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Recommendations for RubyMaybe!

Well, hello there.

Unfortunately I’m pausing recommendations starting May 2nd, 2020. There has been way too many and I think I have a sizeable inventory now.

Just ignore this. I didn’t want to delete it.

Now, onto the main topic:

I have turned this page into a place for recommendations because well, things turned out that way.

So, if you’ve got something for me, tell me down below and I’ll look into it when I have time. Obviously, I can’t like everything and I may have already seen what you want to recommend to me.

By the way, please, do not recommend anything else from kakao page. That app is impossible to navigate. I’m barely holding on with one novel.


P.S.: Unfortunately, this site had gotten a bit bigger than I can manage alone so it’s impossible to reply to all recommendations at this point.  Just know I see them everything.

P.S.S: If you’re a translator looking for something too, I made a list.


  1. Zielony Lis

    I want to thank you so much, Translator! You have had gave me a real joy with this story! I wish I could make you a pendant to wear loaded with my good wishes I have for you!


  2. Hasunami

    I’m not really sure how comments work so I might be posting this twice, but I’d like to recommend “Under the Oak tree” by Sooji Kim! It’s a pretty good novel from what I’ve seen. Also, I love your translations and I hope you’re doing well! 🙂


  3. Jen

    Hello I was reading manwha in a website and saw a oneshot that really caught my attention but apparently it was only promoting the novel. Not sure if anyone else has recommended yet or not but I would like to recommend it because I am dying to know whats next… and I’m sure other people would love it as well.

    Title: The Baby Raising a Devil / The Baby Raises a Villain /
    아기는 악당을 키운다


  4. Mishael

    Hi! Is there a chance that you would pick up the novel version of “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS, DUKE?”? I know there is a manhwa version of it with Season 1 done and translated. But i really want to read the novel version of it. I hope you would pick this novel also. Thank you.


    • Miss Ruby

      I don’t think I will translate it. Sorry


  5. Rika of RFA

    Pretty pretty pretty please pick up “The Hero propsed to me” Its the best!!!! Pleasee!!!!!


  6. Tintin

    Hi. Hope you could translate Beatrice. Willing to pay for the translation. Thanks soo much


    • Miss Ruby

      Hello, it’s not about payment. I’d gladly do it for free but I don’t like how non-existent the female lead’s backbone is. A romance where the FL fears the ML for half the novel is not up my alley at all.


  7. Anne

    I Tamed a Tyrant and Runaway !! The FL is so badass 🥺🥺


  8. Tsukina

    Hi Miss Ruby,
    Although it is of poor habits, I find myself reading your translations well into the night. Is it possible to add a light and dark mode to be easier on the eyes at night?

    Many thanks.


    • Miss Ruby

      I would…but it costs 300 bucks to get plugins and I can’t find any cheaper options.


  9. Jen

    Hi interested in Duchess with an Empty Soul.

    There’s already a link on tumblr with five novels, 10 chapters each.

    There’s also a manhwa being translated, but there are a lot of drama there and I am sure there will be lots of fans who will appreciate your quality work. Again, it’s a strong female lead and romance. There is also action though.

    I really enjoyed your translations for Lucia and would love to read this as well, especially if it’s done by you. (I’m not even there for the smut. I just love the relationships that developed and the storyline. How it interweaved with the past, and set up for the future).

    I’m not the one who put it on tumblr so please email me and I’ll send it to you.

    Again thank you so much!


  10. DissHerzig

    Hi! Thank you for your work translating this novels.
    I would be very glad if you take a little amount of your time to consider translating THE EVIL LADY’S HERO and THE BABY ISN’T YOURS.
    I would love to read your translations of those novels, especially “The baby isn’t yours” in which the female lead is a total badass.
    Thank you for reading mi recommendation. Hoping you will consider it.


    • Shiho

      Evil Ladys hero yes pls


  11. Mmk

    I’m begging you to please translate “I tamed a tyrant and ran away” and “The Grand Duke’s Little Lady”. Please, please. They’re both unique novels and have the kind of heroines you like.


