it, she was standing on top of the guillotine.

She could feel the eyes of countless people staring at her.

Faces distorted with anger, scorn and contempt.


Why were they looking at her like that?

“Kill the Queen!”

“Kill Duke Skiela!”

“How dare you push people to death for your power!”

The flying stones continued to pummel her body.

It hurt. It hurt so much.

She was a noble existence.

These people were meant to look up to her and serve her. Yet why do they spit?

Isn’t it said that the common people can be sacrificed as much as desired for the greater good?

Right then, something came rolling towards her, drawing her eyes.

It was her father’s head.

And also, her own future.

She sucked in a breath at the horror and yet…


“The traitor is dead!”

“Long live Irugo!”

Cheers erupted around her.

The queen’s eyes trembled.

Under the guidance of the soldiers, she laid her head over the guillotine.

With a clang, her neck was secured.

Born the daughter of a Duke, she always longed to wield the most power.

Hence, she became queen, and strived to make her son king.

In order to achieve great things, it is inevitable that some sacrifices would be made.

Was that so wrong?

Suddenly, the face of her late son flashed before her eyes.

‘Maybe I—.’

Her thought ended there.

Her cleanly decapitated head rolled across the stage.

The cheers grew louder at the death of a criminal who threatened the lives of her own people and even killed her own son.

* * *

Aristine stared out the window, listening to the roaring cheers in the distance.

Although she couldn’t see the main square from inside the palace, she knew what had happened.

‘She’s dead.’

Aristine turned around, facing Yenikarina, who stood there, clutching the skirt of her dress.

Aristine watched her quietly, then she opened her mouth.

“What brings you here? If you feel resentful—.”

“I don’t resent you.”

Even though she was trembling, Yenikarina’s voice was firm.

“Ro… Mother, grandfather and uncle are paying for their own crimes.”

That was unexpected.

Perhaps sensing the look in Aristine’s eyes, Yenikarina opened her mouth to explain.

“I thought big brother should be king. And I was willing to do anything to help him with that.”

Hamill was the big brother that she was proud of.

Yenikarina dreamt that Hamill would become king, and as his half-sister, she would stand proudly beside him.

“But I didn’t want to do it at the cost of someone’s life.”

Aristine quietly stared at Yenikarina.

Despite hesitant, Yenikarina approached Aristine step by step.

“You can relax now. I…although I have lost my power, but I will do my best to protect Princess Consort and your child. Although I am weak, I can still be helpful.”

Both her expression and tone were different than usual.

Her face looked gaunt but there was strength in it.

‘She must have gone through a lot lately.’

With her gaze still fixed on Yenikarina, Aristine suddenly spat out.

“I thought you hated me.”

“I hate you.”

The answer was immediate.

“I really didn’t like you from the beginning. I wanted to be the most popular, the most loved. But you took it away in an instant, how could I possibly like you?”

Yenikarina clenched her fists, seeming vexed, but soon, her shoulders slumped.

“…And sometimes, I wonder if my mom would have ended up in that state if it weren’t for you.”

“It’s not good to put the blame on the victim.”

“I know that! But it’s impossible not to think about it!”

Yenikarina’s huffing echoed through the room. Her turquoise eyes welled up with tears.

“Despite that, you say you will protect me and my child?”

Yenikarina lowered her head and bit her lips hard.

“…Because that is the child my brother sacrificed his life to protect.”

The answer she gave after a long pause was surprising.

Suddenly, tears fell from Yenikarina’s big eyes.

“And because Your Highness, the Princess Consort protected my brother’s honor.”

Yenikarina raised her head and looked straight at Aristine.

Hamill was involved in the attempt to sabotage the subjugation of the demonic beasts by disabling the military transmission stone.

Yenikarina was referring to how that was hidden rather than exposed.

Thanks to that, Hamill was treated with proper honors and placed in the royal tomb.

