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Volcanic Age [picked up again]

Hi hi!

So it seems that someone else has picked up Volcanic Age so I will not continue it. I actually haven’t devoted much attention to it so yay for another translator? Anywho, does anyone have any other recommendations for me to translate?


Miss Ruby [My projects]

EDIT: It seems the publisher asked the translator to stop (This is what I was told). I am not sure but I am not quite willing to test it.



  1. Maximiliano

    Gracias por las traducciones de este manhua, podrias pasar el link de quien retomo este proyecto ? Que no puedo esperar para continuar con esta obra 😀


  2. sarcena

    Oh yay! The manga has gone on brake after finishing the first volume. Can I ask how many chapters are in the first volume please?


    • Miss Ruby

      15 Chapters. They r pretty long tho


    • SeSho

      First volume Manhwa and Novel is different, while Manhwa on chap 73 and Novell on Book 5.


      • Kusanagi Godou

        @SeSho where i can read the translation novel of volcanic age??? seems i can’t find it


    • Steven

      You can read the manga using manga rock phone apps


  3. lleufer leonart

    Could you please consider translating this novel?

    Thanks a lot


  4. noor16blog

    Can you consider this one? I am curious to know what happened.



  5. kris

    would you consider this and this ?

    chemistry’s translator had been AFK for quite a while, the skill maker translator says he quit cause RL. I hope you’d consider both of them.


  6. liyahseull

    Whatever novel that has romance in it, please! 😀


  7. tom

    maybe volcanic age, because the current translator released two chaps and went awol.


  8. Sabby

    can you translate light and shadow novel, actually that novel already been translated by rainy translation only the teasers part, but after that, no one has picked up the novel yet 😭😭


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