Welcome to RubyMaybe!

This is a site set out to translate Korean novels that the translator, Miss Ruby, likes.

Miss Ruby translates faster when there are a lot of likes and comments so don’t forget to do so! Miss Ruby is not Superman(yet) so she cannot work on more than one novel at a time!

Miss Ruby’s Current Projects:
° Lucia °
° You’ve Got The Wrong House, Villain °

Miss Ruby’s Possible Side Projects:
° Spectator °
° SSS-Class Suicide Hunter °

Note: Unlike Chinese novel chapters, Korean novel chapters tend to be LONG. In my translations, a chapter with 3k+ words will be split into two, a chapter with 4.5k+ words will be split into 3 parts, 6k+ words will be split into 4. I do this because it allows me to pump chapters out faster and more efficiently instead of just ignoring novels with long chapters.

PS: Miss Ruby is a student so releases can get sparodic if she’s too busy.


>>For those who keep asking for Volcanic Age, I am staying away from it because my Korean isn’t good enough to translate such a behemoth of a novel. I know I picked it up but I honestly didn’t know what I was getting into. Chapter 1 took almost 8 hours. I can’t.

>>Thanks for all the recommendations. I’ve settled on picking up You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villian. I like the novel + it had the most recommendations.

>> Please do not recommend anything from kakao page. Thank you.

140 thoughts on “Welcome to RubyMaybe!

  1. Please this one SSS-Class Suicide Hunter !!! I heard this one is a top tier novel in korea. I do really love your translation, and I believe it would be better for you to pick up this one!!! when it comes to action scene your translation was mesmerizing it was easy to read even my native was’nt an english.


  2. Hello Ruby! First and foremost, I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication in translating these novels for us ❤️ You are more than appreciated! I honestly couldn’t say thank you enough because without this page, I wouldn’t be able to finally read Lucia.

    One novel recommendation I have is called Beatrice. I am not sure if someone is translating it but here is a link to the novel:
    http://comico.kr/titles/18140 .

    Sending you my love and support ❤️❤️


  3. Hi miss Ruby. Thank you for your works and dedication in translating Korean Novels. Without your translation i wouldn’t be able to fully understand Lucia.
    Beside “Beatrice” i would recommend you to translate 소피아, 중세탈춯기 (or i think it’s “sofia, medieval escape” 🤔🤭) i’m sorry for my bad readings … and i’m not sure if someone or one of the scanlation groups is translating it, but it seems that no one has taken it yet. I found it in google play book, and around 261 pages of the first book can be read freely.
    I really hope that you can pick this novel. Thank you 💐🙏❤️❤️


  4. Miss Ruby!!! May I be your fan please:””
    Thank you so much for your kindness!! As a student myself, I know how hard it can be manage your schedule, but you still decided to translate for us! That’s fantastic! Let’s work hard together!!<3

    Mm… If it's recommendation, then I would like to recommend.. Ah, all novels on kakaopage are so tempting:'D Especially the covers! I want to read them all! But I'd say right now I'll recommend The Hero Proposed to Me! Another translator had translated up to chapter 5 I think, but it hasn't ben updated in a long time:" I was so desperate that I even made an account on kakaopage just to read it because no one else translated the novel (trust me, I REALLY did my research!), I didn't even care about my oh-so-lacking Korean skill since google translate exist, but so I was basically SO READY to just drown into the novel!! Especially since I saw 완결(?) somewhere near the title and I think it means complete or finished? So I REALLY was SO READY to read it!! But apparently you need to download the app to continue reading after chapter 3, so I went to PlayStore to download the app, right? But apparently kakaopage isn't available in my regionTAT I AM STILL SO SAD YOU KNOW??:((( So, yeah.. that's the only novel I can think about at the moment hehe But I think your choice are great too! So thank you so much for doing god's work and translate all of that for us! Also I'm sorry for rambling a lot, I can get too emotional when it comes to light novels huhu Again, thank you very much!!! We all love you!!!!!<3


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