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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 63]

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We’ll just hold hands and sleep. You trust me, right? (2)

Yenikarina took great pride in the fact that she was the most beloved princess among the people. It infuriated her to see even a single compliment meant for her being given to someone else.

‘And it’s to that scorned princess of all people!’

“Grandfather! Yenika is so upset! Yenika is the one that’s an angel!”

Yenika looked like she was about to cry as she clung to the Duke of Skiela.

“Of course, my princess is an angel.” (Duke)

“But they are calling that half-wit an angel of hope!”

“Our princess is the hope of this country, no, this world, so don’t you worry about that foolish princess.”

Duke Skiela stroked Yenikarina’s hair as he comforted her.

“Yenika knows that too. But when they put out this kind of article…someone might make a mistake.”

Yenikarina continued to complain and hearing that, the Duke of Skiela burst into laughter.

“Don’t worry, Your Highness.” (Duke)

As if she was waiting for those words, Yenikarina’s eyes twinkled with anticipation. And sure enough, her grandfather gave her an answer that met her expectation.

“I will meet the owner of this daily paper soon.” (Duke)


Yenikarina broke out in a happy smile and threw her arms around the Duke of Skiela.

“I’d love that so much, Grandfather! You are the best!”

Duke Skiela smiled warmly at his granddaughter who was still as cute and innocent as a child even though she was an adult.

The Queen frowned slightly as she watched this, and she called the Duke of Skiela.


“Don’t worry, Your Majesty. You know what kind of person your father is.”

Duke Skiela patted Yenikarina’s head and continued.

“I know very well that His Majesty the King will be watching. I will not discuss anything regarding that low-born with the president.”

It would be foolish to do anything that would put a target on them in this situation. If their weak point was caught, they would not be able to act freely.

“But I can talk about how kind and lovable our Princess Yenikarina is and how cute and pretty she is.”

The Duke of Skiela proudly motioned to Yenikarina as if he was showing her off to the Queen.

“His Majesty will not be concerned about such. He is proud of his daughter so I’m sure he will be happy.”

At those words, the Queen also smiled.

She stroked her daughter’s cheeks gently then she opened her mouth, “Indeed, His Majesty the King’s love for Yenikarina is incomparable.”

Yenikarina giggled a little and let herself be touched. But a part of her felt cold and sank heavily.

As her royal mother said, her royal father’s love was naturally hers.



Her royal father’s attitude towards that half-wit flashed in her mind and a fire ignited in her chest.

‘No, no way. Yenika is special.’  [1]

She was the only one who knew about the King of Irugo’s symptoms but protected his secret instead of using it. As such, her father’s favor was forever hers.

‘Right, even at the welcome banquet, Royal Father took Yenika’s side.’

When that no-good princess dared to try to take her seat, her father stepped forward. It must have been heart aching for him to see his most beloved daughter being subjected to such cruel persecution before his eyes.

She tried to ignore the fact that her father gave the princess a seat in a much higher position than herself.

After all, it couldn’t be helped since there was no other seat.

Her royal father even said this at the time. That it didn’t have any special meaning.

Despite thinking this way, a shadow was cast over Yenikarina’s face.

Duke Skiela saw this and patted her shoulders in comfort. He wondered if she was still bothered by the Princess’ glamourous bridal appearance in the newspaper.

“Do you want me to buy you a new dress, my princess? I shall buy a bunch of clothes befitting of our beautiful princess. With matching hats and gloves too.”

“Tch, seriously, Grandfather.”

Yenikarina pouted cutely then she glanced at Duke Skiela, showing she wasn’t opposed to the idea.

“Put necklace and earrings too.”

She added in a small voice and the Duke of Skiela grinned from ear-to-ear, feeling like his granddaughter couldn’t be any cuter.

“I’ll get you a bracelet, a brooch, and new shoes too.”

“My grandfather is amazing!”

Yenikarina hugged the Duke’s neck tightly.

Duke Skiela smiled broadly and patted Yenikarina on the back.

