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No chapter this week

Sorry for the late notice. I’ve been having a terrible headache all week and I haven’t been able to translate anything. It has mellowed out somewhat today so I think I just need some good sleep. I’ll have to pass on posting this week.

I know I need a stash for ’emergencies’ like this but I just haven’t had time to make one lol. Anyway, that’s what going on. Sorry for keeping you waiting! I was hoping I could get a chapter out today then put this notice at the bottom but that’s not feasible anymore. See you next week~

-Miss Ruby

18 thoughts on “No chapter this week”

  1. Hi, I usually lurk here but decided to post just to say I really feel for you. I’ve been suffering from migraines forever, no shame in just taking some time off to rest because it can always get worse.

    Sleep lots, eat and drink well (hydration is a common trigger), stretch and exercise when possible. Your health comes first, hope you feel better soon!

  2. I’ve been a super lurker for a bit. finished all of lucia and never commented so.. sorry, but just wanna say, no worries. rest well!
    thanks for all that you do for us~ ❤

  3. Hope you’ll feel better soon 😉 My hub has migraines every weather change so I feel for you. Take care and rest well <3

  4. I was worried about you! In this pandemic time I always think that when a person don’t appear it’s because she/he is sick. I hope you get well soon! Please take care and have a good rest! Your health comes first always! Lots of love dear ❤

  5. Feel better soon! My advice for migraines is adding lavender flowers to tea or lemonade, caffeine (if you’re taking pain relief pills it usually works better in combination with coffee imo), tiger balm or white flower (think Vick’s vaporub but stronger), sleep and hydration, silence and darkness, chiropractic visits (more effective than some think, but check reviews- not all chiropractors are good at what they do), allergy medication (surprising? It surprised me.), a hot shower, a neck/scalp massage, or sex. Lastly. If you believe in the healing powers of rocks, I’ve found lapis and turquoise to be moderately relieving (real turquoise is a bitch to find though). That’s all for helping with migraine pain, but sometimes stress can make them recurring. If something or someone is stressing you out, I recommend you deal with it before it makes you feel worse.

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