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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 81]

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Dionna, hang in there! (2)

* * *

Dionna was so speechless that no words could come out.

“And there’s even milk tea…it seems I’ve failed to properly entertain my guest.”

Aristine muttered sullenly as she stared at the cup full of milk tea.

Soon, she lifted her head, looked at Dionna, and spoke with emphasis.

“As an apology, I will send you things that are helpful for your bowels!”

As if she was giving out a reward.


Dionna hurriedly cried out.

“I, that…that’s not it!”

This kind of misunderstanding would have been shameful enough even if it was just her and Aristine here. It was even more so humiliating in front of Tarkan.

“I can eat all of this. That’s not why I didn’t eat…!”

Dionna quickly stabbed a piece of tart with her fork. She wanted to put it straight in her mouth but…

“You can’t.”

Aristine grabbed her arm.

“That is made of flour and persimmons. It’s not good for constipation.”

Then with her other hand, she took away the tart dish that was in front of Dionna.

“The milk tea is also a no-go because it has caffeine and milk.”

The teacup was also taken away. Aristine took the fork out of Dionna’s hand while Dionna was frozen in shock and bewilderment, then she placed it on the tart place.

Dionna’s expression was so full of shock that Aristine began to contemplate.

‘Hmm…it might be because I gave it and took it back.’

When she thought about it from Dionna’s standpoint, Dionna must have wanted to eat the tart but was trying to restrain herself because of constipation.

But when Aristine told her to try it because it was delicious, her determination must have been shaken.

So, it was a situation where Aristine made her want to eat but ended up saying no and taking it away.

‘I think I’m at fault here.’

Aristine then gave Dionna a secondary explanation.

“If your constipation wasn’t too bad, it would be okay to close one eye and eat it.”

There was a reason why she took away the tart like this.

“But your situation is quite…no, it’s on the very serious side.”


“I was so surprised in the bride’s waiting room yesterday. How severe must it have been for you to…”

Aristine was so saddened that she couldn’t finish her sentence.

Excretion is a basic human need. How difficult would life be if that basic need is not met?

Aristine patted Dionna’s hand in comfort.

Dionna’s face crumpled and she pulled her hand back.

“What in the world are you talking about right now!”

Dionna hurriedly protested with her face was as red as a tomato.

“I don’t have cons…that, that illness! Do you know how often I…!”


Aristine tilted her head.

So you’re saying you go to the restroom often?

Realizing the mistake in what she was about to say, Dionna quickly changed the subject.


Dionna locked eyes with Aristine and forcefully spat at one word at a time.

“That is really not the case!”

Aristine had a doubtful look in her eyes and asked carefully.

“…is it an irritable bowel then? I made a huge mistake…”



Dionna slammed the table. The force was so strong that it rattled the plates and teacups.

She had completely forgotten to be careful with her actions because she was in front of Tarkan.

“I’m saying I have absolutely no problem there!”

Aristine looked at Dionna who was so agitated that it looked as if her face was going to explode.

“Dionna, I understand your feelings.”

“This is not feelings, it’s facts!”

Even when Dionna screamed like her insides were about to explode, Aristine nodded as if to say she understood everything.

Then she spoke in a kind and amicable tone like she was some kind of psychological counselor.

“But whether it’s constipation or irritable bowel syndrome, they are just illnesses.”

“No, that’s what I—.”

“There is absolutely no reason for you to be ashamed. It’s just like getting sick, no? Like catching a cold. You’re not ashamed when you catch a cold, right?”

Aristine patted Dionna’s hand again to comfort her.

“Yes, my wife is right. There is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Tarkan, who had remained silent until then, chipped in.


Somehow, Aristine sensed a bit of laughter in his voice.

She looked at him with puzzlement in her eyes.

However, Tarkan’s expression was the same as always. A languid, yet dangerous and icy expression.

‘Did I imagine it?’

Aristine thought to herself and just when she was about to speak to Dionna again…

“I already said you have it wrong, why do you keep acting like this?! If your understanding is this lackluster, can you properly perform your role as Princess?! I doubt you’re doing this on purpose!”

Dionna sprang to her feet forcefully, turning over items on the table in the process as she yelled.

Then she spun around and ran out of the tearoom without looking back.

As she watched this scene, Aristine felt a sense of déjà vu.

‘Didn’t I see Dionna run out like this yesterday too…?’

And when she asked Dionna where she was going, Dionna replied.

《To, to the restroom…!》

Aristine stroked her chin.

“Does she have to go to the restroom urgently again? She ran out like that yesterday and told me she was going to the restroom.”

“I see.” (Tarkan)

“Maybe I really misunderstood irritable bowel syndrome for constipation. My mistake must have made her feel even worse.” (Aristine)

“It’s your bad habit to misunderstand people beforehand.” (Tarkan)

“I don’t think that’s my habit.” (Aristine)

Tarkan, who was seamlessly replying so far, paused at that response, and looked at Aristine.

“What? This is the first time.”

Seeing her open her eyes wide like she really didn’t know, Tarkan burst into laughter.

‘You say that, but you treated me like a shy pervert when we first met…’

And there was even what happened last night.

The fact that he ended up breaking the bed was because of Aristine’s misunderstanding.



Translator’s Corner:

*There might be another chapter tmrw and another Saturday. I think I missed one last week.


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