Yenikarina was also a child of the deposed queen but thanks to Hamill’s service, she was able to remain in the palace as a princess.

“…I just did it because I wanted to.”

Aristine felt uncomfortable facing Yenikarina for some reason, so she looked away.

Even then, she could feel Yenikarina’s gaze fixed on her.

Honestly, she never expected Yenikarina to thank her so sincerely.

Aristine groaned then she turned to Yenikarina.

“Then my child wants to eat melon.”

Hearing Aristine’s words, Yenikarina looked like she couldn’t believe her ears.

Aristine felt more comfortable with this look on Yenikarina’s face.

‘You’re going to protect me, no?’

She gave Yenikarina a look and Yenikarina spun around.


Aristine’s eyes widened. Yenikarina looked like she was really going to bring it.

“What? He’s my first nephew anyway.”

Yenikarina frowned and quickly left the room.

Aristine realized it might be easier for Yenikarina to busy herself with things like this rather than wallow in sorrow.

It made her heart feel a little heavy.

“What do I do… I’ll be going back to Silvanus soon.”

Now left alone, Aristine mumbled to herself.

“Father already asked to come along, and I hope that doesn’t mean Yenikarina is bound to follow too.”

She thought ‘no way’ but she was still uneasy.

Launelian, Tarkan and Nephther.

It was already terrifying imagining what would happen when these three people got together.


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7 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 344”

  1. I secretly hope it was a fake death (with all the description of the body being unrecognizable) while Hamil was unconscious in hiding. And that it was done to stun the Queen long enough for the trial to work, and Hamil starts over in Silvanus or something. However I respect the authors narrative decision no matter what. Thank you so much for the chapters Miss Ruby!

  2. Hohoho… i wonder if the child is a daughter or a son. Either way, they going to get spoil to the brim… btw, silvanus isnt over yet i suppose

  3. Thank you so much for these chapters, Miss Ruby.

    It’s not surprising to me that the queen remained unrepentant after everything. Yet, surprisingly, her children actually know how to repay kindness. It makes sense for Yenikarina to hate Aristine, but also find a way forward without holding a grudge and plotting revenge. I’m glad that the author decided to take her character in that direction.
    In such a way, I’m glad that only those who did crimes actually received punishment. What’s the term where an entire family, even the ones who didn’t participate in the crime, gets wiped out? Is it capital punishment? Whatever it’s called, it’s awful and cruel, yet very prevalent in manhwas and web novels.
    Anyway, I wonder what the plan is for going to Silvanus. Is it to watch the trial of the desposed emperor? I hope so. I don’t think their half-sister did anything to warrant imprisonment or execution though. Will she continue to cause problems? I guess we’ll see.

    1. The sister let the old Emperor out and was a collaborator in attempting to assassinate Launelian. For the latter part, she certainly earned imprisonment at the least.

  4. Was that last line of her’s is her feeling remorse? I doubt, but I’ll like to believe that even though she will never be forgiven.
    A quick but well deserved ending, Hamill is probably still alive somewhere.
    I wonder how if she wants to be queen of silvanus, what about the hubby? Isn’t he first in line to be king?

  5. Often times when crimes against the royal family are committed the reason they wipe out the whole family, even if not involved, is in case of any of them plot revenge. Safer in the long run most times. Mercy doesn’t always bring kindness in return. Though it’s still sad and potentially avoidable, that does seem to be the reason for the massacre.

  6. “Born the daughter of a Duke, she always longed to wield the most power. Hence, she became queen, and strived to make her son king.”

    In other words, Roastel could never wield the “most” power, she was always dependent on the favor of men, first her father, then Nepheter, and if Hamill had taken the throne, then Hamill, simply because she was born a woman in a world where a man’s right to power is taken for granted…so she was set up to fail right from the beginning…

    It seems like Aristine is only the exception that proves the rule, because it took an act of god to put her in a position where she had the opportunity to grasp power…

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