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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 267]

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Chapter 37: Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (2)

* * *

A large mansion stood, perched upon an island.

It had three walls built much higher than a typical mansion, and magical devices were placed in very visible locations all around.

It exuded a bloody aura, as if the slightest intrusion was not permitted.

It was more like a small fortress than a mansion.

However, beyond the three walls lay a cozy and comfortable garden that looked as if spring had been frozen there.

It was a safe house that Launelian had prepared for his beloved sister.

And as the name implies, a safe house is mostly for targeted people.

A masked man, who was here under the emperor’s secret order, lowered himself into position and silenced his presence.

‘I made it past the first wall.’

He didn’t think it would be so difficult to get past one wall.

‘I wonder if the other guys made it through fine.’

They were all acting separately in case they got caught. And there was a high chance that they hadn’t even made it across the first wall.

It was that difficult.

‘But it’s not impossible.’

It was possible as long as he made no mistakes.

‘I need to take it slow. No rushing.’

Just as he was assuring himself while looking for a gap in the magic devices…

“Oh my.”

A calm voice came from above the wall.

Hearing that relaxed tone, the heart of the masked man froze over.

‘Prince Launelian!’

Because he immediately knew who that voice belonged to.

He held his breath and slowly raised his head.

‘I came here with stealth magic; he can’t possibly see me.’

Sure enough, Launelian, who was sitting on the wall, was looking in another direction.

The masked man couldn’t feel relieved yet and watched Launelian’s movements.

Rather than moving carelessly and getting caught, it was better to wait until Launelian was gone.

“No matter how hard I clean, the rats keep hiding.”

Launelian mumbled in a lamenting tone and the heart of the masked man began to race.

Launelian was certainly looking the other way, but he sounded like he was referring to the masked man.

‘He’s still not looking at me. Could he be coming back from dealing with the other guys??’

If so, it made sense.

‘I should be more careful.’

After making that decision, the masked man turned to where Launelian’s gaze was fixed.

There, he found fist-sized balls of gray fur roaming about.

‘A rat?’

Was Launelian really talking about rats?

At that moment, his mouth opened in absurdity and relief.

“Regardless, I still have to keep cleaning.”

With those words, a rat suddenly rushed at the masked man.

The masked man did not move. Only a novice would move just because a rat attacked.

However, something was odd about the state of the rat curled up at his feet. Rather than a real rat, it looked like…

‘A rat doll?’

The masked man opened his mouth in a daze at the unexpected development and at that moment—.


He was suddenly pulled up into the air and unwittingly let out a scream.

But his screaming didn’t last long.

Because someone shut his mouth.


However, there was no one around him.

Instead, only Launelian could be seen in front the masked man who had been pulled up to the top of the wall.


Launelian grinned, placing his index finger against his mouth.

“My little sister is resting so you can’t be noisy. Don’t you agree?”

The man couldn’t even answer. An invisible force was stopping him.

The rat doll squeaked and climbed onto the masked man’s body.

“See? Rats keep appearing. Perhaps there is bad luck in this location.

Launelian clicked his tongue.

“Still, I have to tidy everything. A home for my sister must be sparkling clean.”

And with that, there were no more words.

The moment Launelian clenched his empty fist, the shattered remains of the rat doll flew into the air like snowflakes.

Launelian’s eyes were frosty as he gazed at the scene.

Soon, the real cleaners would appear and tidy up this place. He turned around, walking away without hesitation.

To where his sister was.

* * *

“Rineh, you’re awake.”

A delighted voice could be heard.

Aristine blinked a few times, before quickly getting a hold of herself.

Her eyes swiftly scanned her surroundings.


She immediately knew once she saw the bold yet elegant and luxurious design of the room. That this was Silvanus, not Irugo.

The most eye-catching thing for Aristine was the rare and golden flower around the bed.

Aristine gently stroked the petals.

She could imagine how much effort Launelian must have spared to obtain this flower without the emperor’s knowledge.

“…I am troubling you a lot, Elder brother.”

“Rineh, it brings me joy to be able to do anything for you.”

Launelian sat on the bed and tidied Aristine’s hair. Then he used a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from Aristine’s forehead.

“When I was young, I wanted to take care of you like this when you were sick.”

“You are taking care of me now, aren’t you?”

At Aristine’s words, Launelian smiled.

Being able to see his only sister and have her by his side made him feel happy and satisfied.

Aristine sat up in bed, picked a flower bud and inhaled its scent.

The name of this bright golden flower was Chrysea.

This flower was absolutely necessary for the health of the expecting mother and child when the child conceived held the innate power of authority. The fading of the flower’s golden colour meant that its efficacy had been exhausted so a new flower needed to be obtained.

Hence, most expecting mothers spent their pregnancy in the Chrysea Palace, which was located in the heart of the imperial palace.

As the name suggests, Chrysea Palace held its name because that palace garden was filled with fully blossoming Chrysea flowers.

‘But if I stay there, it would be like telling the emperor that I am pregnant with a child that has authority…’

It was obvious how the emperor would react if he found out.

