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Report links here

If there’s any link you think is broken or not working, you can comment below give about 24hrs for it to be fixed. If it’s not fixed within that time span, I’m probably unconscious.


Novel Title:
Chapter link was found:
Chapter link is supposed to go to:

Please don’t comment about links that have yet to be posted. Also, please check the table of contents to see if the link works there.

How to Use Guide

An example would be, reading YGTWHV Chapter 10 and pressing next but it doesn’t work. Or searching the ToC for Lucia and the link to Chapter 95 doesn’t work. So you would put that as:

Novel Title: YGTWHV / Lucia
Chapter link was found: 10 /  ToC
Chapter link is supposed to go to: 11 / 95


23 thoughts on “Report links here”

  1. Novel Title: YGTWHV
    Chapter link was found: 77 & 78, 81
    Chapter link is supposed to go to:
    In chapters 77 and 78, the next button link doesn’t work. In the case of chapter 81, it is in the ToC where the link to the chapter (81) doesn’t work. However, it is accessible from chapter 80’s next button.

  2. Novel Title: YGTWHV
    Chapter link was found: 113
    Chapter link is supposed to go to: The [Previous] button that should take us to C.112 ends up taking us to C.57 for some weird reason. I went to look at 57 to see if the [Next] button also sent us back to 113, but no, it went to 58 like it should, so there there seems to be no issues on that end.

      1. Ah, thank you very much! That was a very quick response, thank you! I just went and checked the links both ways again, and everything’s working just fine now!
        And also thank you so much for all of your time and effort in translating these stories so that we can all enjoy these wonderful stories! You’re wonderful!

  3. It’s not about any chapter, dont know if this is the appropriate place, but when I click on the link to the discord, it says that its invalid or expired,, also am not sure if I’m the only one having this problem too..,thank you.

    1. That is on me. I’ve been restricting uses to 50 so I can keep control of the links and the discord doesn’t get overrun. This time I’ll make it 100 lol.

      ETA: I’ve updated all the site links too!
      Edit2: Discord invites are closed.

      1. Is your Discord still open or is it closed like it says on top of home?
        If its open then your link says invalid if I click or type it. Is that because it’s limited invites?
        If its closed then that’s fine.
        Or is it on a different page?
        Thank you.

    2. It’s not just you. I clicked on the [New Discord] link in the top corner of the page, and got the same thing. I don’t know why.

      AH!! HOWEVER, on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE, below the [Subscribe to Blog via Email] block, and right above the bottom [Dark Mode/Light Mode] tab (right between those 2) is the box that talks about Joining her new Discord, and when I clicked on the Discord logo (or rather, clicked on it in a way that it would open up in a new tab, I have no idea if that had any effect on things or not, but I figured I ‘d mention everything, just in case), it properly opened up to the [RubyMaybe] Discord server invite link page! I’m not sure what was wrong with the first link, but I was able to connect to and join Ruby’s new Discord server! I hope that this might be of at least some help for you!

  4. Ah, thanks. I’d tried it at first but ddint come. So ig it’s because miss ruby had made another link. Thank you for mentioning though🥰

  5. Hi Ruby,
    I noticed the sign that says that Discord is temporarily open again but when I tried clicking it, it tells me that the link is expired. I hope you have a good day.

  6. Novel Title: YGTWHV

    Chapter link was found: 178

    Chapter link is supposed to go to: 179

    TOC link works just fine. The “Next” button” in Chapter 178 does not link to anything.

  7. Novel name- FMH
    Chapter link was found – 105,106
    When I click on these two links, it goes to I have tried the next button at the end of ch 104 and even from your recent posts. But the link won’t open the chapter, just the above mentioned site.
    Please see to it.

  8. Forget my Husband, I’ll go make money
    Chapter 155 to chapter 156
    The next chapter link is broken.
    Also when I try to go to home page I get “Your IP is blocked for malicious or spam reasons” error so I thought I will let you know about that as well

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