  12. RoseSky_3

    Days ago, I came across one interesting manhwa called “Seduce the Villain’s Father/악당의 아빠를 꼬셔라”. The story looks interesting and I also found out that it has a novel form. I hope you can consider this novel.

    Summary of the Manhwa:
    Upon opening my eyes after a bus accident, I found myself in the fantasy world of a webnovel I enjoyed reading… the only catch is, I reincarnated 20 years before the novel begins! Reborn as Princess Yerenica of the small Lebovny kingdom, I’m determined to change the future in order to prevent the series of unfortunate events that will soon occur.

    In the original story, my older sister, Tejavia, is pregnant with the future female lead, when she’s suddenly kidnapped by the Belgoat Empire’s emperor. But in my desperate attempts to protect her, I got kidnapped instead!

    And as if that wasn’t bad enough, my body is ridiculously weak to magic. But… strangely enough, whenever I’m by the emperor, I feel fine!

    The only way to save the emperor, who’s destined to die at the hands of his own son after marrying the villainess, and save myself from being afflicted by magic… is for us to marry!

    “Marry me, Father.”
    “Father? Princess, I haven’t married yet, nor do I have any kids…”



  13. straykids0325

    Please take a look at “I raised an obsessive servant”
    It’s a very much recommended!


  14. Changyeah

    Thank you for your hardwork!💕 I really loved your translations. I hope you can try to translate the novel of Lady Baby.


  15. Cherry


    I would really love to see Light & Shadow translated as the storyline/heroine is amazing and one of my all time favourites! It’s a fairly short novel (2 or 3 volumes) I believe and the original translator has decided to no longer translate it. The first three chapters have been released so far if you would be interested in reading it or checking it out!

    Summary & Link to Chapters:

    The manhwa adaptation has been released and is completely scanlated.


  16. Sophie

    “Who made me a princess” I really love this novel and for some reason translators have dropped this novel from like ch 70 and onwards.


  17. Meri

    Hello Ruby!
    the series I want to recommend is
    – I’m Done with My Husband, I’ll Go and Make Money. – (
    the premise is pretty interesting, the bickering of the FMC and ML (?) in the first few ch was pretty funny too lmao, it’s a completed series (just recently? or maybe since last yr already),
    tbh i wanted to rec this to you already when lucia just ended but i thought maybe the other TLer will update it sometime again but yeah the last update was in august 2019….orz
    sorry that it’s another novel on KKP orz maybe you can pick it up after your current project :’) and if not, that’s ok too! maybe someday it’ll get some further TL or gets licens*d (hah), thank you so much for your Translations! much love and best wishes, M


    • chll51

      I would second this and I can get the raws if that helps.


  18. M

    omg im so sorryyyyyy i didnt see the series i rec’d is already your upcoming series jfjkfkfkks IM SO SORRY it’s fine not to publish that comment then orz (and this one as well) sjjfjdj IM SORRYYYYY and thank you so much OTL OTL OTL SMH AT MYSELF


  19. Lei

    Wow…there’s a lot of reccomendation hehe… Miss ruby i love your translations! I tell you no week comes by that i dont visit your site! I even re read the lucia for reminscing about the flowery words ≧∇≦ good work! By the way i reccomend the This Is An Obvious Fraudulent Marriage the novel and if these titles also have novels please

    •The evil lady will change
    •Rebirth common circumstances
    •A capable maid
    •Villainous princess
    •Beware of the villainess
    •If you give me flowers,i’ll give you me

    I all read them in the comics but i had the feeling that some of them might have novel that are not yet translated so please if you have time?


    • Mocha

      Those are great series but I feel like it’d be a better use of our and Miss Ruby’s time to read novels that aren’t made into webtoons that are licensed and already being translated on a consistent basis

      There are sooooo many great novels out there without a translation or are dropped!


  20. Moah

    Hi Miss Ruby! I love love love your site and translations!!

    Would second the recommendation for I Tamed a Tyrant and Ran Away pretty please!!! Seriously love this heroine

    And also I Raised and Obsessive Servant. I was so so so sad when the previous translator dropped it and it’s such a great novel!


  21. ludy

    I loved the synopsis of this novel but there is no one translating.