Aristine inspected the interior of the room.

Starting with the silk wallpaper, the room was decorated beautifully with gorgeous furniture, and roses could be seen blooming in the garden outside the window, even though it was fall.

“It appears you planned on taking me with you from the beginning.”

“Indeed. Did you think I would just let you become the scapegoat to marry a savage?”

“…The people of Irugo are different than what people think in Silvanus.”

At that, Launelian turned away.

That was something he also agreed with. Irugo was different from what he expected.

They were neither vicious barbarians nor did they neglect or mistreat his fragile sister.

And judging from the attitude of King Irugo, Aristine seemed to be living a fairly stable life there. If Aristine hadn’t been pregnant, Launelian would have left her in Irugo.

He wanted to be with his sister, but the most important thing for him was Aristine’s comfort.

“How do you feel?”

“They’ve calmed down a lot.” Aristine said, hugging her stomach.
“Is there anything you want to eat? I’ve heard your tastes change when you’re pregnant. Big brother will get you everything.”

“No, I’m fine.”

Aristine shook her head to indicate there was nothing.

Frankly, there was one thing, but it couldn’t be obtained here.

“The baby must be a lot like my little sister since they’re not picky with their food. They are already so gentle and considerate of their mother.”(1)

Launelian smiled and placed his hand on Aristine’s flat belly.

Just as he said, Aristine didn’t have any specific dislikes when it came to food.

She never found the smell of food disgusting, and she had never pushed away a meal due to nausea.

“…Brother, do you really think I am gentle?”

“Do you think there’s any kid as nice as you in the world?”

Aristine’s eyes shook at Launelian’s sincere words.

‘How hard must it have been in the North to cloud his judgement so much.’

It was pitiful.

Anyway, it was good that the child was docile, and that she didn’t have morning sickness.

“Well, my baby must take after their father then, instead of me.”

Aristine mumbled and caressed her stomach.

‘Although Tarkan is perverted and shy, it’s not like he has a bad personality.’

Her smile soon turned bitter as she thought of Tarkan.

‘My baby needs to meet Daddy too. Daddy should be doing fine in the demonic beast plains, right?’

With how gentle Tarkan was, she was worried.

However, she soon realized something.

That Tarkan’s temperament was just as bad as herself.

It was only a peaceful day because the morning sickness of hell hadn’t started yet.



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16 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 267]”

  1. Esta bien justificado el porque se fue si avisarle a Tarkan pero creo que el autor/autora podria haber escrito sobre esta condición desde antes para que no pareciera solo drama.

  2. Hopefully all the people who complained in the last chapter will stop doing so after reading this chapter. Apparently Aristina and her brother knew about the special care of a child with power and that’s why they went to Silvanus. About leaving without warning Tarkan I see it this way, she doesn’t know when he’ll be back and she needs to stabilise her condition right now. Personally I don’t find it strange that they are going to Silvanus where there is already a precedent of having a child with power and where her brother has already prepared everything, instead of being in Irugo.

    1. The problem was not about having no reason to go back at all. They talked about how the safety of the mother and child would be at risk if they were away from Silvanus in her room in Irugo.
      The problem is that the need to go back to Silvanus, pregnant, learning it three days after her first time, forced to leave immediately, not leaving any warning or justification to Tarkan, are all dumb ways to create unnecessary conflict and drama.
      Of course she would go back, maybe even forced to do so, but this development is just… revolting

      1. She fainted until she got in Silvanus though. There was no time for her to leave a message. Maybe she was planning to after getting permission from the Irugo Emperor. Plus, it’s dangerous for the baby if she tries to send a letter now since so many spies are trying to see what the siblings are hiding. Brother can’t leave her side either. Understandably the trope of “causing misunderstandings by leaving” is tiring but it does work out in this case.

      2. Maybe Aristine will send back a letter or something? She didn’t exactly have the time to write one before she fainted. Her brother would also have had to explain somewhat to the King before taking Aristine back to Silvanus, so it’s not as if he left entirely without a word, and Tarkan will probably go straight to his father to ask for permission to follow his wife and will therefore hear the explanation Launelian gave the King.
        Tbh, that’s about as much explanation as could have been given under the circumstances. The problem will be if she doesn’t send a letter back or otherwise try to communicate with Tarkan after waking up.

  3. Thanks for the chapter,,, can’t wait for the next one. Tbh, not expected the brother to have a reason to take Aristine back to Silvanus bcs she is pregnant and in need of a certain flower.

  4. Honestly I was about to abandon the story last chapter. If the would have given us some context at the beginning like “Aristine’s mom died because of her being a powerful baby, despite being surrounded by the flower that can control de baby’s power, which made her father start hating her, then, when he discovered that the baby didn’t have any powers, he was enraged because he thought his wife died for no reason, and his greedy obsession for power was cut as the baby had no abilities , no use (or so he thought)” With something like that, her pregnancy would have given us happy and panic! And it would have made sense to see her brothers reaction.

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    Brother gained points from me by caring about her feelings and would have left her with Tarkan if authority wasn’t a thing. he still nutso.

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