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This site is for translating Korean novels, usually those that the translator, Miss Ruby, likes.

I tend to prefer novels with protagonists that have a backbone and after my experience with a smut novel, I’d rather not translate another. (I mean, it was a fun novel but damn).

So this is where recommendations go: Here . I have decided to pause recommendations starting May 2nd, 2020 because I have gotten way more than I can ever translate.

Miss Ruby’s Current Projects:
° You’ve Got The Wrong House, Villain °

Miss Ruby’s Finished Projects:
° Lucia °

Miss Ruby’s Next Project:
° Undecided °

Note: Unlike Chinese novel chapters, Korean novel chapters tend to be LONG. In my translations, a chapter with 3k+ words will be split into two, a chapter with 4.5k+ words will be split into 3 parts, 6k+ words will be split into 4. I do this because it allows me to pump chapters out faster and more efficiently instead of just ignoring novels with long chapters.


PS: If any link is broken, or you were linked here even though there should be a chapter, please comment where exactly you were linked from below and I will fix that ASAP.

PSS: Please DON’T commenting recommendations here. They start to pile up.(I feel like some people ignore this sentence QAQ)


  1. Lizzete Garcia

    Thanks for your great job!!! <3


  2. Raine

    Thank you very much for all the time you spend on translating for our enjoyment. You’re awesome!
    Ps. Yes, I read before write this. There’s still people out there who read everything before write.


  3. CallaMella

    Yikes, thank you for all your hard work Ruby-sama T_T

    Also sorry about posting recommendations here… idk how I missed that before @_@


  4. lizli

    pocky’s bookshelf can only be accessed through their discord. they also announced that they have dropped tyrant and obsessive servant :))


  5. believehewill

    my bad. i actually realized my mistake after reading this post again right after i commented. i wanted delete or edit it but there’s no option for me to do so, T_T so i just left it here as it is. maybe i just go so excited that you’ll be taking in another novel. T_T

    anyway, i believe they were both dropped


  6. Elli


    Thank u so so much for translating lucia. And Im happy that u have another project that ill be waiting for progress.


  7. Lxee

    Hey Ruby,

    I chanced upon your website by chance when looking for english translated Lucia. Thank you so much for your hardwork and you did a wonderful job (the smuts were great too. *wink wink*)

    I had enjoyed reading Lucia (very very much) and look forward to your other works.

    Hwaiting!! >_


  8. Jazzy

    I read the first few chapter of your new project and it looks promising. I can’t wait.

    Happy Holidays, Ruby. 🙂


  9. Mavikelebek

    İf i remember true i saw it has 200 chapters or more. İ can be wrong but won’t we see Domians life? Their child life. İ was really interest with it. Especially the girl Domian Likes in school. If i remember true she was dressed as a can be really good story. Btw i don’t know why after trying so hard i still can’t send my comment…


  10. Drake555

    Gracias por tu trabajo💎


  11. Angelsnipk8

    OMG I hope you do pick up “Forget my husband I’ll go make money” ! It’s such a good story so far I am hooked! Please translate. ♥️


  12. __salmaa.

    there is another novel called “i don’t want to be ojakgyo” it’s so good but only the first few chapters is translated.


    • Miss Ruby

      Something tells me it’s in Japanese….


  13. Zafiro

    Thank you for all your hard work!


  14. Puan

    Wah. I just read your post about new novel I’ll make money… I definitely gonna read it.
    Looking from the cover…I hope MC never end with her husband. Being solo or new male are better.
    End up with a cheating husband is a nightmare.
    Btw, thank you very much Miss Ruby. Take care of your health. I always wait for your translation. 🍀


  15. Claudia Vega

    Hi Miss Ruby… i really want to be your patton in patreon… but sadly i dont have credit card and paypal im from indonesian so my inly hope is waiting for your update here (>•


  16. Ruri

    Miss Lucy,

    Your translation for Lucia is amazing! Thanks for your effort!

    After reading your translations, I must say Lucia is now my favourite korean novel! I came here after reading the WEBTOON and have decided to finish the novel. I’m more than impressed!

    In the future if you consider picking up new novel, what about Beatrice? I’m not sure about the whole plot yet coz the comic and English translation still just touched on the beginning part.

    Would love to see more great translations done by you 🙂


  17. Sni

    Thank you for the translations!


  18. Alokananda Sen

    Thank you for translating Lucia, anamazing work of art! I enjoyed it throughout the ride it offered me! Thank you so much Miss Ruby for sharing it with us! I loved it so much!


  19. Yona

    um …. so where could we recommend novels there are some i’d like to recommend if your interested … also sorry know this isnt the place…. last but not least thank you sooo much for your hard work love your translation alot …. it’s always on my homepage….