    이혼한 악녀는 케이크를 굽는다

    냉정하고 무심한 남편을 위해 9년 동안 공작부인의 자리를 지켰지만 내게 남겨진 건 경멸과 무관심. 그리고 불륜을 했다는 누명 뿐이었다. “이 결혼을 참는 것도 이제 한계다. 네가 아무리 황제 폐하께 울고불고 해도 이제 더는 참아 줄 수 없어.” “예. 그러시군요. 여기 사인하면 되나요?” “그러니까 지난번처럼 불쌍한 척을 해도 이번에는 절대…….뭐?” 나는 태연한 낯으로 이혼 서류를 흔들어 보였다. “사인 다했어요. 이제 가도 되죠?” “…….” “참, 쌍방 불륜이니 위자료 얘기는 할 필요 없죠? 제 지참금만 돌려주세요.” “….그 적은 돈을 가지고 뭘 하려고?” 지난 9년간 내가 뭘 하든 신경도 안 쓰던 남편이 처음으로 내게 질문을 던졌다. 나는 자신 있게 웃으며 대답했다. “디저트 카페를 열거예요.” 민들레와인 장편 로맨스판타지,


  22. limulimu

    I’d love to sponsor …The Hero Proposed to me (Novel)
    or “Dear My Friend” (Novel)”


  23. Jen_Ryzan

    I Raise and Obsessive Servant.

    If I happened to tame my brother too well.

    I love both novels and sadly they discontinued translating it. If you happened have free time and okay with the storyline I hope you can pick it up. thanks in advance.


  24. Saleshe

    Do the author have made a story for Damian? Cause I am very very very very very very very INTERESTED 😁😊


  25. nova

    Hello miss ruby there is an interesting novel I recommend but sadly it is not picked yet o found it in this website

    A Mermaid’s tale ,Flag of Marriage
    It kinda reminds me of death is the only ending for the villain since she is reincarnated in a game and struggles to find a way to live
    There is also lady wants to rest. I became the secretary of a tyrant
    I found this too interesting :
    The Emperor’s Terminally-ill Youngest Daughter is Being Taken Care Of (황제의 막내딸은 시한부입니다)


  26. Lias

    I enjoy your translate of lucia… i found this one novel with title namjang secretary..please look in to it ^^


  27. Lydia

    I appreciate you for doing this list of recommendations even though you could pick a novel on your own .
    There is this novel I don’t think it’s well known
    A Mermaid’s tale ,Flag of Marriage
    This is the raw


  28. Akachan

    Hello.. thank you for your translate of Lucia, I enjoy it so much, I want to recommendations some novel but maybe this is smut novel 🙁 the title is INGRID THE WHITE DEER, as you say you’d rather not translate smut novel, but the story is seem interesting, please look in to it and I hope you take an interest to translate it。◕‿◕。


  29. Sincerely

    Hi MissRuby.
    I just recently found out that the translator of “Side Story” is dropping the translation. She said it was related to her real life obligations. It’s kinda sad though. The story is very beautiful and engaging. And the start of Volume 2 was really getting to good part. I hope you could try and give it a go, if you can. It truly is worth the read.


  30. mizutsuki

    Ruby sama 🥺🥺
    I want to recommend:

    1. “Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain”
    In novelupdates, kinda didn’t get any updates anymore, but they give alot of spoilers so I understand the story. Its very interesting and very funny but have tragedy too in it! trust me! Is the 2nd best novel I ever read (after “Trash of the count family”) even thought sometimes I didn’t understand because the translator not very good with korean but I appreciate it very much!
    so rather than ask u to translate it for better version i just want to recommend it to u to read (if you haven’t read it yet) so u have a good time too just like me, ruby-sama 😁😁

    2. “I Will Seduce The Northern Duke”
    And this one which I want to ask u for your next project! It’s look very interesting, the female lead looks smart and proactive (probably cause still only read the reviews in the promotion) and looks like the comedy will be fun too.
    The no.1 and no. 2 doesn’t have smut genre so don’t worry 😄😄

    Keep the spirit and may u always have a fun days


  31. Rafaella Encabo

    I suggest I’ll become the tyrant’s tutor or His Majesty wants to read the new release, if possible.


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