The gloominess on Yenikarina’s face disappeared completely.

That was unsurprising since her favorite hobby was to doll herself up beautifully, take the best pictures, and distribute them to the newspaper.

Then the newspaper would take that picture and write an article praising Yenikarina as the absolute best. For example: she’s the jewel of the kingdom, the flower of the Kingdom, the brightest star in the kingdom, the kingdom’s songbird, and so on.

All sorts of compliments were stringed together then an article was published.

Not only that, but they also took pictures of her doing small things like smelling flowers at a picnic or giving money to a poor beggar girl while passing by.

It was nothing like manipulating public opinion.

Since she actually went to a picnic, actually smelled flowers, and actually gave a beggar girl a gold piece.**

It was all for taking pictures, but the results were the same anyway, right?

It was good for everyone.

She deserved to be loved so it was only natural that she let the people know that too.

And thanks to her loveable self, the popularity of the royal family will increase and the pride and respect that the people had for the royal family will increase too.

‘Honestly, isn’t everyone benefitting because of Yenika?’

Yenikarina admired her own greatness.

‘Yenika is the true angel of peace!’

“Yes, let’s go shopping. And call a photographer too! There’s a room in Yenika’s palace that was remodeled recently, and it will be perfect for a photoshoot!”

Yenika chattered excitedly.

“Our princess will look much prettier printed across the newspaper than this kind of princess.”

Duke Skiela chuckled and tapped the newspaper on the table.

“Hoho, indeed. Our Yenika is my daughter and such a lovely child. She’s better than a princess who was imprisoned and barely treated as part of the Imperial family…”

The Queen said with a smile but as she glanced at the newspaper, her face hardened slightly.

Even if she tried to scorn it, Aristine truly looked beautiful in the picture.

The newspaper was filled with photos from the wedding today. The photos covered the event in the ceremonial hall to the ride down the wedding parade.

Aristine and Tarkan walking side-by-side, facing each other, and vowing with a kiss. Aristine being escorted to the golden carriage, the two of them sitting in the carriage. It even had the image of Aristine being saved and Tarkan holding her in his arms while they rode on the horse.

There were so many different photos that she didn’t know if this was supposed to be a newspaper or a photo album.

It looked as if the reporter had given up on choosing a photo and decide to show everything that looked pretty while thinking the more the better.


The queen clenched her fists.

She wanted to head to the newspaper company right now, grab them by the collar and ask them what they were thinking by publishing an article like this.

It was obvious what the common people as well as the nobles would think when they saw such an article.

The nobles had been agitated at the last welcome banquet, but they didn’t say good things about Tarkan and Aristine like they did today.

It was partly because they were surprised and flustered by the unexpected situation, but it was also because they had no tangible incentive to change their attitude.

Under such circumstances, the wedding today became a very good opportunity.

There was only one reason for this.

‘Because they look convincing!’

It was really such an insignificant reason but on the contrary, that was why it held a lot of power. People are such strange beings that at times, reason and logic alone cannot persuade them. Because of very illogical and emotional reasons such as ‘not really feeling it’ or ‘somehow don’t like it’.

That ‘convincing’ feeling was the same. [2]

It was a very illogical and emotional reason but once that feeling was in your heart, nothing could overpower it.

The wedding between Aristine and Tarkan today looked convincing even to the Queen.

It really looked like a sacred wedding for peace.

And each appearance of the couple in these photos also looked convincing.



Translator’s Corner:

[1] This is Yenika’s own thoughts. Don’t want anyone confused.
[2] This word can be translated to ‘plausible’ as well but convincing fits the context better.

**Please don’t tell me this poor beggar girl was photographed taking the gold coin. Because if so, that girl is so dead.


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  2. Thanks for the release Miss Ruby. I started to follow the novel recently and the last time I’ve been here was when I was following Lucia. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put in the novels.

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    Poor girl probably got killed even before the article was published, well not that Yanika would care anyway.

    If I were the girl I’d toss it away the moment Yanika was gone or keep it as a heirloom or something ahah

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