    • Miss Ruby

      Hi, there’s a recommendation page linked in the welcome page but honestly I’m thinking of stopping recommendations because I’ve gotten way too many and I can’t translate all of it


  20. Aryan

    I’m always looking forward for your translations every week. By the way, if you could please have “Seduce the villain’s father” as a possible project too. I think you’ll also like the story. I’m dying to read it 😭


  21. Riena

    First of all, thank you for your great translations! 💞💞 Regarding your segmentation of chapters, does that mean by the count of the original, your translation is still in chapter 11?


  22. Fang

    Wow! ¡Me gustan tus traducciones! Y estoy emocionada por la traducción de la novela de <> jajaja qué genial. También estoy súper agradecida por la traducción de <>


  23. Daruma

    I’m not exactly sure if there’s supposed to have a next chapter, but i got sent here from YGTWHV [62]?

    On the other hand, i would like to thank you for your continuous great translations! I love your works! 👌💕💕💕


    • Miss Ruby

      There isn’t a next chapter yet. Thanks!


  24. Layuna

    Hi Miss Ruby ! I just finished reading the whole novel, it took me a week I think because I tried to control myself and read less but it was impossible, the story was too great to slow down ^^’
    I wanted to say THANK YOU ! You are amazing ! The work you have done is just so huge and so good ! And thinking that we we’re able to read all that for free, it’s insane! You are just so talented and generous and I thank you from the bottom of my heart ! ❤


  25. Dew

    Thank u thank u for the translation!!!


  26. Arielle

    Thank you Miss Ruby for the lovely translations. Really appreciate it. Got me so touched and heartfelt. Awwss. Lotsa love!❤


  27. snzzykitten

    Again, thank you so much for ur hard work!! i hope u get to update soon enough🥺💜


  28. Frustrated Reader

    Huhuhuhu😭😭 I just finished reading the whole novel and I become inloved with this story. 😍😍It made me laughed😃, cry😢, angry😤, inlove😍, and so on..
    Thankyou so much for working so hard to complete writing/translating this novel. 😊😁
    P.s. Is there a hard copy of Lucia(this novel)? Can I have one?? Pleaasee😁👏👏👏


  29. Cebuana ARMY

    Ahhh. Lucia is one of the good translated novels I’ve read in so long. Thank you translstor-nim💜💜💜💜


  30. Alisson

    I loved the way you translated this! Please translate An Abandoned Empress! 😦


  31. Aymi

    Hi Miss Ruby, I am a loyal reader from YGTWHV and part of a brazilian scan. I would to translate the novel for portuguese, so could you give me your permisssion? Tnxs for the hard work 💞


  32. Whuzuo

    YAYYYY! IVE ALWAYS WANTED “Forget my husband, Ill go make more money” TO BE TRANSLATEDD. BEEN AWAITING THIS. uwu ♡♡:>>


  33. Tessa

    Thank you for the amazing translations Ruby-nim


  34. Ariessa

    Hi Ms. Ruby,

    Thank you so much for your translations, I finished Lucia in 3 days my head is aching but I’m satisfied. Hoping you good health and please do take care. Sending you hearts. 💕


  35. Toscadaisy

    Yeay! I can’t wait for the future project that you’ll translate. Always, thank you for your hard work!💖


  36. Vincent Van Gogh

    I don’t think there’s supposed to be a new chapter but I got sent here from YGTWHV chapter 107,, thnx for the translations tho


    • Spabetty

      Haha same here! And thank you so much Ms. Ruby! You the best!❤❤


  37. Gypsyn

    I got linked to this page from YGTWHV chapter 107 while trying to go to 108.


  38. Bell

    Are you still translating Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money after the novel you are currently translating?


    • Miss Ruby

      I was gonna but somebody picked it up 🙁
      Looking for a new novel now


  39. Snowfa

    Please translate the princess is a marionette 😍😍


  40. Snowfa

    Please translate princess is a marionette


  41. Kiyu

    What happened miss ruby?


  42. Rustypete

    Came here from next button on chapter 115 wrong house villain instead of going to 116


  43. Evelyn

    Don’t know if this is relevant or not but I get sent here when I click on the “Next” button on chapter 115 for YGTWHV trying to go to chapter 116. I’m not sure if 116 is uploaded yet or if this was intentional which is why I’m asking here.


    • Miss Ruby

      It’s intentional. No worried


      • rustypete

        yeah sorry i didn’t realize i had caught up to your translation as i had thought judging from the TOC i still had heaps left (up to 161 at least) until i actually checked and saw where translations were up too… thanks for translations


  44. Lina

    Hello and TYSM for your translations! It’s said to report if there’s a broken link and I think I have one. I was reading You’ve got the wrong house,villain and when I click “next” this page appears instead of 117 chapter.
    Thank you again for you works!


  45. Rogue Puppy

    Hi Ruby! I absolutely love your translations. Thank you for all your hard work. I was supposed to go to: You’ve got the wrong house villain chapter 119 but came here instead. Sorry for the inconvenience. I can’t wait to read further. 💖💖


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