Welcome to RubyMaybe~!

Hi! Welcome! We’re friendly here.

This site is for translating Korean novels, usually those that the translator, Miss Ruby, likes.

I tend to prefer novels with protagonists that have a backbone and after my experience with a smut novel, I’d rather not translate another. (I mean, it was a fun novel but damn).

Due to the state of my former welcome page, I have decided to turn it into a recommendation page so if you got something you like and you think I might like it, go ahead and shoot your shot there.

Miss Ruby’s Current Projects:
° You’ve Got The Wrong House, Villain °

Miss Ruby’s Finished Projects:
° Lucia °

Miss Ruby’s Next Project:
° Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money °

Note: Unlike Chinese novel chapters, Korean novel chapters tend to be LONG. In my translations, a chapter with 3k+ words will be split into two, a chapter with 4.5k+ words will be split into 3 parts, 6k+ words will be split into 4. I do this because it allows me to pump chapters out faster and more efficiently instead of just ignoring novels with long chapters.


PS: If any link is broken, or you were linked here even though there should be a chapter, please comment where exactly you were linked from below and I will fix that ASAP.

PSS: Please DON’T commenting recommendations here. They start to pile up.(I feel like some people ignore this sentence QAQ)

46 thoughts on “Welcome to RubyMaybe~!

  1. Thank you very much for all the time you spend on translating for our enjoyment. You’re awesome!
    Ps. Yes, I read before write this. There’s still people out there who read everything before write.


  2. Methods to Save the Villain who was Abandoned by the Heroine is still getting updates on Poky’s discord and I Tamed Tyrant and Ran Away got licenced so they dropped it.
    A lot of the korean novels were dropped because they are owned by D&C media and they’re known crack down their novels, the lawsuit just wasn’t worth it.

    I would love it if you can I’m Only a Stepmother, But My Daughter is Just Too Cute! from haruPARTY because they mainly deal with Japanese mangas and I don’t think they’re equipped with dealing with Korean novels, though the last time I hear it was going to get licenced.


  3. How about I BECAME A SECRETARY OF A TYRANT? Or I RAISED AN OBSESSIVE SERVANT. I think they’re all like short novel. Like LUCIA. Or if god permit can you translate the two?. 😍😍😍


  4. Hey Ruby,

    I chanced upon your website by chance when looking for english translated Lucia. Thank you so much for your hardwork and you did a wonderful job (the smuts were great too. *wink wink*)

    I had enjoyed reading Lucia (very very much) and look forward to your other works.

    Hwaiting!! >_


  5. Hi Miss Ruby,
    I was wondering if you could pick up 인소의 법칙, “Inso’s Law”. I came across the book after reading the manhwa, which took me by surprise because of the plotline. I believe it’s complete or nearing completion, so if it interests you, I hope you can pick it up after YGTWHV.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider this request! 🙂

    Novelupdates spoiler link: https://forum.novelupdates.com/threads/insos-law.90236/

    Ridibook link: https://ridibooks.com/v2/Detail?id=777010702

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  6. İf i remember true i saw it has 200 chapters or more. İ can be wrong but won’t we see Domians life? Their child life. İ was really interest with it. Especially the girl Domian Likes in school. If i remember true she was dressed as a man.it can be really good story. Btw i don’t know why after trying so hard i still can’t send my comment…


  7. OMG I hope you do pick up “Forget my husband I’ll go make money” ! It’s such a good story so far I am hooked! Please translate. ♥️


  8. iao adoro le tue traduzioni e amo il personaggio di Yuri alias Aracne in ”
    Yuu ve got the wrong house villan” amo anche “forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money” grazie


  9. Wah. I just read your post about new novel I’ll make money… I definitely gonna read it.
    Looking from the cover…I hope MC never end with her husband. Being solo or new male are better.
    End up with a cheating husband is a nightmare.
    Btw, thank you very much Miss Ruby. Take care of your health. I always wait for your translation. 🍀


  10. Hi Miss Ruby… i really want to be your patton in patreon… but sadly i dont have credit card and paypal im from indonesian so my inly hope is waiting for your update here (>•


  11. Miss Lucy,

    Your translation for Lucia is amazing! Thanks for your effort!

    After reading your translations, I must say Lucia is now my favourite korean novel! I came here after reading the WEBTOON and have decided to finish the novel. I’m more than impressed!

    In the future if you consider picking up new novel, what about Beatrice? I’m not sure about the whole plot yet coz the comic and English translation still just touched on the beginning part.

    Would love to see more great translations done by you 🙂


  12. Hey, could you maybe do “I became the secretary of a tyrant” that story looks really good and I’ve been waiting for forever for someone to pick it up and it wouldnt hurt to ask so, plz look at it at least


  13. “Death is the onky ending for the villain”, this novel is from kakaopage but i feel like it such a gooooood novel so im gonna recommend it anyway but its also fine if you dont want it. Anyway thanks for the translations!!


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