Welcome to RubyMaybe!

This is a site set out to translate Korean novels that the translator, Miss Ruby, fancies.

Miss Ruby translates faster when there are a lot of likes and comments so don’t forget to do so!

Miss Ruby is not Superman(yet) so she cannot work on more than one novel at a time!

Miss Ruby’s Current Project:
° Lucia °

Miss Ruby’s Next Possible Projects:
° Reader °
° Spectator °

Note: Unlike Chinese novel chapters, Korean novel chapters tend to be LONG. In my translations, a chapter with 3k+ words will be split into two, a chapter with 4.5k+ words will be split into 3 parts, 6k+ words will be split into 4. I do this because it allows me to pump chapters out faster and more efficiently instead of just ignoring novels with long chapters.

If you wish to support Miss Ruby, you can do so by following her blog or becoming a PatreonCurrently patreon is only for [Lucia]. If you do not know what patreon is, you can click here for more information.

PS: Miss Ruby is a student so releases can get sparodic if she’s too busy.

34 thoughts on “Welcome to RubyMaybe!

  1. Gracias por subir Lucia, me encantaria que se pidiera leer la novela completa, pero como no se coreano te agradezco mucho que me permitas leerla.


  2. Ngeh… -checking the suggestions project- Don’t like them. Volcanic seems okay but feeling meh. Anymore interesting books? Like maybe second generation of Lucia’s children?


  3. ooh I’d love to see Our House Pet translated~~ I’ve been waiting for it to get translated for a few years now and it seems like a fun rom com but it’s up to you.


  4. I stumbled across your translations and I am soooo thankful I did. The work you do is so appreciated. You bring this entertaining novel to life. Thank you thank you for all the hard work!


  5. Hello, Miss Ruby! Thank you for your translation! And, please, I notice that one option for future project is the translation of “Our House Pet”, could you do it? I’ve been waiting for someone to pick that story.


  6. Miss Ruby is great! miss ruby is (almost)superman! thank you so much for your hard work and your extremely good translation quality! reading is so enjoyable thanks to you, the story is fluffly, sweet, steamy and very interesting with good plot building. Thanks so much for picking this up! as a side note, if you’re done with lucia and want to pick up another one, please consider a korean love story about rebirth please! on novelupdaets, i read the sister’s villain which is pretty good, and in the same genre, i raised an obsessive servant which is also great. But the reader story you mentioned also looks super interesting thank you!


  7. Thank you for the translations comrade. Your translation is good quality, and makes it easy to understand. I know how much effort can go into finding suitable analogies and phrases that would help make the work easier to understand. I know that there’s a lot of things that may not make sense in English and I appreciate you taking the time to get the meaning as close as possible. Keep up the fantastic work!
    – Comrade Hidden Flamingo


  8. Hello translator nim, i’m new here but can i make a suggestion for your next project?can you translate survive as the hero’s wife novel?thank you in advance #bow 😊😊😊


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