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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 333]

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Aww, my little…(20)

The incident happened at a banquet which had been the center of public attention for a while.

Word spread quickly.

Once people gathered together, it was all they talked about. The public was outraged, calling it a ludicrous act, and soon, people called for the queen to be utterly punished.

No one said it was an excessive measure to imprison her in the Ice Shadow Tower without a trial. In fact, it was only nobles who considered such complicated procedures as important. The common people believed that one should pay the price for your crimes immediately.

Not only did the dissatisfaction towards the Queen skyrocket, the complaints against the Skiela Duchy also soared. Someone even dared to spit when Duke Skiela’s carriage was passing by.

It was a punishable crime, but no reaction came of it. With public opinion being so bad, the Skiela Duchy remained silent.

The wagging tongues, which has been aimed at Marten, the Queen, and Duke Skiela finally turned toward Hamill.

“But you know, isn’t it because of Prince Hamill that Her Majesty planned such a thing?”

“Prince Hamill can’t possibly have also known about this.”

“Why isn’t it possible? Of course, he knew.”

“He might not have known. Someone as kind as Prince Hamill would’ve definitely stopped this if he knew.”

“No, no, you’re the one who doesn’t get it. The thing about politics is…”

Opinions about Prince Hamill were divided.

Even more so because he usually appeared kind and considerate when he interacted with people.

Was Hamill involved, or an innocent bystander?

Even in the interrogation room, no one could reach a conclusion.

From Marten, who acted personally, to the servants, who guarded Aristine’s breakroom. Everyone involved in this incident at the queen’s instigation was hunted down.

However, Prince Hamill’s name was never mentioned once.

It was impossible to tell whether he was really uninvolved or whether they refused to mention his name because it would all be over if Hamill was involved.

The exposed culprits could not avoid severe punishment. Nephther was merciless about this incident.

Because despite the cutthroat atmosphere, there was a place that was peaceful and warm, as though spring had arrived in the middle of winter…

A beautiful melody twirled in the air, like a song descending from heaven.

The Feria Quartet, whose tickets were said to be harder to obtain than a star in the sky, was performing a song that summoned the spring.

They had already been in the palace for 15 days, playing for one person. Those who heard the news while walking through the palace couldn’t hide their awe.

“Oh my goodness, the Feria Quartet is playing for just one person?”

“Didn’t they reject the Marquis’ invitation last time? Saying the audience was too small since it was a small party.”

“To think that Proud Feria Quartet is playing for just one person.”

“And for days at that.”

The lower ranked servants who cleaned the hallways were content, claiming their ears were cleansed thanks to it.

Honestly, it wasn’t only their ears that were doing well.

In the warm and tender palace, all sorts of flowers were blooming beautifully every day. No one had any clue how they got so many flowers in the middle of winter.

Even the court ladies who had seen so many greenhouses in the palace couldn’t help but feel amazed.

Aristine’s room, as well as every room she graced, was filled with fragrant flowers.

The refreshing, yet clear and sweet scent harmonized together, exuding a natural ambience.

Aristine yawned lazily.

Lately, she felt heavier and more exhausted. And with such soft music playing next to her, she naturally felt drowsy.

Tarkan, who cuddled Aristine in his arms, patted her.

“If you’re sleepy, why don’t you nap a little?”

At those words, the Feria Quarter naturally slowed the pace of their performance and changed their song to a lullaby.

The fact that they continued performing without pause showed how much hardship they had undergone while playing at the palace.

“Mm, maybe I should…”

Just as Aristine closed her heavy eyes, a court lady walked in.

“Princess Consort, His Majesty is here.”

As soon as the words fell, the door opened.


“Ah, royal father.”

Aristine tried to get up from her position which was leaning against Tarkan on the sofa.

“No need to get up.”

Nephther stopped her and walked up to her. Somehow, his face looked like it was bubbling with excitement.

‘What’s going on?’

Just as Aristine was wondering, Nephther thrust out his hand which had been hidden behind his back and went ‘Ta-da!’.

Something fell gently on Aristine’s shoulders.

Aristine’s eyes widened at the soft sensation.

Nephther studied the immaculate white fur robe that gleamed with silver over Aristine’s shoulders and nodded with satisfaction.

“I knew it; it fits your perfectly.”

Aristine stroked the smooth fur, feeling dazed. It was light, as if there was nothing there, but it was very cozy and warm.

“What do you think?”

“It is very warm. And I like how soft and cozy it feels.”

Upon hearing those words, Nephther nodded proudly.

“It’s imuna silver fox fur. I personally caught it on my hunting trip.”

Nephther puffed out his chest.

And he deserved to.

The imuna silver fox was a very rare fox that lived in snowy mountainous areas. When in the sun, the eyes of the fox shone the same as its fur, and it was said that just seeing one was encountering great luck.

Not to mention how fast it moved and its ability to hide. Even when spotted, this breed could not be tracked down.

Hunting an Imuna silver fox was difficult even for an experienced hunter.

“Something so precious…I am even more moved that you personally hunted it for me, Royal Father.”

Seeing Aristine accept it without refusal, Nephther nodded happily.

It was worth teaching her ‘how to not refuse’ and ‘how to accept without calculations or exchange’ the last few days.

‘Before this, she was calculating the tab for everything.’

“I started snowing outside and I grew worried about your health. I heard it’s very important to keep yourself warm during pregnancy and this cloak will help.”

With a glance from Nephther, the grand chamberlain who was standing to the side, added some words.

“As Your Highness might know, the fur of the immune silver fox is as light as silk but also generates its own heat. Now only is it beautiful, its efficiency is beyond compare. It seems His Majesty deeply cares about Your Highness.”

“Royal father…”

Aristine looked up at Nephther, looking moved by this. She had never received a gift from her father, the emperor.

But now she was receiving such a sincere and thoughtful gift.

Seeing Aristine’s twinkling eyes, Nephther’s grin spread so wide that his mouth was about to tear.

“Hoho, for you, Rineh, this was nothing much.”

Tarkan’s eyes narrowed as he quietly watched this scene.

The court ladies, standing to the side, were also huffing at this.

We won’t lose!

The moment Tarkan clicked his fingers, the court ladies understood what he meant and quickly brought out a box.

Tarkan took the box and held it to Aristine.

“I have something to give you too. Initially, I was going to hang it around your neck while you were asleep.”

Tarkan slowly opened the box.

“Oh my, a necklace. How pretty,” Aristine stroked the necklace that was spread out on a velvet lining.

In the case, the crimson pendant gleamed with a strange glow.


Translator’s Corner:

*Don’t forget to click next for the next chapter. As a heads up, I am getting surgery this morning (in like 5 hours). I won’t be able to respond much in the next few days and if I can’t translate this weekend, I’ll let you know. Enjoy!

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